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Quest for the Valkyries Character Intro

Quest for the Valkyries Character Introduction

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Grey Dragon

Long ago, dragons, resurrected by necromancers, served the Druid kings in defense of the kingdom. While Fox once had a war counselor in a dragon known as Smoke, he never made the connection that the magic had built the entire feudal hierarchy. Dragons were an integral part of that ancient magic.

When Fox and Javier swore fealty and raised Luke to the position of an overlord, Druid magic coalesced around them and built the over kingdom just as it had once done in ancient Gaelic Ireland. The magic called existing dragons to serve the kings who swore fealty to the High King of the Druids.

The list below resulted from the grey dragons’ arrival at Draoithe to fulfill an ancient prophecy penned by a grief maddened devil. Part of that prophecy involved dragons claiming their life mates.

When the dragons arrived requesting to join the pack, Luke unwittingly barred them from entry unless they bonded with their Valkyries to control the dragons’ dangerous magic. His decision played a pivotal role in how the Unlikely Kings prophecy played out at Draoithe and the roles the dragons took on because of their need for home and hearth.

The Grey Dragons and Lady Valkyries of Draoithe.

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