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Chaos and a Cackling Muse!

Chaos and a Cackling Muse

Chaos and a Cackling Muse!

Dear Reader,

Can we start with some wild news? Draft 2 Digital invited me to publish my stories as AI audiobooks on Apple Books. If accepted, they might distribute to libraries. Y'all I'm excited, but I don't know how it works.

Time is never on my side. I have a lot of irons on the fire. This is a serious opportunity, though. I can't keep up my current editing and publishing schedule for the serials if I need time on the weekend to publish audiobooks. I need to edit chapters of Synner & Sainte and Vampire Panther, plus I wanted to edit Ruined Hearts and post it on Mystic Dark. So I'm warning you of a slowdown on that front.

I'd also like to note I'm far behind on uploading the Google files for the AI audiobooks to BookFunnel for Kingdom Rising and Royal Council. I've only posted Thread and A Pack Forms so far. It's far more time consuming than it sounds. Think like two hours to create the book on Google and then another hour to upload to BookFunnel and post to

But none of that is actually the wildest news. What's truly insane is I finished the edit on Ruler of the Mind and republished it. It belongs in a miniseries two or three out from Royal Council, but my muse needs therapy. She can't stay focused on completing the proper tasks in order. So without further introduction, allow me to offer you the improved version of Ruler of the Mind.

Ruler of the Mind

Ruler of the Mind Book Cover

Ruler of the Mind

A Crimson Dragon Tale

Sometimes dreams come true! 

Misty Todofer is a magically gifted woman who prefers books over people for fear of harming them. After being drugged, kidnapped and raped, she conjures up a fantasy lover to ease the loneliness and the nightmares. 

Only Winter McLyons isn't a figment of her imagination. He's real, a sexier than hell red dragon immortal, and he's hunting the men responsible for what happened to her.

Will he be able to avenge the wrongs perpetrated against his Valkyrie and help Misty move beyond her past? Will Misty be able to accept the fact that Winter is more than a fantasy lover her mind conjured to escape the pain of her past? Find out if the magic of Draoithe can aid a Ruler of the Mind.

It’s more than a story; it’s an experience. Welcome to the dream…

Steamy Paranormal Romance 18+ HEA! NC! Fated Mates Urban Fantasy

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

Winter McLyon

Some Answers

Before you ask. No. This story isn't currently available in a serial. Much like Still Waters, it's hanging out in limbo, waiting for me to build the miniseries to which it belongs. But I got excited about redoing it. So, I've done it backwards, and out of order. I do what I can when I can. There's chaos loose in the dream!

Also, no. I did not include the video and audio links in this version. They make the book too large to distribute. So, I'll add those items back in the Crimson Dragons miniseries when I break ground on that miniseries. It simply functions better as a part of a subscription or a course.

I have discovered Ream. I may look further into it as it may be a better fit than Substack. If that platform works better, I might consider moving the serial works there. It might be possible to offer all the cool stuff for a monthly subscription.

Out of Left Field

Why all the strange out of left field stuff? Some of it stems from my serious dislike that most of the tales remain in need of editing and are still unpublished. Even if there was no day job in the way, I can only do so much, so fast. I lack the funds to outsource much of anything, and there is only one me.

The rest I must attribute to the cackling muse and the chaos she brings in her wake. I'm still pushing to post Ruined Hearts and Shattered Souls before Grim Dark publishes in serial on Dec. 15. The far goal remains for those stories to publish as books next year. I may attempt to set up far out preorders. We will see how that works. I'm not so good at deadlines, so no promises.

I want to thank everyone who stays the course and tunes in to see what shenanigans I've cooked up lately. It's always a strange ride when you enter the dream. The behind-the-scenes are as unpredictable as the twists in the stories.

Leave your Review

Well, I have much to do and little time, so I'm off. As always, I leave you with a plea for you to be kind when you read and leave your reviews. They matter more than you think. Until we chat again, I hope you know you are always Welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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