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Valkyrie Riders Miniseries Sneak Peek- February 9, 2024

Valkyrie Riders Miniseries Cover

(Listen with AI audio)

Valkyrie Riders Miniseries - February 9, 2024

Dear Reader,

Valkyrie Riders is almost ready to go live. The opener tale has been edited. The AI audio has been added. I've started adding a few of the extras. When can you see it? Tomorrow. February 10, 2024. Did you want a sneak peek?

The Quest for the Valkyries Character Introduction has posted to YouTube. It's also available at OK Videos. This one is strange because it's not focused on a couple of characters, but the background information on the group of characters known as the grey dragons. I promise you'll get to meet them all individually as their stories unfold.

The Quest for the Valkyries Story Description has posted to YouTube. It's also available at OK Videos.

This story is different from the other tales as it is nearly purely urban fantasy. Sorry, no love story here. It's rather the story behind the concerted effort of seven dragons bound by a dark prophecy to seek their mates in the worst probable scenario. The dragon shifter romances arrive in the following tales.

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Vampire Panther is available for preorder. It launches on February 29, 2024. If you haven't met Ryker and Lily in the Royal Council Miniseries, you have missed out on the strangest of tales. She's a broken panther shifter. He was a military man who'd seen too much. When she escapes a fate worse than death, she mistakes him for one of the bad guys and kills him, but there was a vampire who intervened. Find out the rest of the story when you purchase your copy today!

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Behind The Scenes In Marketing

Haunted Echoes Book Cover

Haunted Echoes is live everywhere. As I alluded in a previous post, I ran an email marketing campaign with Author Ad Network for $129. So the book listed in all the relevant newsletters. The book published wide because I can't do exclusive, and also, I love libraries. The book remained at the full price of $3.99. I sold 0 copies. It was disheartening, but not unexpected.

What's next? I want to test out two more paid email newsletter platforms known as Crave Books and Written Word Media.

No paid ads until after the third book launches in May. Is that wise? I don't know, but I don't want the waters muddied. I want to learn how far a nobody author with only a small mailing list can get with a debut series first book. My hunch is that ads may be the only option, but if I don't test the waters first. I will never know.

Valkyrie Riders Miniseries Sneak Peek

Quest for the Valkyries Book Cover


This is a work in progress and

is subject to change at any time.

Read at Your Own Risk!

Copyright 2024

All Rights Reserved.

Special Note for the Reader from the author:

Quest for the Valkyries bridges the gap between the Royal Council miniseries and the Valkyrie Riders miniseries. This tale sets the stage for the grey dragons’ arrival to the Druid pack.

Please be aware the scenes recorded in this and other tales in the Valkyrie Riders’ stories occur concurrently with scenes from both Vampire Panther and Angry King. As part of the greater Draoithe Saga, characters from pervious tales make cameo appearances and scenes previously told from one character’s perspective are often told from another’s perspective, offering additional insights as the story advances through a new couple’s experience.

This miniseries begins with the Lord of Dragons’ arrival to Draoithe, and this first scene originally appeared in the story Vampire Panther volume 3 in the Royal Council miniseries. It’s from that point the grey dragons stories revealed themselves and a segue into the third miniseries appeared even before the second miniseries finished.

The author encourages readers to read Kingdom Rising and Royal Council before embarking on Valkyrie Riders, as the stories aren’t exactly standalone tales, and while reading them out of order is perfectly acceptable as they were written out of order, one may find that they have many unanswered questions about the peripheral characters.

Thank you for reading in the dream, OK

Following Luke Mendez’s Orders

Ryker-June 25/26, 2016

The doorbell rang. Eli frowned at Luke. The comfortable moment evaporated. Ryker glanced at the clock. It neared midnight. Luke moved to the door, with Ryker behind him.

When the door opened, a man stood on the porch. He had striking white hair, even though he looked to be about thirty years old. He was six feet five inches tall. His grey eyes stood out brightly on a well-tanned face. He smelled of excellent brandy and expensive tobacco. It was a bit late for a door-to-door sales agent and the man was too well-dressed to be that.

“Can I help you?” Luke asked the stranger.

“I’m sorry to arrive so late, Ri ruirech. I serve your cause and beg for your help.”

The man bowed, and Luke raised a brow. Who did that?

“Who are you, and how do you know me?” Luke asked.

Ryker stood behind his alpha as a backup. The stranger wasn’t what he seemed. Ryker didn’t like the feel of the scene any more than Luke did.

“Forgive me, my king. I’m Emrick Driscoll. Please, call me Ash. I’m your dragon. I’m answering your call. The magic in the dream alerted me,” Ash apologized.

“What call? What are you talking about?” Luke asked, a bit frustrated with what seemed like riddles for answers.

Something felt wrong about Ash, the way death felt in a mausoleum. Luke’s agitation wasn’t a good thing, either.

“Will you invite me in? I’ll explain it,” Ash suggested.

Ryker realized the man had a wheeled luggage case with DFW baggage claim tags behind him. Ash had a lot of confidence he was staying.

“Fine, come in,” Luke said.

“Um, would you mind asking your zduhaci unbound to stop blocking me?”

Ash requested as Luke turned to let the man enter.

Luke and Ryker looked at each other. Luke raised an eyebrow at Ryker, who shrugged. Ryker wasn’t actively blocking Ash that he knew about.

The situation seemed dangerous. Leaving him on the front porch didn’t seem like a good option, either. Neighbors didn’t need to be alerted to anything unusual.

“How is he blocking you?” Luke asked.

“You’re young. Think ‘enter’ zduhaci. Stop thinking to bar me from entering. The magic begins with thoughts.“

Ash looked at Ryker and waited.

Ryker thought Ash was a lot like Fox, old and knowledgeable. Ryker shrugged and thought about the word ‘enter’ as he looked at Ash.

The man lifted his luggage in his hand and followed them into the house to the living room, where Lily and Eli were waiting. Ryker guessed the thought worked. Ash bowed low before Eli, who was sitting on the couch with her feet beneath her.

“Ri bannach, you’re more lovely than your reflection. Emrick Driscoll, at your service, my lady.”

Ash introduced himself as Luke growled a low warning at him. The direwolf wasn’t appreciating the attention the stranger paid to his mate.

“Eli, meet our dragon,” Luke said with no small amount of sarcasm.


Eli asked, looking at the white-haired man. Damn it. She was all cat at the moment. Emrick Driscoll had piqued her interest. If Luke had to die saving her, it would be because of her feline curiosity.

“At your service, my queen.” Ash bowed again. The bowing and scraping could become an irritation.

“Young dragon man, I’m not a threat. I assure you, I serve your alpha and his mate. Please, stop pressing me.”

“Ryker, would you take Lily with you and have Fox and Javier come join me?” Luke asked Ryker. The quiet night with friends abruptly ended.

Ryker nodded and helped Lily to her feet. They ambled from the room. On the porch, he picked up Lily, and whisked her to relative safety, away from the strange character of Emrick Driscoll. He never once questioned his commanding officer. Following Luke Mendez’s orders was ingrained, and it had never failed him. 

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I better quit spilling the beans about all the stuff happening in the dream and edit some more scenes. I will leave you, as always, with the heartfelt plea to please be kind when you read and leave your honest reviews. Until we chat again, know you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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