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Dragon Legends and Folklore Inspiration

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The Dragons

There would be no Valkyries at Draoithe without dragons. But the Valkyries aren't the focus. Instead, I wanted to share a bit about why dragons are in the Draoithe Saga stories.

In the realm of fantasy literature and mythology, the concept of shapeshifters has always held a captivating allure. Among these mystical beings, dragon shifters stand out as some of the most formidable creatures to have ever graced the pages of our collective imagination. They are simply irresistible to both the reader and storyteller.

Dragon shifters are beings who possess the ability to transform into dragons, either partially or fully, at will. These beings have a reputation for their fearsome magic, their hoarding skills, and their possession of supernatural talents. Whether they appear as majestic humanoids with dragon-like qualities or as massive, fire-breathing beasts, dragon shifters embody the quintessential essence of fantasy.

Draoithe is primarily a shifter community. There are other immortals and many hybrid magics pulled to the new kingdom by the near sentient dream in its need to right the imbalance created by an ancient spell driving a thousand years of prophecy, but dragons are the knight protectors of the realm. Dragons ensure the safety of those who seek sanctuary within the hidden kingdom created by the Druid pack. 

But what led to the addition of dragons? What inspired the dragon shifter characters?

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Dragon Legends and Folklore Inspiration


Throughout history, tales of dragons have captivated the imagination of people around the world. These majestic, mythical creatures, often depicted as powerful, fire-breathing beings, could shift between human and dragon forms. The concept of dragon shifting abilities has been a prominent theme in various folklore and legends, tracing its roots to ancient civilizations and mythologies.

Research into dragon shifters inspired many of the characters in the Draoithe Saga. Delve into the historical legends and folklore surrounding dragon shifters and explore the cultural significance and evolution of one of the quintessential fantasy character types.

Dragon with fire breath

Ancient Mythologies and Dragon Shifting Abilities

The concept of shape-shifting dragons traces back to ancient mythologies and folklore of different cultures. According to Chinese mythology, dragons hold a revered status as divine creatures capable of transforming into human or other forms. The Dragon Kings, rulers of the seas and waters, supposedly possess the power of shape-shifting to interact with humans and influence the natural world.

Similarly, in European folklore, dragons often deceive or interact with humans by taking on human form as shape-shifters. People have passed down legends through generations about dragon knights or shapeshifters who could transform into dragons to protect their lands or people.

The Norse mythology also features shape-shifting dragons, such as the legendary dragon Fafnir, who could transform into a mighty serpent to guard his treasure hoard. The idea of dragons possessing the ability to shift between forms is a recurring theme in mythologies from different regions, highlighting the universal appeal of this concept.

It is from the European traditions and Norse Folklore that the greatest inspiration for the dragons of Draoithe came. It started with wondering about the Welsh dragon and expanded into countless hours of studying dragons, shifters, and the magic surrounding them before they became fixtures within the Draoithe saga.

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Cultural Significance of Dragon Shifting Abilities

The ability of dragons to shift between forms carries symbolic significance in various cultures. In many mythologies, shape-shifting is associated with transformation, magic, and mastery over different realms. Dragons, with their dual nature of human and beast, embody the balance between opposing forces and the duality of existence.

The dragons of Draoithe hold powerful magic. They act as knight protectors of the realm with the peculiar ability to attract wealth and hoard funds. But without their mates, they are less than what they could be. When the dragons arrive at Draoithe, they bring all their power, and their prophecy, but also all the danger inherent in unbalanced magic. The Ri ruirech grants them the chance to pursue their Valkyries and right that imbalance. But even the king of Draoithe may be a pawn of the magic of the dream.

The concept of dragon shifting abilities reflects the idea of hidden potential and latent powers within individuals. In tales where people possess the ability to transform into dragons, it symbolizes their inner strength, resilience, and capacity for transcendence. The theme of self-discovery and transformation interweaves with the narratives of dragon shifting abilities, inspiring audiences to explore their own hidden depths and potential for growth.

In the Draoithe Saga, the themes of self-discovery intertwine with partner discovery and the happily ever after trope of romance, making for compelling character driven urban fantasy with paranormal romance stories.

Emrick Driscoll, Lord of Dragons

Evolution of Dragon Shifting Abilities in Modern Literature and Pop Culture

The fascination with dragons and their shape-shifting abilities continues to inspire contemporary literature, movies, and popular culture. Authors like George R.R. Martin, in his "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, and Christopher Paolini, in his "Inheritance Cycle," reimagine and reinterpret the theme of dragon shifting abilities in modern storytelling.

The concept of humans bonding with dragons and sharing their abilities through shape-shifting has become a popular trope in fantasy literature and media. Characters with dragon shifting abilities often become heroes with a special connection to these mythical creatures, embarking on epic quests and battles to protect their world.

It's also a popular trope within romantic fantasy in which the dragon shifter falls for its mate(s). These stories combine telling the happily ever after with not quite human qualities with the special connection to a dragon, embarking on epic quests and battles to pursue and protect the relationship they desire.

In the Draoithe Saga, the dragon shifters follow an ancient prophecy and must find and convince their fated mates to bond with them if they are ever to gain a balance. But the women they choose to turn into Valkyries may or may not desire to bond with a dragon.

Leonora D'Souza, Valkyrie


The historical legends and folklore surrounding dragon shifting abilities provide a fascinating insight into the significance and symbolism of these mythical creatures. From ancient mythologies to modern literature, the concept of dragons with the power to shift between forms has captivated the imagination of people across cultures and generations. It is no less captivating today.

Dragon shifter history inspires readers and storytellers to explore contemporary tales and realms with new twists on ancient alluring fantasy characters. This research inspired the introduction of the grey dragons of Draoithe and later the inclusion of many other dragon shifter characters in a modern romantic fantasy saga by Ophelia Kee.

Exploring the roots of dragon shifting abilities in historical legends and folklore offers a deeper appreciation for the enduring allure of these majestic creatures and their transformative magic. The tales of shape-shifting dragons serve as a reminder of the enduring appeal of magic, mystery, and the eternal quest for self-discovery and transformation.

Embark on a new journey and discover the appeal of dragons in modern romantic fantasy literature with the stories of an independent author inspired by the dragon shifters of the past. Step into the Draoithe Saga and get lost in the stories of shifters discovering their fated mates, and enjoy an escape with dragon shifters, the knight protectors of the realm.

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