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Vampire Panther Character Introduction

Vampire Panther Character Introduction

Lily Sanders

Lily Sanders

Lily was a chef with a secret. She's also a panther shifter. When she escaped a horrible kidnapping ordeal, she mauled a man whom she mistook for one of her attackers. When the leaders of Draoithe take her in and grant her sanctuary, they have turned the man she mauled and killed as a hybrid panther vampire to save him. Her panther claims the man as her life mate because, although weak and hurt, she still wants Ryker for herself.

Lily Sanders,

AKA: Little Kitten.

Smells like: coconut and kiwi.

Head Chef of Nevermore Fine Dining.

Mate: Ryker.

Black hair,

Golden eyes,

5 feet 3 inches tall.

130 pounds.

42 years old.

Alpha Panther shifter.

Lily needs Ryker's magical talents to regain her health, but once she's healthy, she wastes no time claiming Ryker and joining the Druid pack.

Ryker Talbert

Ryker Talbert

Ryker was a career soldier. He served under Luke Mendez for years, but the last mission was too much. After running into an illegal medical experimentation cleanup in Seattle, he decided he needed to talk to Luke about the last mission because things didn't add up and the medical warehouse held a connection. Before he made it to the Colonel's house, a panther mauled him and a vampire offered him a dark gift. He took a chance.

Lieutenant Ryker Talbert,

AKA: Ryker.

Smells like: sandalwood and almonds.

Garage Foreman of Draoithe.

Mate: Lily.

Blonde hair,

Blue eyes.

6 feet tall.

225 pounds.

47 years old.

Panther shifter and Vampire-zduhaci unbound.

Ryker learns the panther who mauled him and left him for dead was his hurt life mate. He wants to heal her even though she killed him and his only chance to live was to accept the dark gift and of a vampire. Ryker is creati and learns he can't leave Draoithe without becoming a hunted man in vampire societies because they exterminate unbound zduhaci vampires.

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