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Dragons Arrive! April 12, 2024

Quest for the Valkyries Book Stack

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Dragons Arrive! April 12, 2024

Dear Reader,

Quest for the Valkyries launched yesterday! I'm excited to see the opening tale in the next miniseries arrive at the retailers. It takes a long time to write a story, edit a book, post the chapters, create audio chapters, format a book, publish a book and then publish an audiobook, paperback, and hardcover version of that story. All the while random ideas, serious research, and hours of focus also go into writing character descriptions, story descriptions, blogs, and video scripts which accompany the miniseries. I wish I could do it faster, but it is what it is.

Do y'all want to read a snippet? I pulled this piece of a scene out just for this post. Allow me to offer you a taste of the immortal grey dragons of Draoithe.

Snippet Excerpt

Emrick Driscoll, Ash, the Lord of Dragons

Read at Your Own Risk!

Copyright 2024

All Rights Reserved.

Ash, Early Friday Morning, July 1, 2016

Smoke quietly interrupted his silent reverie. The Cuban was almost done, and he’d long since finished his double shot of brandy.

“Trouble sleeping?” Smoke asked.

“Never tried. Just thinking. Is Char almost done?” Ash asked his old, right-hand man.

He was closer to Smoke than he was to the others, but they were each one, a trusted brother.

“Yeah, he suggested we do it just before dawn. No iron collars this time. Old friends pledging allegiance to a new order. You’re right. It’ll be better this way.”

Ash nodded.

“Luke is the one, isn’t he?”

Smoke turned the conversation.

“Yes, he’s already tried to set me free. I refused him. I want to serve. Same as the rest of you. I guess the years of waiting just frustrated me. Now that we’re here, I know he’s the one. We’ll be bound and yet be free. No more iron collars. Free men choosing to serve.” Ash smiled a genuine smile at his old friend.

He was looking forward to the future. Dragons couldn’t fade like other shifters. Only the Valkyries could destroy them.

Three hundred years of mindlessly gaining wealth with no purpose left Ash the more despondent of the dragons. The heavy depression weighed less, knowing eternity might not have to be a lonely affair.

I hope you enjoyed the snippet. The story begins the Valkyrie Riders Miniseries at and Quest for the Valkyries is for sale as an ebook, audiobook, paperback, and hardcover on the major retailers and your favorite library.

Synner & Sainte Book Stack

Behind the Scenes

Upcoming Books

Synner & Sainte launches April 25, 2024. If you enjoy devil romance mixed with your urban fantasy, Synner & Sainte is your next read. This is the opening tale for the Apocalypse Denied Miniseries.

Druid Ancestry launches May 9, 2024. This tale launches the Lyons Gate Miniseries.

Shattered Souls launches May 22, 2024. This tale concludes the Mystic Dark Prequel Trilogy, the opening tale for the Mystic Dark Miniseries.

Kiss Dark Book Cover

Serial Posting

Kiss Dark has wrapped up, and the Mystic Dark Miniseries is preparing to post chapters in the Lunar Dark tale.

Valkyrie Riders Miniseries is currently posting chapters to Raven's Rescue. The first volume in the story is about halfway completed.

Lyons Gate Miniseries has posted Volume 1 and Volume 2. Ghostly Kingdom will begin posting chapters by the end of April.

Apocalypse Denied Miniseries paused for posting while I read through Devil's Sins. This miniseries is posting full-length novels, so it takes longer to get the work ready to edit and format. Chapters should begin posting mid-May.

Dragon reading a book

Video Stuff

Aside from creating the blog post videos for YouTube, I've gotten bogged down and stalled out on posting more video extras for the serials. The Dragon Research video is still on the back burner, and I still have to create the videos for Raven's Rescue. I will do it. Yes, I know I've been saying it forever, but I refuse to give up on something I want to add to the serials. I have a ton of stuff I want to present for the old McCormick house in Chicago as well. I have enough tenacity to chase it forever.

Master of Destiny Book Cover

Writing Stuff

As many of you know, I write when the muse dictates. Sometimes I write in a frenzy and produce upwards of 10k a day. Other times, I write in fits and spurts one scene at a time. Long dry spells, mean I work on the existing backlist. I've written nothing new in quite a while.

While some authors wouldn't be happy admitting that, I don't mind. My only sorrow comes in knowing it will take far longer to finish the Draoithe Saga the longer it takes for me to be in a place where I can sit still and write. My current fatigue level with the day job is too high for much in the writing realm.

So as much as I want to finish several works currently in progress, I must wait. None of that stops the ideas.

L'Anse Devolyn


The muse wants chronologies, so I'm still working out the specs on some of those. I want them to be illustrated so they could become a video. They need enough information to intrigue without giving away too many juicy details. That's difficult to do.

I want to create them for the miniseries, but it might be cool to make them for each book and create prints. On a side note, I'd like to create character art cards with the character descriptions on them. One thing at a time.

Buy Their Book Poster

I have work to do, tales to write or edit. May the rest of your weekend be lovely and include a chance to read. When you read, please be kind and leave your reviews. Until next weekend, know you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy reading,

Ophelia Kee

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