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Ophelia Kee Speaks

Dragons Arrive! April 12, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Dragons Arrive! April 12, 2024Dear Reader,Quest for the Valkyries launched yesterday! I'm excited to see the opening tale in the next miniseries arrive at the retailers. It takes a long time to write a story, edit a book, p...
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Chronologies and Reconstruction April 5, 2024
(listen with AI audio)Chronologies and Reconstruction April 5, 2024Dear Reader,If you've been with me for a while, you may have seen these before. They are calendars for the year 2016. This is the year in the dream in which the bulk of the Draoithe S...
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Ruined Lion Sneak Peek March 29, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Ruined Lion Sneak Peek - March 29, 2024Dear Reader,In many places today is a holiday. If you celebrate the Easter weekend, I hope your Friday is Good, and the Easter Egg Hunts go well. In the dream, I have been hard at work publ...
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Consistency is the Key? March 22, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Consistency Is the Key? March 22, 2024Dear Reader,I've heard that consistency is the key to living the writing life. Life is the struggle. Storytelling is the great escape.I would argue that tenacity might be more important...
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Rapid Fire Publishing Over Spring Break! March 15, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Rapid Fire Publishing Over Spring Break!March 15, 2024Dear Reader,I've been on spring break vacation for the past week. (For those who are new to my shenanigans, I'm a high school social studied by day and secretly an ...
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Angry King Launches Soon! March 8, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Angry King Launches Soon! March 8, 2024Dear Reader,I finally got it! The Royal Council Miniseries is complete. Angry King is a wrap. The ebook is available from now. I finished the print formatting, and the story ...
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Videos Anyone? March 1, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Videos Anyone? March 1, 2024Dear Reader,I wanted to introduce OK Videos. Quite a while ago, I began creating videos alongside the stories set in the dream. Some are book trailers, others are visual book descriptions, character i...
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Vampire Panther Sneak Peek - February 23, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Vampire Panther Sneak Peek - February 23, 2024Dear Reader,The bad news first? I recently discovered something which had never occurred to me to research. Novellas are supposed to be published at 5x8 paperbacks.Early on, most of ...
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Vampire Panther Coming Soon! - February 16, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Vampire Panther Coming Soon! Dear Reader,It's coming! Vampire Panther launches February 29, 2024. Have you ordered your copy? No? Hate waiting for the preorder to launch and you want to read it now? I got you. Vampire Panth...
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Valkyrie Riders Miniseries Sneak Peek- February 9, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Valkyrie Riders Miniseries - February 9, 2024Dear Reader,Valkyrie Riders is almost ready to go live. The opener tale has been edited. The AI audio has been added. I've started adding a few of the extras. When can you see it...
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Druid Ancestry Cover Reveal - February 3, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Druid Ancestry Cover Reveal - February 3, 2024Dear Reader,Welcome back to the behind the scenes of the dream with another episode of Ophelia Kee Speaks. Before we get started today, a word from our sponsor.Shameless Self Promoti...
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Haunted Echoes Launches Soon! January 27, 2024
(Listen with AI audio)Haunted Echoes Launches Soon! January 27, 2024Dear Reader,Before we go any further with this post, I have to tell you Haunted Echoes will be live in everywhere in 4 days. January 31, 2024 is the date. Mark your calendar or preor...
