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Excerpt from Unlikely Kings

Unlikely Kings Prophecy

Excerpt from Unlikely Kings

Nearly a thousand years ago, a man fell in love with a woman. With her, he was a benevolent king. In his grief at her untimely demise, he refused his former role, wove a dark chaos magic spell, and turned madness loose in the dream.

“I looked into the scrying pool.

Chaos showed me the path I needed to follow.

I wrote the spell in my blood.

I breathed Chaos onto the parchment

and granted life to my needs.

The last Lunar Magus, a kobold,

and a Thrall’s Son, a slave to the lunar dark, will aid my cause on my night.

The Vampire King’s Dream Inverter will

Claim Death in the Leaindeail

and I will return to Airlea!”

-Lucifer Leiriu

Excerpt from the Unlikely Kings Prophecy

Even if the dream should die, Airlea mattered more to the King of the Devils, and Lucifer would watch it all burn rather than live without her.

As the clock ticked down to the hour of destruction, the Lunar Magi had a mission to fulfill. Approaching the final date to set the plans in motion to bring Lucifer back from the void, there was only a lone Lunar Magus to carry out the prophecy. She desperately needed help. 

Thank you for your support! Welcome to the dream… Sincerely, -OK

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