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Rapid Fire Publishing Over Spring Break! March 15, 2024

Quest for the Valkyries book cover

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Rapid Fire Publishing Over Spring Break!March 15, 2024

Dear Reader,

I've been on spring break vacation for the past week. (For those who are new to my shenanigans, I'm a high school social studied by day and secretly an urban fantasy publishing tiger at night.) So, I spent a lot of time in the dream working on things like covers, edits, and formatting. It was all to prepare for getting several of the stories, which have already published in serial, ready to launch as completed books. 

It's been a lot of fun and a lot of work, and when Monday dawns, I will stand in my classroom once again, greeting my students as we get ready for the AP exams coming in May. By lunch I will pine for the dream and wish summer to hurry and arrive, so I may once again sink into the dream.

I put in hours on Quest for the Valkyries. I’m launching the story on the retailers April 11. The ebook and audiobook are live on now! I gotta love my readers who buy directly from me a little more. So they get first dibs on everything.

Behind the Scenes

audiobook representation

I decided not to do pre-orders for the audiobooks. Why? Because it takes an incredibly long time to get the audio version created, uploaded, reviewed, and finally added to any retailer. If it rolls out in audio early, I’d rather be early than late.  

With Angry King complete and Ruined Hearts releasing near the end of March, I know I should run ads on Arctic Fox and push Haunted Echoes with paid newsletters, hoping to find more reviews, but the day job has me wiped out. 

Marketing is the serious side of self publishing and it's a full-time job all by itself. So I have opted instead to continue editing and publishing the backlist. I already know how to do that. Marketing requires deep thought and intense concentration. Let's face it. I'm not a salesperson, and marketing is a foreign concept. Sometimes I feel like a marketing degree is in order. Summer is about the only time I have to dedicate to it. So, it will have to wait.

On a Personal Note

A letter with affection

One week off just isn't enough, especially since working on my stories wasn't the only thing on my to do list. First, there were the taxes I needed to file. But the bigger deal was the yardwork.

The landscape rocks weren't going in without help. I needed them around the trailer to make the HOA happy. Y’all I hate to admit it, but I might be too old for heavy lifting.

Either way, it's done, unlike the interior painting which I perpetually put off. But summer is coming, right? Maybe. But what I’d rather do is format a boxed set for the Royal Council miniseries this summer. Let's pray Atticus can help me get both done.

I’m looking forward to seeing my family this summer, too. I've been in Florida, working in exile from Texas for the last 4 years. With only 29 months left, I hope to be heading home for good in the next few years. 

Maybe by then I will finally have cracked the code for running effective ads for the stories. The dream of being a full-time author can become a reality. I still have faith.

Shameless Self Promotion

Ruined Hearts book cover

A tease from Ruined Hearts

“But surely you would never consent, not to one as worthless as I am.”

She stared back at him, wishing she could see what he saw in his mind’s eye. Danika still wasn’t sure what a draugakona was, and she wasn’t sure what rights he lost, but Rorik was hurting. She never wanted it to be because of her.

Danika reached up to hold his face in her hands, so he couldn’t look away.

“Rorik, you aren’t worthless to me. No matter what others think, you saved me repeatedly. I need you.”

Rorik stepped back from her. Confusion marred his gorgeous face.

Danika knew she said something he hadn’t expected, but she still didn’t understand enough to ease his inner struggle.

What the hell was draugakona?

Ruined Hearts launches March 27, 2024. If you haven't read Haunted Echoes and you prefer the retailers, there's still time before the second part of the trilogy launches. If you're shaking your head at buying pieces of a trilogy because you're worried I won't finish it, don't be. All three ebooks are live at as I type this and the serialized version has been available since December 2023. It's all the formatting which takes so long to get the stories in print. I've even got the finale posted for preorder at the end of May. That gives me plenty of time to format the audiobook, the paperback, and the hardcover. So please put all worries aside and be welcome to the dream...

reviews are beautiful gifts

I've grown tired and need to call it a night. I know you'll probably read this in the morning over a cup of coffee or excellent tea with a leisurely brunch, but it's leaning heavily toward long past an old tiger's bedtime as I type the last lines. Please be kind when you read and leave your honest reviews. Until next weekend, know that you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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