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Vampire Panther Coming Soon! - February 16, 2024

Vampire Panther book stack

Vampire Panther Coming Soon!

Dear Reader,

It's coming! Vampire Panther launches February 29, 2024. Have you ordered your copy? No? Hate waiting for the preorder to launch and you want to read it now? I got you. Vampire Panther is available to read immediately when you buy directly from

Why Thursday? Why do all the books release on Thursdays? They don't. I publish all the time everywhere. But if I set the books up as a preorder, I always publish on Thursdays so people have time to buy the story and begin reading it over the weekend.

Is this good marketing? I don't know. I may not care even if I should. My logic doesn't always fit with what works best. For example: traditionally published books almost always release on a Tuesday. Most movies do too. Why is that? I'm sure it has something to do with marketing research.

Part of me rebels against it simply because I'm independent and do not wish to conform. I write to escape the grind of the day job, so why perpetuate the same old mainstream consensus for the way things should be done? I live with enough of that.

Druid Ancestry Book Cover

Behind-the-Scenes: Publishing and Editing

I've been working to get the miniseries set up and rolling along, so I can edit and publish the backlist faster. I can't trust the muse to stick with editing one story at a time any more than I can trust her to write in only one work in progress at a time. Instead of fighting it, I have circumnavigated the situation and began setting up other storylines. This way, whatever mood the muse is in, more story which gets posted.

So, the current rundown on the serialized miniseries.

Kingdom Rising is complete. Chapters release two a day every day for readers.

Royal Council is nearing completion, with only sixteen chapters of Angry King left to edit and post. Chapters release two a day every day for readers.

Valkyrie Riders has launched with the first short story posted and releasing chapters one per day.

Apocalypse Denied has launched with the first novel at the halfway point and releasing chapters one per day.

Mystic Dark has launched with the four books posted and the fifth currently adding chapters, which are releasing two per day for readers.

Lyons Gate has launched. The first novella has posted to the halfway point and releases chapters one per day.

Demon Allies and Eagle Lords are coming soon.

The newer ones are releasing slower than the established or completed miniseries to give me time to post more episodes. Angry King is still my primary focus. I'm pushing to complete the story edit so I can wrap up that miniseries, publish the last book, and craft the boxed set.

Lazlo Greyson

Sneak Peek at Druid Ancestry

I wanted to introduce the main characters in the Lyons Gate miniseries. Lazlo Greyson (above) and Soraya Heffernon's (below) story will be the focus of the first three novellas. They will remain peripheral characters in the later tales. He's a born druid king, but he doesn't know it. She's a little demon, but how she came to possess that magic no one knows as not even she is aware of it. Neither of them understands it, but they need each other. Once again, Peter Elliot is the shadowy manipulative force in this spinoff miniseries, but he's far more concrete in Lyons Gate than he's ever been in the main Draoithe Saga tales.

I created a couple of videos to grant you a bit of early access to Lyons Gate. If you want to watch the Lyons Gate Character Introduction and the Druid Ancestry Story Description, they have posted to YouTube and to OK Videos.

Soraya Heffernon

I need to get some work accomplished. My stories won't edit themselves. And they definitely won't post where anyone could read them without my intervention. Until we chat again, I must, as always, beg you to be kind when you read and leave your reviews. If you want more, join my newsletter, collect a few free reads, and get the post every weekend in your inbox. Even if you prefer inbox zero, I understand. The post will be at each weekend waiting for your leisure.Either way, know you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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