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Ruined Lion Sneak Peek March 29, 2024

Ruined Lion Book Cover

Ruined Lion Sneak Peek - March 29, 2024

Dear Reader,

In many places today is a holiday. If you celebrate the Easter weekend, I hope your Friday is Good, and the Easter Egg Hunts go well. In the dream, I have been hard at work publishing several titles during and after spring break. As always, the serial posted first, followed by the ebook and audiobook versions of the individual tales going live on I post the stories on the retailers as preorders to give me time to format the print copies.

There's no wait to reading any of the stories because I hate being teased about a story only to learn I can't read it right away. Is that good business practice? Probably not. But I work within the boundaries of what I can tolerate or things go off the rails. No matter how you choose to read in the dream, I appreciate you. Thanks for understanding the quirks and being patient with an old tiger.

In case you missed the announcements, Angry King launched March 14, 2024 and is currently available as an ebook, print book, and audiobook. The Royal Council miniseries wrapped up. The ebook box set will roll out in the Summer of 2024.

Ruined Hearts Book Stack

Coming soon to a reading nook near you:

Ruined Hearts launches March 27, 2024. It's the second volume in the Mystic Dark Prequel Trilogy. Rorik and Danika are back. There's no price too high for love, or is there?

Quest for the Valkyries launches April 11,2024. This tale opens the Valkyrie Riders miniseries. Dragons have come to Draoithe, but they have a few issues and a dark prophecy to iron out. This miniseries follows Kingdom Rising and Royal Council in the suggested read order for the Draoithe Saga.

Synner and Sainte returns better than ever. Markus Sainte and Logan Synner are back. Releasing April 25, 2024. The audiobook awaits distribution. This is the opener tale for the Apocalypse Denied miniseries and a re-release from the Great Takedown and the Massive Reorganization. It now has its rightful place.

Druid Ancestry launches another spinoff miniseries, Lyons Gate on May 9, 2024. Lazlo and Soraya's story is dark. Meet the millionaire CEO and the orphan girl in this first volume of a series of stories designed to set the stage for an outpost kingdom in Chicago.

I hope this list gives you some idea what you can look forward to and the editing process for the Draoithe Saga.

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An Audiobook Minor Success Story, Maybe?

When You Take A Chance, You Never Know What Will Happen. If You Never Take A Chance, Nothing Will Happen!

I have experimented with digital narrations of my books through Google. Is it human narrator quality? No! I can't even dream about that. It's far beyond my budget.

Digital narration has significantly improved over the last couple of years and is less expensive to produce. My pricing reflects that, and I also clearly label all my digitally narrated audiobooks as such. I don't want unhappy readers. Digital narration offered an opportunity to reach a larger audience in a way my stories could never have just a few years ago.

Bookfunnel now delivers audiobooks. Findaway Voices recently began accepting Google's digitally narrated audiobooks. So I tried it out. (I had only my time to lose.)

It took a couple of months to get about 15 stories posted. (The day job is real and my internet upload is slow.) It takes a couple of weeks to get a book posted, reviewed, and distributed to 8 platforms, including two library distributors.

I got my first earnings report this month. I made $15.48 in royalties. It's not a lot, but I just started. I don't run ads or pay for promotions. So, for a small time author, I was super excited to find I had earned anything. Someone enjoyed my audiobook stories even though they weren't beautiful human narrated versions!

When I investigated further, I discovered that all except one sale happened through Apple Books. The disappointment at that discovery was serious because Apple recently stopped accepting digitally narrated books from Findaway Voices. But there is still hope.

I recently submitted my stories for digital narration to Apple through Draft2Digital. If accepted and the quality is as good as the Google version, I may once again reach readers with audiobooks on Apple Books.

Keep Taking Risks. Find Out What Happens! I'm having fun with my stories. I invite all who enjoy urban fantasy and paranormal romance to join me.

The Barbary Lion which inspired the Lazlo Greyson character

Sneak Peek at Ruined Lion


This is a work in progress and

is subject to change at any time.

Read at Your Own Risk!

Copyright 2024

All Rights Reserved.

Found No Flaw


When he woke Saturday morning, Soraya slept in his arms. She’d confessed she loved him. Was that a calculated statement?

Lots of women had told him that. They all wanted things from him. It was why he’d lived half his life in bars and strip clubs. It was why Soraya was the only woman he’d ever fucked raw.

He knew she was clean, and she had excellent birth control. There would be no surprises. Soraya would never trap him.

She had no money, no friends, and no one to help her leave him. At least, he didn’t think she had those things. She was his slave, not his wife. She was attractive and polished, but she was an orphan with no social status. Surely, Soraya didn’t dream she would ever fill that role with him.

She solved the problem of his dark side and served as arm candy for the social functions. That was it.

Maybe he’d been too relaxed with her. She slept in his bed every night. Why would she not think like that?

He had to put an end to it. The last thing he wanted was a clingy woman creating a problem for him when his obsession with her faded.

Thinking like that when the evidence of his darker nature stared him in the face was difficult. Her body bruised and hurt just to satisfy his need to hurt the woman he fucked, any way he wanted, displayed as the sheet slipped away from her backside.

His eyes traced his finger marks and handprints on her skin. Lazlo had choked her, beaten her, and forced her to endure his attention last night.

The need to abuse her and fuck her into submission had strangled him before he ever left the office. He’d needed to carry her out to the car. That couldn’t happen again.

Things had to change before he made a mistake with her. He couldn’t make the same mistakes he’d made in the past.

Technically, the other woman had been an illegal drug user, and so long as he supplied her with what she wanted, Lazlo used her as he desired. When she overdosed after their last meeting, he couldn’t help but blame himself for her death.

He’d taken precautions with Soraya. Lazlo was serious about being careful with her. Causing her to fade away couldn’t happen. He couldn’t live with that kind of guilt for a second time in his life.

Read Ruined Lion as I edit with the Lyons Gate Miniseries. The ebook is coming soon!

Request for reviews poster

Thank you for stepping into the dream with me once again. I have laundry to get through. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I leave you, as always, with a plea for your reviews when you read. Welcome to the dream...

Be careful!

Happy reading,

Ophelia Kee

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