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Draoithe: The Thread


A Pack Forms Volume 1


Arctic Fox: Prologue for Druid Fox


Druid Fox


Big Bad Wolf


The Council Volume 2


Dragon Man


Dream Walker


Magic Calls to Magic Volume 3


Dragons Come Volume 4


Seventh King


Lord of Dragons


The Ruiri Complete Volume 5


Angel Lover


Ophelia Kee Speaks

06-17-2022 Beta Readers Wanted!
Beta Readers Wanted!(Listen with AI Audio)A Letter to my ReadersDear Reader, Thank you for visiting This is the home for all of my books, blogs, videos, and serial stories. I encourage you to be nosey and check everything out. Re...
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06-11-2022 New Book Promotion Strategy
New Book Promotion StrategyListen with AI AudioI have limited time to spend on Book Promotion. I never had as much time as I wanted and with my new job, I'll have even less time than before. So that means that whatever I do in that realm needs t...
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06-04-2022 Divide and Conquer
 Divide and ConquerListen with AI AudioI have been stuck with Jag MacGuire's tale for a long time. The Scimitar Warrior has 8 chapters and is going nowhere. So what to do?My answer was to go back and reread other tales. So I started the Draoithe...
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05-10-2022 Grim Reaper Launch
Listen with AI AudioWelcome to the dream...The Third and Final Volume in the Apocalypse Averted miniseries is now available to read on all platforms. If you were waiting for the conclusion, wait no more. If you never read a series until it's finished...
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04-09-2022 Character Art
Character ArtListen with AI AudioWatch Video BlogI decided to pay for some character art. I wanted simple in a cartoon style. What do you think?I love her, so I asked the artist to craft the tiger, Luke Mendez, and the direwolf for A Pack Forms for m...
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03/19/2022 News from the dream...
News from the dream...(listen with AI audio)(view the video blog)With Spring Break 2022 behind us,I wanted to pop in and let everyone in on what's going on behind the scenes. You can still buy Devil's Sins for $.99 and get 20% off Four Hors...
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2-16-2022 Payhip? As a Website!?
Payhip? As a Website!?Listen with AI AudioWatch the VlogMy journey as a self-published independent author has been a strange and twisty path. I started writing in 2016. Then I thought I was ready to publish in 2018. (It took two weeks to get a book p...
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1-22-2022 Serial Reading Versus Subscription Reading
Serial Reading Versus Subscription Reading(click to watch Vlog)First, allow me to define the two concepts.Serial Reading Sites and Apps are designed to offer the reader bite-sized episodes of a story. One chapter at a time in a similar fashion that s...
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1-17-2022 New Year, New Book Home!
New Year, New Book Home!(Click to watch the Vlog)With the middle of January and MLK Day upon us, changes had to be made. Most people evaluate their situation at the New Year and make their resolutions. Some of us vow to change our habits, diet, exerc...
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1-8-2022 Ready to Publish
 Ready to Publish(Click to watch the Vlog)The details involved in getting a book ready to publish may not seem like much, but they do matter. I wanted to touch on some of the details included in books that readers expect even if they d...
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12-29-2021 The End in Sight
The End in Sight(Click to watch the Vlog)As 2021 draws to a close, I know how the story ends. I can see it. I don't have all the scenes in between quite yet, but they will come. It saddens me that I can't write full-time or this might already be fini...
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12-17-2021 Marketing Struggles in Self Publishing
Marketing Struggles in Self Publishing(Click to watch Vlog)The struggle to effectively market self-published books is real. The day job gets in the way. Being on a shoestring budget that necessitates being pure indie, makes it even more difficult. I ...
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12-12-2021 Ophelia Kee Speaks HEA, NC, Piracy
HEA, NC, PiracyHappily Ever AfterHappily ever after is the name of the game in romance. It kind of has to be, right? If there's no happily ever after then you kind of feel as if the story didn't end or it ended wrong. That always leaves me and every ...
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12-3-2021 Ophelia Kee’s Author Journey
Ophelia Kee’s Author Journey(Click to watch the Vlog) Most of my new 6x9 author copies are here. There's a very serious satisfaction seeing my work in the real world. I love the digital world because it allows me to accomplish my goals, but th...
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11-25-2021 Thanksgiving Publishing Wide Platforms!
Thanksgiving Publishing Wide Platforms!(Click to watch the Vlog)As many of you know, I decided some time ago to publish wide. Publishing to as many platforms as is possible has been my routine for a little while. Since I had to go back to working my ...
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11-12-2021 Two Questions Answered
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11-05-2021 Publishing in Reverse?
Publishing in Reverse?(Click to watch the Vlog)As many of you know, I've been on my author's walk for a few years now. I self-published for the first time on May 30, 2018, and have never looked back. I love indie publishing. It gives me a great amoun...
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10-29-2021 Two Common Reader Questions
Two Common Reader Questions(Click to watch the Vlog)"A Favorite?"CBCheek654 asked, "As the author, which story in the Draoithe Saga is your personal favorite?"My first reaction was, "Why do they always have to ask the hard questions? I mean, did I me...
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10-23-2021 Friday Night Writes
Friday Night Writes(Click to watch the Vlog)After working all week at the day job that still pays the bills in my world, I treasure Friday Nights. In my youth, I wanted to go out, clubs, bars, dancing. As a part-time writer, I seek something diffe...
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Video Books 10-02-2021
Video Books(Click to watch the Vlog)I did it. I recorded The Thread. Unless it needs any revision, then the podcast-style version of the audiobook has been recorded. It's available on the YouTube channel. To upload it there, I had to a...
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9-17-2021 Kindle Series Management
Kindle Series Management(Click to watch the Vlog)I can't tell you how excited I was that KDP had added the Manage Series feature for independent authors to be able to group their works. I took advantage of it and began grouping several mini...
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8-8-2021 Beauty in Indie Publishing
Beauty in Indie Publishing(Click to watch Vlog)No Lies! The Truth behind the TigerWhen I started writing this blog, I promised that I would never lie about my author's walk. So I have not.My real name is something anyone could deduce. But I chose to ...
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7/25/2021 9 Benefits of Self Publishing Short Reads
9 Benefits of Self Publishing Short Reads(Click to watch the Vlog)Eyrie Iolair: Prodigal Sons the short-read miniseries is now LIVE on Amazon and soon to be published Wide. Each part is only $.99, or buy the miniseries for just $2.99.Montane MacGuire...
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Truths About Book Titles 7-17-2021
Truths About Book Titles(Click to watch the Vlog)I've updated the list of my upcoming titles to reflect a few changes I felt needed to be made. As always I reserve the right to alter my titles as I see fit. I do love that about Indie Writing. I'm the...
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A Personal Self Publishing Journal 7-11-2021
A Personal Self Publishing Journal(Click to watch the blog)As this is my personal journal of my author's walk, I want to be honest with you. Since I went back to working the full-time day job, sales dropped as fast as my promotions stopped. That told...
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Suggested Read Order for the Draoithe Saga by the Author

