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Consistency is the Key? March 22, 2024

Synner & Sainte Book Cover

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Consistency Is the Key? March 22, 2024

Dear Reader,

I've heard that consistency is the key to living the writing life. Life is the struggle. Storytelling is the great escape.

I would argue that tenacity might be more important than consistency in my case. I've posted regularly, every Friday, for almost a year. Beyond the blog and writing, consistency doesn't happen. Much of what I do with my stories depends highly on the energy I have after working the day job and handling the myriad tasks of life. Beyond the lack of consistency with the marketing, tenacity remains.

You see, I don't post to social media every day. I fail at maintaining a rapid release publishing strategy. There are not always-on ads, nor does the routine promotion of the books through paid advertising exist in anything other than a fuzzy idea in my mind and the occasional expenditure to test things. I lack the time to involve myself in newsletter swaps. (I don't exactly understand how they work, either.) Yet the writing continues.

Flaming Heart

My writing is serious because I write for the passion of writing. It's serious because it might entertain those who enjoy a bit of fantasy and romance. I don't seek literary acclaim. I desire no accolades to continue.

My greatest hope is others will enjoy a brief escape into the dream by reading my stories as much as I enjoyed the sojourn while writing the tales. And maybe in some future I can't see, I might have the luxury of writing more.

My marketing is stuck in the dabbling hobby stage. But I have never relinquished the dream. I might find the way to make writing a full-time reality as opposed to the part-time escape. I still seek that dream, but it's tempered by some hard realities. It could take years before things paid off enough for me to relinquish the day job, or it may never happen.

A Pack Forms book cover

I intend to keep writing even if the dream never becomes my reality. Tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds may never get to the goal alone, but for those who enjoy the dream, it will continue to offer an escape, even if it's an inconsistent one. At some point, enough of the Draoithe Saga will exist and it will take a while before newer readers notice the lack of consistency.

"The size of your bookshelf matters." - Stephen Alexander North

This remains an undeniable truth for genre fiction authors. Readers always want more. Writers always need to write. I may not hit consistency in marketing or even publishing, but I can always write the next tale. So I maintain tenacity in writing above consistency and carry on.

Shameless Self Promotion

Markus Sainte, the king of Blar Elding

Coming Soon to a Reading Nook Near You!

Synner & Sainte 

Apocalypse Denied Opener

A Draoithe Saga Miniseries

The Plans of a Dead Hedgewitch

Synner & Sainte is an evocative tale, delving into the captivating exploits of Markus Sainte, a devil whose life takes an unexpected turn when he embarks on a mission to fulfill his destiny. At the behest of a deceased hedgewitch, he traverses a peculiar path that leads him to encounter a new partner, a harem master, Logan Synner. Together, they become an unlikely duo, exploring the Netherworld and building an immortal business and family.

Amidst the unfolding adventure, Markus must confront not only the Demon Lord of Lust, but his own issues while he navigates the desires and expectations of his dead mother. As the story progresses, the tension builds, and the question emerges: will Markus' journey lead him to the destination of his mother's hope, or will fate have its own plans?

With its vivid imagery and unforgettable cast of supporting characters, Synner & Sainte takes readers on a spellbinding expedition into a realm where destiny and desire intertwine. Combining elements of fantasy and romance, this captivating tale weaves the enigmatic powers of a hedgewitch's desire into the life of a devil exploring the depths of his longings and the intricacies of a harem master's family structure. Prepare to be swept away on an unforgettable adventure that will leave you questioning the boundaries of destiny and the genuine desires of the heart.

It’s more than a story; It’s an experience! Welcome to the dream…

Dark Urban Fantasy with Steamy Paranormal Romance and Fated Mates 18+ HEA! NC! ***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

Ameila Sainte, the most powerful Hedgewitch to ever walk the dream

This tale is the backdrop for the gripping slow-burn second chance for a demented devil and a powerful hedgewitch. I hope you'll enjoy the tales concerning the mechanizations put into place by Amelia Sainte using an ancient prophecy to affect a future outcome only she could see. Lucifer never reckoned on a dead hedgewitch, and all his well-laid plans may not function correctly when she finishes manipulating his spell. But playing with chaos may have results even a woman as powerful as Amelia Sainte couldn't foresee.

I finished the edit on Synner & Sainte. The serialized chapters have all posted to Apocalypse Denied. I'm working on formatting the tale into a book as I write this. It will be available from first (Thank you to all who buy directly from me. I appreciate your support.) and be available for pre-order with a launch date of April 25, 2024, on the retailers (because I also appreciate my readers who prefer to buy from a retailer, too, but it takes longer to format the tales for publication on the retailers. So bear with me).

Faded Lion

Behind the Scenes

So what else is going on?

Author Sites.

For any who use BookBub, I finally got it updated. (I think. Let me know if you see something weird.) For any who use Goodreads, I'm sorry, but it's still an archaic mess with no hope in sight. Books2Read looks awesome. Author Central is as grand as I can make it at the moment. A+ content is still hanging out in left field. I tried twice with no luck. I'll try to keep up with the author sites better, but it will probably be another year before I get back to them. Always visit for the latest information and the earliest release dates.

Mystic Dark Miniseries cover


I recognize the need to put Demon Allies and Eagle Lords on a front burner. These miniseries need work. The first tales are complete and posted for Lyons Gate, Mystic Dark, and Valkyrie Riders, but I haven't touched Demon Allies or Eagle Lords. I haven't even created the serial course framework for them on Payhip. (Which is not that bad. I haven't created the serial framework for more than a half dozen other miniseries, either.)

Demon Allies is a completed miniseries, but Eagle Lords has a lot of moving parts and incomplete tales, so I should focus on Demon Allies first. We shall see what the muse demands, as always. But I hope to post the first chapters of the Demon Allies miniseries before my summer vacation begins in June.

Master of Destiny book cover

New Writing.

I would love to write in the Gods of the Dream miniseries. Master of Destiny is close to being a finished tale. That story is long overdue to be presented to my faithful newsletter friends. I had hoped to complete it before summer, but I've once again had to push that deadline out. I had planned to write in it over spring break. Instead, I did several days of yardwork to please the HOA. So Master of Destiny is now added to the summer to do list.

video film


The dragon research video and the Valkyrie research video I want to make to add to the extras for Valkyrie Riders wait in the wings. Anyone else getting the feeling summer won't be long enough? I hope you laugh along with me and remain patient as I navigate the launch and relaunch of so many tales.

Leaving a kind review poster

In case you missed it, Angry kings launched March 14. The next launch is Ruined Hearts, March 27.

That's all I have for this week. I'll check back in with you next week. Until then I will leave you with the plea: when you read, please be kind and leave your reviews. Know you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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