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Angry King Character Description

Angry King Character Description

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Melody Brooks

Melody Brooks was a fashion design college grad. But her career hadn’t taken off, and she worked hard at a dead end nowhere job, barely getting by when a grizzly bear invaded her dreams. He was big and scary, but he was nice to her. When he disappeared then called her to him from a sinister warehouse, she knew she had to get help. Her need to rescue him led her to seek Fox at Draoithe and to find her mate.

Melody Brooks

AKA: snowbird

Smells like: gardenia

Owner and Fashion designer for Immortal Outfitters

Mate: Griz

White hair with blonde streaks

Golden eyes

5‘1“ tall

110 lbs

26 years old

Snowy Owl-submissive

Melody wants Griz, but she also wants to continue her career as a fashion designer. Draoithe makes her an offer she can’t refuse. If she can convince Griz to stay, she could have it all.

Enyeto Locklear

Enyeto Locklear is a grizzly bear shifter who was born with both sides of the dream walker gift. Abducted from his favorite bar in Boulder, Colorado, by three evil dragons and forced to endure medical experiments at the hands of Peter Elliot’s evil minions, the six feet four inch bear of a man is aided by Luke and the dragons of Draoithe because his life mate sought help after stealing his consciousness. 

AKA: Griz

Smells like: baled hay in the sun.

Manager of Bear Necessities Organic Farm

Mate: Melody

Brown eyes

Dark brown hair

6‘4“ tall

260 lbs

112 years old

Dreamwalker/Grizzly bear- Alpha

Griz enjoys working outdoors and prefers a hands-on-approach to things, including handmade furniture. Finding Melody in the dream saved him, and following her will change the course of his life. He seeks a reckoning and to join the Druid pack.

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