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The Thread is the Prologue to the full-length novel Draoithe: A Pack Forms, the story that spawned a saga. The Thread is the backstory of how Luke learns of Eli and watches her before approaching her. The text explores an alpha male’s fears of rejection and worthiness for a mate. Eli’s past life between the time she ends her relationship with Javier and finds Luke offers an in-depth look at her need for freedom that Luke so seriously protects for her in the series that has become the romantic saga of Draoithe.

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The Druid pack needs a Sanctuary to buy time needed to rescue their friends and save the dream. Luke must become the king he was born to be or lose everything. Eli is determined to help the man who saved her and fell for her.

Lies lead to Betrayal and Ruin. The Truth isn’t always as it seems. Magic Calls to Magic to craft a Balance.
Can they build the pack before it’s too late?

Fantasy world-building on a grand scale woven together with multifaceted magical characters to create a tapestry of thrilling stories all interconnected.

An Evil Menace and Shadowy Villains that must be overcome even as they too have stories that must be woven into the fabric of the saga.

Grab a good drink, curl up in a good seat, choose a book from the saga, and escape into the magic.

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