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Character Introduction for Haunted Echoes 01/19/2024
(Listen with AI audio)Character Introduction for Haunted Echoes 01/19/2024Dear Reader,I hope your Saturday morning is well. I've got news from the dream.It took all week, but I finally published Vampire Panther. Purchase both the ebook and audio...
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Kingdom Rising is an Audiobook! 01/12/2024
(Listen with AI audio)Kingdom Rising is an Audiobook! 01/12/2024Dear Reader,It's been a while since I crafted my first boxed set. But just when I thought Kingdom Rising was a completed project, collecting its cyber dust, the loose ends I never g...
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Sneak Peek at Kiss Dark 01/05/2024
(Listen with AI audio)Sneak Peek at Kiss Dark 01/05/2024Dear Reader,Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the festivities. For those who celebrate Three Kings Day, may you have a lovely day. I shall be in the dream.I wanted to address a few changes I�...
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A Struggle While Writing a Saga 12/29/2023
(Listen with AI audio)A Struggle While Writing a SagaDear Reader,Most people post about their goals for next year right about now, but my goals remain as they always do. Reiterate them? Shenanigans, or write, publish, promote and keep the day job. Ad...
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The End in Sight 2023
(Listen with AI audio)The End in Sighta look back over the last two years in the dream as I look forwardDear Reader,As 2023 draws to a close, I look back at the growth of the dream since it landed on Payhip. I know how the Draoithe Saga ends just as ...
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End of the Year Report
(Listen with AI audio)End of the Year ReportDear Reader,Is it finally December 15, 2023? Yes! I may have waited for this date longer and with more anticipation than I once waited for Christmas as a child. Grim Dark has exited the languishing purgator...
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Chaos and a Cackling Muse!
(Listen with AI audio)Chaos and a Cackling Muse!Dear Reader,Can we start with some wild news? Draft 2 Digital invited me to publish my stories as AI audiobooks on Apple Books. If accepted, they might distribute to libraries. Y'all I'm excit...
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Happy Holidays, Here We Come!
(Listen with AI audio)Happy Holidays, Here We Come!Dear Reader,As an author who still works the day job in education, I have to admit the impending holidays of Christmas and the New Year still carry the same childish expectations for me at the end of...
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Listen Up! A Few Changes!
(Listen with AI audio)Listen Up! A Few Changes!Dear Reader,I posted a few things about Haunted Echoes already, but as you can see, the cover changed. No, you aren't seeing a title change. I must come clean to you all about what happened. You won't be...
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The State of the Dream Address
(Listen with AI audio)The State of the Dream AddressDear Reader,As I write this post, it's the middle of November, 2023. A lot is going on behind the scenes, so I thought it might be wise to fill you in on some of it. Even though I post weekly, ...
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Teaser Book Description
(Listen with AI audio)Teaser Book DescriptionDear Reader,I'm still working on the dragon research video. I'm hoping to release it over the week of Thanksgiving while my school is on Fall Break. For those reading from other parts of the worl...
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The Grey Dragons of Draoithe
(Listen with AI audio)The Grey Dragons of DraoitheDear Reader,I could be wrong, but I believe I mentioned dragons for the first time in the Draoithe Saga at the end of Druid Fox in chapter 23. Fox had been searching for them and believed them extinct...
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Haunted Echoes, While We Wait
(Listen with AI audio)Haunted Echoes, While We WaitDear Reader,A couple of months ago, I was all fired up to release stories from the Mystic Dark miniseries. I set everything up and almost pulled the trigger. Then I thought I'd give Kindle Vella...
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OK Videos

