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Lyons Gate Character Introduction

Meet the Characters

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Lazlo Greyson

Lazlo Greyson Ri Ard Thaibse of Lyons Gate

The multimillionaire CEO of Greyson Advertising, based out of Chicago, Illinois, is more than he knows. Descended from an ancient line of Irish kings, Lazlo owns the family ruins and dabbles in researching his past, but he has a dark side heavily pressing him toward twisted inclinations. It’s lonely at the top. But when a man has wealth, the women all pander for his money, not the man. He seeks something different, something forbidden. When he meets Soraya Heffernon, he knows he’s found what he seeks. But he doesn’t know what she is anymore than he’s aware of the magic which has driven him for his entire life.

Soraya Heffernon

Soraya Heffernon, a little demon meant for a king

An orphan girl trapped in a boarding house as part of one of Peter Elliot’s nefarious schemes seeks a sponsor to escape a fate worse than death. When Lazlo Greyson agrees to sponsor her, she willingly signs her life away as a slave to a wealthy man with the hope he will rescue her. Falling in love with him wasn’t on her mind, but the chemistry between them swept her away. When he requests she study his lineage, she begins a search for the truth and learns they are both more than either of them understands.

Peter Elliot had plans for Soraya. Selling her to the highest bidder was only the first step. Will Lazlo realize what he has with Soraya before it’s too late? 

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