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Druid Ancestry Cover Reveal - February 3, 2024

Haunted Echoes paperback cover

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Druid Ancestry Cover Reveal - February 3, 2024

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to the behind the scenes of the dream with another episode of Ophelia Kee Speaks. Before we get started today, a word from our sponsor.

Shameless Self Promotion

Believe it or not, Haunted Echoes launched wider than wide! It's available everywhere as an ebook, audiobook, paperback, and hardcover book. I hope you will enjoy this first part of the Mystic Dark Prequel Trilogy and leave your kind reviews when you read. Rorik and Danika are two super interesting characters. She's gifted with the wrong magic and he's a draugr giant, a ghost warrior. The situation in which they find themselves will leave you guessing. It's a ghost romance. Welcome to the dream...

Now, back to the regularly scheduled post.

Ream Stories, A new Promotional Opportunity?

Ream Stories Dream Library image

So I did it. I began a Ream Stories account, and I have uploaded some stories. As with much of what I do with all the irons in the fire, this is an experiment in seeking an audience for the Draoithe Saga. I have enjoyed Substack for the last six months. Designed more for nonfiction authors, I'm not sure it's a good fit for the dream. Unlike the doomed experiment with Kindle Vella, Ream has no exclusivity clauses. If I find an audience there, perhaps I can do more with the stories.

Before anyone asks, I want to assure you, is still home to the Draoithe Saga. All the stories in the dream appear there first, and I still have exclusive stories found only with my newsletter friends and others for sale nowhere but But the stories once did well with Radish until they altered the promotional opportunities. So, I wanted to see if Ream readers might enjoy the dream and if being part of Ream might grow my newsletter friend group.

Druid Ancestry Cover Reveal

Druid Ancestry Book Cover

I started the read through on Lyons Gate because that's not the current edit in progress. And don't I already have enough to do? If anyone ever figures out the muse, let me in on the secret. Anyway, back to Lyons Gate.

In keeping with revising the tales as I edit so the reader gets the cleanest, best version of the story I can produce, I have reworked the original Ghostly Kingdom story, added some things, and corrected a few issues. In that process, the story separated into a novella trilogy tale with three distinct storylines. It was easier to edit three novellas than a giant novel, so I didn't fight it. Instead, I got busy creating covers.

What do you think? Videos and more cover reveals will be forthcoming shortly. I'm currently building the course for the miniseries and working on the story descriptions. That takes time. I know this is a bit of an early tease since Lyons Gate won't post chapters until this summer, but I couldn't help sharing it.

Princess Airlea Amazon reincarnated as Aelria Sainte, the adopted daughter for Riggs Sainte

Airlea/Aelria, the lifemate of Lucifer Leiriu

Allow me to introduce the woman for whom Lucifer wrote the Unlikely Kings. Her untimely death spawned a dark prophecy which would leak chaos into the dream for a thousand years, threatening to unravel it if her soul never united with her abandoned love. The King of the Devils will return. The question is: will she be waiting for him or will the dream burn in her absence?

Would you like to meet her reincarnated self? In the first tale in the Apocalypse Denied Miniseries, Synner & Sainte, Aelria returns to the dream. Her name and her story receive mention several times in different parts of the Draoithe Saga, but Aelria comes back as a member of Markus Sainte's devil household on Blar Elding when a drunken Riggs Sainte plants a magically endowed date seed. This isn't a beanstalk tale by any means. And Riggs Sainte isn't the tricorn to mess with over his daughter when a strange devil finds himself bleeding in the castle's wine cellar, staring at the woman who has tortured his dreams for centuries.

Paranormal romance and Urban fantasy by Ophelia Ke Dark Heart end Card

Enough teasing. I have been enjoying creating imagery for the stories. Character art is expensive. I know there's a lot of controversy over AI art, but y'all know I lack the funds to purchase book ads, much less character art. No graphic artist lost money I don't have for my silly shenanigans. AI art is one way I can add extras to the stories without breaking the bank.

Before anyone asks, I'm still not using AI to write my stories. I promise there would be far less editing if the computer wrote them. The original copyright on many of my manuscripts long predates large language models with the ability to write fiction being mainstream. Lyons Gate began life in 2018. Most of Apocalypse Denied came into existence during the winter of 2019.

I enjoy writing, but I also enjoy storytelling. Having the tools to raise my writing to the art of storytelling intrigues me. I hope my readers will enjoy a more immersive experience in the dream as I learn more ways to tell the stories my characters demand I craft. I better get some work done. The day job is calling me. Until we chat again, I will leave you with a heartfelt plea. When you read, please be kind and leave your reviews. Know you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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