Dragon Legends and Folklore Inspiration
(Listen with AI audio)The DragonsThere would be no Valkyries at Draoithe without dragons. But the Valkyries aren't the focus. Instead, I wanted to share a bit about why dragons are in the Draoithe Saga stories.In the realm of fantasy literature and m...
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Ruined Lion Story Description
Cover Art by Ophelia Kee Copyright © 2024 by Ophelia KeeAll rights reserved.No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author, except as permitted by U.S. copyright law.Ruined LionLyons Gate...
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Quest for the Valkyries Story Description
(Listen with AI audio)Cover Design by Ophelia KeeCopyright © 2023 by Ophelia KeeAll rights reserved.No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author, except as permitted by U.S. copyright l...
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Quest for the Valkyries Character Intro
Quest for the Valkyries Character Introduction(Listen with AI audio)Grey DragonLong ago, dragons, resurrected by necromancers, served the Druid kings in defense of the kingdom. While Fox once had a war counselor in a dragon known as Smoke, he never m...
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Angry King Story Description
(Listen with AI audio)Cover Design by Ophelia KeeCopyright © 2024 by Ophelia KeeAll rights reserved.No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author, except as permitted by U.S. copyright l...
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Angry King Character Description
Angry King Character Description(Listen with AI audio)Melody BrooksMelody Brooks was a fashion design college grad. But her career hadn’t taken off, and she worked hard at a dead end nowhere job, barely getting by when a grizzly bear invaded her drea...
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Druid Ancestry Story Description
Cover art by Ophelia KeeCopyright © 2024 by Ophelia KeeAll rights reserved.No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author, except as permitted by U.S. copyright law.(Listen with AI audio)...
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Lyons Gate Character Introduction
Meet the Characters(Listen with AI audio)Lazlo GreysonLazlo Greyson Ri Ard Thaibse of Lyons GateThe multimillionaire CEO of Greyson Advertising, based out of Chicago, Illinois, is more than he knows. Descended from an ancient line of Irish kings, Laz...
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Introduction to the Last Lunar Magus and the Last Vampire King
Introduction to the Last Lunar Magusand the Last Vampire King(Listen with AI audio)Leland Mystic ShadeTurned into a vampire, Leland Mystic Shade was adrift in an immortal world. Because he didn’t live by the code of Volos, other vampires seeking glor...
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Kiss Dark Story Description
(Listen with AI audio)Cover Art by Ophelia KeeCopyright © 2024 by Ophelia KeeAll rights reserved.No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author, except as permitted by U.S. copyright law....
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Excerpt from Unlikely Kings
(Listen with AI audio)Excerpt from Unlikely KingsNearly a thousand years ago, a man fell in love with a woman. With her, he was a benevolent king. In his grief at her untimely demise, he refused his former role, wove a dark chaos magic spell, and tur...
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Dream Walker Character Introduction
(Listen With AI audio)Dream Walker Character IntroductionKallik TarkikKallik is a Kodiak bear shifter who was born gifted as a dream walker. Centuries ago, he was a chief among his people, but his immortality made the younger generations nervous. He ...
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Dream Walker Story Description
Dream Walker Story DescriptionCover Art by Ophelia KeeCopyright © 2023 by Ophelia Kee All rights reserved.No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author, except as permitted by U.S. copyr...
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Merry Christmas from the Dream
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!If you landed here prepared to enjoy the preview of the prequel trilogy for Mystic Dark, know it will remain FREE until midnight, January 2, 2024, as a thank you for your patience and as my gift. 'Tis the seaso...
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Haunted Echoes Story Description
Haunted Echoes Story DescriptionHaunted EchoesA Mystic Dark TaleDanika Klein shouldn’t exist, but that isn’t her fault. When a mistake leads to her abduction, a cursed human escapes her kidnappers to be rescued by a man who’s more ghostly warrior tha...
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Mystic Dark Prequel Trilogy Character Introduction
Mystic Dark Prequel Trilogy Character IntroductionDanika KleinDanika Klein was a human woman supernaturally cursed with the ability to draw the path of infinity into the dream. It wasn’t always a pleasant experience, and although she doesn’t complete...
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Introduction to the Mystic Dark Miniseries
Introduction to the Mystic Dark MiniseriesHello,Welcome to Mystic Dark. It's nice to chat with you.Allow me to preface the entertainment you'll find here. This is one of several spinoff miniseries in the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia Kee. Here you'll disc...
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Ruined Hearts Story Description
Ruined Hearts Story DescriptionRuined HeartsA Mystic Dark TaleDanika Klein fell in love with the man who rescued her. When her abductors came looking for her, her grief concerning her ruined sanctuary pushed Rorik over an edge.The afterglow of a firs...
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Shattered Souls Story Description
Shattered Souls Story DescriptionShattered SoulsA Mystic Dark TaleDanika Klein fell hard for the man who rescued her, but her newfound relationship was fraught with issues she couldn’t understand. Relying on her rescuer to navigate the Leaindeail lef...
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Vampire Panther Character Introduction
Vampire Panther Character IntroductionLily SandersLily was a chef with a secret. She's also a panther shifter. When she escaped a horrible kidnapping ordeal, she mauled a man whom she mistook for one of her attackers. When the leaders of Draoithe tak...
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Hanted Echoes Meet the Characters
Meet the Main Characters of Haunted Echoes(Listen with AI audio)Danika KleinDanika Klein was a human woman supernaturally gifted with the ability to draw the path of infinity into the dream. It wasn’t always a pleasant experience, and although she do...
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What Are Druids?
Druid: Celtic Derivation.Literal Translation: knower of the oak tree.Druids were members of the learned class among the ancient Celts.They acted as priests' performing sacrifices, teachers, educating young men and women, and judges, adjudicating lega...
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Phoenix Explained
The Phoenix is an immortal bird associated with Greek mythology.It cyclically regenerates, or returns to life after death.Associated with the sun, the phoenix gains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor.Some legends say it dies in a sh...
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Draoithe Hierarchy of Kings
The Hierarchy of Draoithe.Ri ruirech is an Irish Gaelic word which translates as the high king of the realm, warlord, or overlord.He ruled over the Ruiri, powerful near equal lesser kings.These kings commanded the ridire, knightly men at arms.Their q...
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Dream Inversion
Dream Inversion is also known as the stillness. It's a form of magic used by dream inverters to unravel spells and view solutions.The stillness is also known as the 'Path'.It utilizes the magic of death to cause all possible outcomes of an action, or...
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Suggested Read Order for the Draoithe Saga by the Author

