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Dream Walker Character Introduction

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Dream Walker Character Introduction

Kallik Tarkik

Kallik Tarkik

Kallik is a Kodiak bear shifter who was born gifted as a dream walker. Centuries ago, he was a chief among his people, but his immortality made the younger generations nervous. He loves his horses and has worked as a stable hand for over a century. But he seeks his life mate. He knows her in the dream. When she almost fades, he's strong-armed over a job he doesn't want, and he meets Eli in the dream, Kallik knows it's time to reinvent himself and chase the one woman he needs in order to face eternity. He finds her at Draoithe.

Kallik Tarkik

AKA: Kallik

Smells like: soap and leather

Stable Master of Draoithe

Mate: Mihaela

Sandy brown hair

Golden brown eyes

6’6” tall

270 lbs

219 years old

Dreamwalker/Kodiak bear shifter - Alpha

Dreamwalkers need time to become skilled in their craft. Kallik is one of the most powerful dreamwalkers, having practiced his craft for over two centuries. He can control the dream, heal mental illness, and even kill from within the dream. The bear prefers peace and seeks peaches and honey. He'll stop at nothing to protect the vampire he desperately craves.

Mihaela Dimitriu

Mihaela Dimitriu

Mihaela is an old, unbonded vampire princess. When she arrives at Draoithe in need of help, with nowhere to go, she finds herself at Luke's mercy with an opportunity for a courtship she doesn't want. While she waits to learn if the suitor is worthy, she falls for a denizen of Draoithe and even shares her painful past with him, only to learn he was the suitor. Feeling betrayed, she ran. But Draoithe's enemies have plans for her.

Mihaela Dimitriu

AKA: Princess

Smells like: peaches and honey

Event Planner of Draoithe

Mate: Kallik

Black hair

Black eyes

5’3” tall

125 lbs

463 years old

Vampire -Vjestice

Vjestice vampires can levitate, cast ice and fire, and also possess incredible speed. They must drink the blood of the living to stave off the thirst and avoid sunlight. But they're sexual predators, and with their allure, can draw animals or people to satisfy their need for blood. Human blood is dangerous to all blood drinkers save the demon and in excess can cause a mental illness known as blood lust. In order for a vjestice to teleport, she must bond her consort, but Mihaela has never found the right man until she meets one Kodiak bear shifter.