Titles by Ophelia Kee

Draoithe: Tantalu

Draoithe: The Thread

Draoithe: A Pack Forms

Draoithe: Arctic Fox

Draoithe: Big Bad Wolf

Draoithe: Druid Fox

Draoithe: Dragon Man

Draoithe: Dream Walker

Draoithe: Dragons Come

Draoithe: Seventh King

Draoithe: Lord of Dragons

Draoithe: Angel Lover

Draoithe: Soceress's Dragon

Draoithe: The Dark Gift

Draoithe: Elementals

Draoithe: Fire Incarnate

Draoithe: Gryphon Knight

Draoithe: Synner And Sainte

Draoithe: Weaver’s Tale

Draoithe: Dream Therapy

Draoithe: Still Waters

Draoithe: Filth and Death

Draoithe: Smoke of the Fire 

Titles by Ophelia Kee

Dread Allies: Shadow King

Dread Allies: Rakshasa Prince

Dread Allies: Demon Consort

Dread Allies: Strix Princess

Dread Allies: Ice Demon

Dread Allies: Cheval Mallet

Dread Allies: Lord Orobas

Dread Allies: Succubus Conjurer

Eyrie Iolair: Prodigal Sons

Eyrie Iolair: Risky Rewards

Eyrie Iolair: Dragonesque

Eyrie Iolair: Sky Dreams

Draoithe: Dragon Masters

Draoithe: Precious Treasures

Draoithe: Ruler of the Mind

Draoithe: War Dogs

Draoithe: Wizards and Grotesques

Draoithe: Past in the Present

Draoithe: The Library

Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai

Draoithe: Midnight Magic

Draoithe: No Negotiations

Draoithe: Fairytale Shadows

Titles by Ophelia Kee

Draoithe: Shadow Master

Lyons Gate: Ghostly Kingdom

Lyons Gate: Nightmare Escape

Lyons Gate: Elysian Fields

Lyons Gate: Druid Dragon 

Lyons Gate: Darkest Desire

Draoithe: Dragon King Rising

Apocalypse Averted: Devil’s Sins

Apocalypse Averted: Four Horsemen

Apocalypse Averted: Grim Reaper

Draoithe: A Conversation with Dragons

Draoithe: Behind the Scenes of the Dream

Draoithe: Steamy Dream Volume 1

Draoithe: Steamy Dream Volume 2

Draoithe: Steamy Dream Volume 3

About the Author

Not who everyone thinks she is.  

The product of someone’s imagination. 

The end result of a lifetime wishing to get out.

Do not buy the lie.

If you live in fear, you give up freedom.

Taking the risk and making the leap.

Too much of anything is a bad thing.

Innuendo floating on the mist that rises above the water.

Walk away and leave it all behind.

Telling the story that haunts a fantasy.

Catching a dream.

She does not exist.