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Teaser Book Description

Dear Reader,

I'm still working on the dragon research video. I'm hoping to release it over the week of Thanksgiving while my school is on Fall Break. For those reading from other parts of the world, that will be the week of November 23rd. No promises, though. If my daughter comes to visit, I will put it off in favor of spending time with her. I hope you understand how family comes first. It's a recurring long running theme in all the stories set in the dream.

The business of the day job consumes a lot of my time, and although I have kept my promise to post at least one chapter a weekend in the Apocalypse Denied and Royal Council miniseries, I wanted to do more. I would love to be publishing both Dream Walker and Synner & Sainte by the end of the year. So please watch for more random chapters posted during the weeks ahead.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave you a sneak peek at the main characters in Haunted Echoes, the book I started writing while I languish in restriction limbo on the Mystic Dark miniseries. That work in progress is now at 27k+ and still climbing. I also wrote the rough draft of the book's description. Do you want to see it? Okay, first, the legalese.


This is a work in progress and

is subject to change at any time.

Read at Your Own Risk!

Teaser Book Description

Haunted Echoes Book Cover

Haunted Echoes

A Mystic Dark Extra Tale

Danika Klein shouldn’t exist, but that isn’t her fault. When a mistake leads to her abduction, a cursed human escapes her kidnappers to be rescued by a man who’s more ghostly warrior than his appearance first seems.

Rorik Skog Vaettr is an exile, a draugr (restless spirit) sworn to a man doomed to remain part of the godless dark. After battling the torture of a tragic past, he claims a forest preserve as a sanctuary, and facilitates meetings between immortals of the Spirit Realm and those of the Leaindeail. 

When Danika falls into Rorik’s life, the dream tilts, and he needs to protect her. His own feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness block the romantic feelings between the two until her abductors come looking for her. 

Will Rorik claim a woman damned? Or will the imbalance in the dream threaten the sanity he worked so hard to reclaim?

Haunted Echoes is a stand-alone tale in the dark urban fantasy miniseries, Mystic Dark. Set in the dream, this spinoff story from the Draoithe Saga tells the tale of a draugr and how he claims the damned for his mate. If you love powerful magic wielding ghosts and sexy cursed damsels in distress, read Haunted Echoes. 

It’s not simply a story; it’s an experience. Welcome to the dream…

Urban Fantasy with Steamy Paranormal Romance Fated Mates 18+ HEA! NC!

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

So, no tagline yet. You know I'll likely change it again before I publish the book, but it's going somewhere, at least.

Behind the Scenes

Valkyrie Riders miniseries cover art

In other news, I wanted to remind everyone about the opener of the Valkyrie Riders. Quest for the Valkyries is now publishing as a serial on Substack. If you want to check it out early, I'm posting the rough draft there first, with a new chapter posting each Friday. My Substack readers have their chapters delivered directly to their email in-box every Friday morning. Just in time for them to escape into the dream for the weekend.

Once the story wraps up there, I fully intend to open a new miniseries at It would likely begin posting during the Winter break after a final edit. The day job still pulls the strings for this old tiger's writing journey. All times are approximate, and nothing set in stone. Maybe one day I won't have such a fear of commitment. Sigh...

Apocalypse Denied is currently still publishing a new chapter of Synner & Sainte on the weekends. Royal Council is currently still publishing a new chapter from Dream Walker each weekend. As with all the projects in the dream, if I have extra time, I post in between as well. So watch out for the random middle of the week episodes.

If you haven't subscribed to the YouTube channel, head over and do that. If you are reading this as a post and would like to join the newsletter, I'd love to have you become part of the dream and don't forget to download the free stories and exclusives just for newsletter readers. My sincerest thanks to all who support the dream, no matter how you choose to do so. Even the small things help.

Positive reviews

Maybe this was a short post for a change. But I have to get some writing done before my weekend is over. I will leave you with this plea. When you read, please be kind and leave your reviews. It means so much to indie authors. If you've read any of my works, and would be so kind as to post a review, I would be forever grateful. Until we chat again, welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy reading,

Ophelia Kee

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