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Introduction to the Mystic Dark Miniseries

Introduction to the Mystic Dark Miniseries

Mystic Dark Miniseries Cover


Welcome to Mystic Dark. It's nice to chat with you.

Allow me to preface the entertainment you'll find here. This is one of several spinoff miniseries in the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia Kee. Here you'll discover how the last Vampire King and his compatriots fulfill a critical part of an ancient prophecy.

Mystic Dark begins with a prequel trilogy, which is followed by a few scenes from the time before Leland Shade exists. Sinclair Gautier's story in Grim Dark sets the stage for an antihero to attempt a rescue of the dream. It continues with the rising awareness of a few other immortal groups realizing and supporting the vampire king's efforts and several missteps along the way. The tales conclude with Shade and his compatriot's attempt to restore the balance of magic in the dream.

Mystic Dark will include all the chapters from Haunted Echoes, Ruined Hearts, Shattered Souls, Grim Dark, Kiss Dark, Lunar Dark, Nightmare Dark, Dream Dark, Soul Dark, and Blood Dark, along with more tales required to complete this storyline.

Warning this miniseries is a work in progress and may change at anytime. The author is aware of the need to write more titles to complete the storyline. This miniseries is publishing chapters on weekends as the author writes and edits the stories.

Read at your own risk! Tales set in the dream often leave questions which may only be answered by continuing the journey and reading in other miniseries. Ophelia Kee sincerely apologizes for any lost sleep or missed work which may occur while you attempt to discover all the tales in the dream, but must note she is not responsible for your reading behaviors.

Read it all chapter by chapter. No need to download anything. Click save and continue at the end of each chapter and mark your place. AI audio and embedded videos are all included. With over 69 completed manuscripts and more tales in the works, more miniseries are coming. So when you finish this one, look for other miniseries. Or if you have purchased a subscription, read everything whenever and however you like as fast as I can upload it.

Should my face appear before the miniseries ends, know you read faster than I can publish, but more is on the way! Enjoy the experience until we meet again. Thank you again for supporting an independent author. Welcome to the dream...


Ophelia Kee

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