Begin Reading in the Dream by Ophelia Kee

Kingdom Rising:

The Thread

A Pack Forms

Druid Fox

Big Bad Wolf

Royal Council:

Arctic Fox

Vampire Knight

Dream Walker

Vampire Panther

Angry King

Valkyrie Riders:

Quest for the Valkyries

Raven's Rescue

Lord of Dragons

Nephilim's Claim

Dungeon Master

Dark Gift

Charred Icy Affair

Electric Storm

Love Reincarnated

Druid Dominion:

Fire Incarnate

Gryphon Knight

Weaver’s Tale

Sentinel Gargoyles

Dragon Medicine

Dream Inversion

Shadowed Dreams:

Still Waters

Snow's Dragon

Blood Demon

Smoke of the Fire 

Keep Reading in the Dream by Ophelia Kee

Demon Allies:

Shadow King

Rakshasa Prince

Demon Consort

Strix Princess

Ice Demon

Cheval Mallet

Lord Orobas

Succubus Conjurer

Demon Lord of Lust

Demon Lord of Envy

Eagle Lords:

Pacifist Dragon

Eagle King

Prodigal Son

Risky Rewards


Sky Dreams

Scimitar Warrior

Crimson Dragon:

Unicorn's Stallion

Valkyrie Wraith

Precious Treasures

Kindling Desire

Ruler of the Mind

Dragon Professor

Ancient Majesty:

War Dog King

Wolf Warrior's Lord

Wizards and Grotesques

Past Truth

Present Danger

Cockatrice Prince

It's More Than a Story by Ophelia Kee

Rogue Kings:

Wizard's Demoness

First Wizard

Midnight Magic Dragons

Amazonian Prince

No Negotiations

Fairytale Shadows

Shadow Master

Lyons Gate:

Druid Ancestry

Ruined Lion

Ghostly Kingdom

Nightmare Escape

Elysian Fields

Druid Dragon 

Darkest Desire

Deepest Ardor

A Conversation with Dragons

Apocalypse Denied:

Synner & Sainte

Devil’s Sins

Four Horses

Reaper's Debt

Mystic Dark

Prequel Trilogy:

Haunted Echoes

Ruined Hearts

Shattered Souls

It's A Reading Experience by Ophelia Kee

Mystic Dark:

Grim Dark

Kiss Dark

Lunar Dark

Nightmare Dark

Dream Dark

Soul Dark

Blood Dark

Godless Dark

Kings Wilde:

King of Hearts

Royal Flush

Suicide King

Eldest Hand

Ace in the Hole

Joker's Wilde

Druid Justice:

Dragon King Rising

Archangel's Soulbound

Eternal Love

Dragon Wedding

Dragon King's Revenge

Strange Visions

Druid Justice

Exclusive Tales:


Stained Ink

No Ghost Left to Haunt

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She does not exist.