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Chronologies and Reconstruction April 5, 2024

Handwritten 2016 Calendars

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Chronologies and Reconstruction April 5, 2024

Dear Reader,

If you've been with me for a while, you may have seen these before. They are calendars for the year 2016. This is the year in the dream in which the bulk of the Draoithe Saga occurs. On them, I've handwritten events which occurred in the stories. I needed them to help me keep things straight. Sometimes, I didn't waste time printing them, I simply hand drew them and kept adding crazy notes. These hang in my office, and I still add details and peruse old notes as I write other tales.

Someone asked me about adding them to the books, but the ones on my office wall aren't legible to anyone except myself. So I would need to clean it up, maybe flesh out the annotation, and add imagery. They would need to shift from an analogue form into a digital form. Also, I'm still writing in several of the miniseries in the Draoithe Saga, so I'm actively adding to them. I don't think anyone would want an incomplete chronology.

Ever since someone suggested creating the chronology for public consumption, the idea has intrigued the muse. I've toyed with crafting a digital version before, but the task always felt too daunting. That was before the Great Takedown and the restructuring of the Saga into smaller themed miniseries.

Kingdom Rising the complete miniseries

The muse is crazy and has recently been clamoring for me to make the timeline again. If I crafted it, it wouldn't be a single flowchart, though. It would need to be multiple timelines based on each miniseries, otherwise there would be nasty spoilers for those miniseries a reader hadn't had the pleasure of getting lost in yet.

The chronology could only exist for those miniseries which have wrapped up publishing. The ones I think are complete. So it wouldn't be possible to add them to existing books, but I could add them as extras to the serialized miniseries. For the complete sets I sold directly, readers could get the chronology added as a bonus. It's all speculation at the moment. Wild pipe dreams, if you will. But if no one dreams it, it never happens. Right?

A Pack Forms 5x8 cover wrap

Restructuring the dream

Speaking of restructuring things, I wanted to share a bit of the wild hair idea I took on over the last week. Ever since I learned I had sized my novellas incorrectly, I got caught up in fixing the issue.

Then I looked at the novels. Having two different sized books within the same series would never look right. So I resized all the stories to 5x8. I updated the paperbacks and hardcovers with new wraps and adjusted the interior files to match. I have two stories left to go, and all the print copies will be 5x8 paperbacks and 5.5 x 8.5 hardcovers.

I'm preparing to sell the print copies from I've purchased the packing materials. Book boxes aren't cheap, y'all. Unpleasantly shocked at the expense of only a few boxes, along with the craft paper and tape, I'm now in awe of all the independent authors who ship their own books.

Druid Fox paperback wrap

Building a book business

It's far more work and is much more expensive than it looks at first glance. There's no chance I can compete with big retailers with shipping expenses, so I have to find other ways.

I have the luxury of time but limited funds. So I have to do things in small bits and in spurts when I have a few unmarked dollars, and I have to discover ways to repurpose my intellectual property, so it's more appealing to readers. I want to be the place readers want to purchase their books because they will never receive personalized customer service from the retailers.

The print books are coming and book bundles are also coming. This summer, I intend to build out the storefront. Audiobooks post alongside the ebooks, but I want the print books and the merchandise posted as well. I've got two more school years left before I can focus on my books the way I want, but when those two years are over, I hope to be ready.

Ruined Hearts Book Stack

Recent Releases and Upcoming Launches!

Angry King released March 14, 2024.

Ruined Hearts released March 27, 2024

Quest for the Valkyries launches April 11, 2024

Synner & Sainte launches April 25, 2024

Druid Ancestry launches May 9, 2024

Shattered Souls launches May 22, 2024

Coming this summer?

Raven's Rescue

Lord of Dragons

Ruined Lion

Ghostly Kingdom

Grim Dark

Kiss Dark

Master of Destiny

Raven's Rescue Cover reveal

Raven's Rescue book cover

This is the final version of the cover. (I think) This story will begin publishing to the Valkyrie Riders Miniseries in April. This story is cute. Ash is a straight laced type of guy as an immortal judge. The dream has always been black and white, with only a little grey. Raven changes everything and the Lord of Dragons has to view the dream differently. Want the Story Description? Okay.


This is a work in progress and

is subject to change at any time.

Read at Your Own Risk!

Copyright 2024

All Rights Reserved.

Raven’s Rescue

Valkyrie Riders Volume 1

A Draoithe Saga Tale

Rescued by a Black Dragon Knight

Emrick Driscoll, the resurrected dragon known as Ash, found the Dire Wolf King and applied to serve as the new kingdom’s Lord of Dragons. He and his brothers finally had their chances to find their Valkyries if the prophecy they followed proved true. Only working for Luke Mendez is a serious challenge, and Raven isn’t what Ash expected when he rescued her from an evil warehouse.

Leonora D’Souza, a young bartender known as Raven, finds herself in a no-win situation after her abduction. Forced to take part in a horrific medical experiment involving immortal shifters and broken magic, Raven believed death was her only option until a dragon steals her from her dire situation and whisks her away to a haven. 

But the world she finds herself in is dark and confusing. The things of legends, or myths, and the shadowy figures from murky fairytales freely roam a realm hidden in plain sight. Not everyone acts as kindly as her dragon knight, and Raven wonders if Ash is truly her rescuer or part of a worsening nightmare.

Read the first volume of Valkyrie Riders and discover an all new miniseries filled with dragon knights and the beautiful women destined to become their Valkyries set in the dream as part of the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia Kee.

It’s more than a story; it’s an experience. Welcome to the dream…

Dark Urban Fantasy with Steamy Paranormal Romance and Fated Mates 18+ HEA! NC! 

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

Leaving Reviews poster

Before this post gets entirely too long, look for the story description and the character introduction videos for Raven's Rescue. I'll post them next week. As always, I leave you with the plea to leave your kind reviews when you read. Until next weekend, know that you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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