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Videos Anyone? March 1, 2024

Ophelia Kee Speaks Video Opening Card

Videos Anyone? March 1, 2024

Dear Reader,

I wanted to introduce OK Videos. Quite a while ago, I began creating videos alongside the stories set in the dream. Some are book trailers, others are visual book descriptions, character introductions, and even videos illuminating some of the research and the inspirations behind some tales.

I've gotten quite a collection now. Enough that they may be worthy of a visit. I've included many of these with the miniseries and the subscription. Some are exclusive to the books for the Newsletter Friends, but many are promotional and are readily available for your perusal at or on YouTube.

If you enjoy behind-the-scenes style videos or want to investigate the shenanigans, please have fun with my ever-growing collection of videos. I have a lot of fun creating the short videos and hope you'll have as much fun viewing them.

Read an Ebook Week Graphic

Shameless Self Promotion

The 15th Annual Smashwords Read an Ebook Week Sale begins Sunday, March 3 and runs through Saturday, March 9. All tales from the dream will be on sale for 50% off with some titles being FREE! Visit Smashwords during the sale and get the lowest prices available from a retail store on all nonexclusive titles.

This is more than a sale; it’s the longest-running international celebration of ebooks and the readers who love them. If you need a new book to read, now's your chance to load up for Spring Break.

Raven's Rescue book cover

Behind the Scenes

Angry King has wrapped up, and that means the Royal Council Miniseries has moved into story completion. I reserve all rights and the miniseries are still and always subject to change. I may add more extras in the future, but the edits on the stories are as complete as I can render them.

The Valkyrie Riders Miniseries is the next one in the recommended read order. The opener story, Quest for the Valkyries, has published. I have begun work on the first volume. I originally believed it would be a novel, but the story was always a tale in two parts. Recognizing that, I realized Raven's Rescue needed to precede Lord of Dragons.

Lord of Dragons

These will be the first two tales in the Valkyrie Riders Miniseries. For long-time supporters of the dream, it will come as no shock that this old chaotic pantser is constantly discovering new things about both my writing and the stories as I have reviewed and revised them for publication. This random grey dragons theme first appeared in Vampire Panther, but that was a bit before the series ended in another book.

The tales in the Valkyrie Riders Miniseries include a timeline for events first identified in several Royal Council Miniseries tales. Many of those events are further detailed and offered with a new dragon oriented spin on things.

Valkyrie Riders Miniseries cover

The stories of the Valkyrie Riders Miniseries will also reveal more of the truth behind the shadowy evil of Peter Elliot, but the plot surrounding his true identity and the reasons behind his nefarious actions only become more complex. The first hints of the dark prophecy coalescing around Luke Mendez and Eli Miller appeared with Fox's introduction of druid magic, followed by the formation of a ruling council.

Calling the seven grey dragons will reveal a portion of the original Unlikely Kings Prophecy. But the truth about the power of the magic and the prophecy remains shrouded in mystery. I hope you enjoy the excursion through seven grey dragon's lives as they seek their Valkyries and finally find a permanent home in the newly risen, immortal kingdom of Draoithe.

Review Request poster

I got laundry waiting for me to fold it. Thanks for sharing a bit of your weekend in the dream. I'll chat with you next weekend, and as always, leave you with a request for you to please be kind when you read and leave your honest reviews. Until we chat again, know that you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy reading,

Ophelia Kee

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