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Angry King Launches Soon! March 8, 2024

Angry King book cover

Angry King Launches Soon! March 8, 2024

Dear Reader,

I finally got it! The Royal Council Miniseries is complete. Angry King is a wrap. The ebook is available from now. I finished the print formatting, and the story is on preorder from the retailers. It will launch on March 14, 2024. I know that seems fast, but it had to be.

The audiobook is in the works. I'm waiting for the Findaway Voices review. I'll revisit the Royal Council this summer and create the box set. The Great Takedown was quick. The enormous task of putting the tales back out for public consumption may take my lifetime at this rate.

Why the rush? Valkyrie Riders is champing at the bit.

Behind the Scenes

Valkyrie Riders miniseries image

The Valkyrie Riders miniseries is the next one in the suggested read order for the Draoithe Saga. But I already started posting chapters on it. The opening tale is already fully live and complete, but I didn't want to publish it as a book until Royal Council finished. So if you want to check out Quest for the Valkyries, the story awaits in serial format already.

I've given up on Ream Stories. It's too clunky from a desktop, and so far as I can tell, it lacks any discoverability besides paid ads. Y'all know I lack money and time for much of that. Maybe in the future when it's been around for a while. But Radish serves me better, even if my stories are more urban fantasy than paranormal romance.

I may pull the plug on Substack soon as well. They added direct messaging, and I don't have time for the scam/spam on Instagram which I rarely use as it is. Discoverability is better on Substack, but I'm not sure it's easily helpful for finding a fiction reading audience, although it's light years ahead of Ko-Fi and Buy me a Coffee in my experience.

I'm pretty sure I never gave Buy me a Coffee or Ko-Fi enough of a chance, and I don't use Substack properly, either. The writing is on the wall. I should take the time to learn these platforms better. But when does that time exist? What indie authors need is a way to be discoverable while paying less money and not taking up hours they don't have.

Quest for the Valkyries book cover

I've concluded that while being present on many platforms may make my stories more widely available, there is no way for people to learn they exist without ad spend. It seems to be the same for all these platforms. Each takes a cut of sales and limits when you get paid or has a threshold for payout. It's fair, but can be frustrating.

In the end, I can easily replicate all of that on my site and do it better. Nowhere else can I post the stories and also add video, audio, art, charts, graphs, notes to my readers, blog posts, allow them an opportunity to join my newsletter friends, offer the ebook, audiobook, paperback (coming soon!), merchandise (coming soon!), etc.

So for me, Payhip remains the home of the Draoithe Saga. It does everything I need in a user-friendly format. You may find parts of my stories in other places, but they won't have all the bells and whistles. You'll find all the Draoithe Saga with all the exclusives, and you'll find them first at

Angry King Book Stack

Sneak Peek at Angry King


This is a work in progress and

is subject to change at any time.

Read at Your Own Risk!

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All Rights Reserved.



When Griz woke, he found her asleep in his arms. How did that happen?

He dragged his attention away from the snowy owl that slept in his arms and looked around the room. Griz didn’t know where he was.

Wherever he was, the bed was comfortable. He turned his attention back to the snowbird that was snoring softly next to his heart.

The last thing Griz remembered from the waking world was being in that warehouse. He knew the owl, but he didn’t know her name, did he?

He’d only ever seen her in her animal form in the dream. Her white hair struck him. It had single dark blond strands scattered through it.

He touched it. The light floral scent of gardenia that he knew to belong to the owl in his dream drifted to him strongly as he felt her hair.

He shouldn’t be touching her hair. He didn’t know the woman. They’d never met, and yet there she was asleep in his arms in the waking world.

Griz recognized her as his mate instantly. It puzzled him how she could be in his arms. None of it made sense.

He should try to rise and see where he was, but disturbing her sleep was out of the question. She enthralled him. He remained exactly as he was.

Griz was hungry. Between the damage done to him physically over the last two weeks and the dreamwalk with Kallik and Eli to heal the broken little arctic fox, he could eat enough to hibernate.

The snowy owl stole his awareness, and he needed to sleep more, as well.

His ankle hurt. Someone had splinted it, so it would heal properly. He needed to thank someone.

Had the snowy owl done that for him? Where had she come from? Would she return?

He wanted to rumble his displeasure at the idea she might leave, but he played with her soft white hair instead. He didn’t want her to wake up. The dream would end then.

His world narrowed to only her. She was soft and warm asleep in his arms, and he lost himself in her. She was everything. Griz slept again…

Leaving Reviews poster

I have to craft a print book cover for Quest for the Valkyries. Thank you for enjoying a bit of the dream to start your weekend. As always, I must leave you with a request. When you read, please be kind and leave your reviews. They mean more than you know. Until next weekend, know you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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