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A Pack Forms

Kingdom Rising Volume 1 

A Draoithe Saga Tale

With nothing except disability discharge papers in hand, Luke limped away from the military to reinvent himself. After months of searching for a place to start anew, he finally ended up in Texas with a newfound determination to rise again. 

The gorgeous school teacher neighbor he began secretly watching was an enigma, a mystery that demanded to be solved. With every passing day, his desire to possess her grew deeper until she became the most important thing in his life, and obtaining her became his obsession. 

Determined to win her heart, they embarked on a grand romance, but he never suspected a shadowy evil watched him with malevolent eyes. With a suddenness that wrecked his world, a diabolical force of darkness attacked not him, but her, unleashing the warrior within.  

Using powerful magic, Luke transformed into an immortal direwolf. His fangs dripped saliva of a primal rage to taste his enemy. He was a lethal beast, with one mission: to protect and defend the woman he held dear, no matter the cost. His love needed him, and he would stop at nothing to defeat the evil and build his pack. 

A Pack Forms is the first volume in Kingdom Rising, the first miniseries in the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia Kee. If you enjoy modern urban fantasy, sexy shifters, and sinister evil villains, then you'll love the characters and the world building in A Pack Forms. It's not just a story, it's an experience.

Begin reading the Draoithe Saga now and Welcome to the dream…  

Urban Fantasy with Steamy Paranormal Romance Fated Mates 18+ HEA! NC!

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.


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