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Frustrations with Flash Fiction - April 26, 2024

Inamorata Succubus bookcover

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Frustrations with Flash Fiction - April 26, 2024

Dear Reader,

So the cat's out of the bag on this flash fiction tale. Inamorata Succubus is live at That's not the frustration part, though. It's just the cool result. Allow me to back up and explain.

See, I was supposed to be editing and posting chapters of Ruined Lion in the Lyons Gate Miniseries after I finally got Raven's Rescue posted to all the retailers. That project literally took five days to complete because of my pesky day job, but I got it.

Instead of steaming ahead and working on the next novella in Lyons Gate, I got sidetracked as writers often do. The muse brought me a new story to tell. I think she's irritated because I haven't gotten the timeline idea off the ground yet, or she's simply mad and enjoys piling up the stuff she wants me to do. Either way, there's no arguing with a tiger.

So, I wrote the skeleton of the Inamorata Succubus story on a Thursday evening. Then on Friday evening I came back to it and fleshed out the tale. It was a flash fiction piece. Maybe I just needed a fix because I've had little time to sit and write anything new lately. Smile, because not even I know why this story needed to be written.

Incubus demon image

The Frustrations?

Have you got a good drink and a comfortable spot? Because there are a few issues with this story.

The first problem is that neither of the main characters has a name. I know what you're thinking. Why not simply name them? They've faded into legend and there's no trace of their original monikers unless Asmodeus knows. Gwendolyn locked his research concerning his Exotic Creations in a vault in the frozen Netherworld, so I can't get in to learn who they were. I'm not interested in plastering fake names on them. That will only muddy the waters for a future researcher. So, I told their legend as well as I could without their names.

The next dilemma was whether to publish it, share it here on the blog, or reserve it for my newsletter friends. My newsletter already has two extra stories with the commitment of two more, so that avenue seemed like overkill. The main blog isn't behind a paywall, and the tale is potentially too steamy for Substack, even though there is a paywall feature there.

Maybe I'm overreacting, and I should have simply posted the story. Only, I'd rather not cause anyone a NSFW issue, and I don't want to lose any of my posting privileges. It's too short to post on a serial site like Radish, so in the end, I posted it on under the Extra Tales tab.

The last super frustration happened after I published the story. I realized I have only two Extra Tales published. That wouldn't be bad, except I have several extra tales written that are essentially ready for publishing. I thought I already published them.

I don't know where the time goes. Somehow, I never got back to crossing them off the list fr4om last summer. If you love paranormal fantasy flash fiction, or enjoy the stories from the dream, watch for them soon. They are exclusive to because of the issues associated with them, so you won't find them anywhere else.

Wanna taste?

Read at Your Own Risk!

Copyright 2024

All Rights Reserved.

Succubus image

Meet the Main Characters

He is a miserably lonely incubus demon whose search for a mate to ease his suffering has left a path of destruction in his wake. 

The villagers cower in fear as their young women fall victim to the appetites of a mad monster. He turns to a demon lord from the Netherworld for aid. 

Can the Demon Lord of Lust aid a dying incubus in his quest to remain among the living, or will one more immortal succumb to the fade?

She is Tinteain, a mortal woman gifted with the magic of firelight, a powerful lure to draw men to her as if they were moths circling a flame. 

An exotic creation product from Asmodeus Asmodai's demon harem, her mission is to tame a savage, out-of-control monster, ravishing the defenseless people in a remote region of Europe during an unspecified medieval time. 

Will she sacrifice herself to save others, or become yet another victim?

Inamorata Succubus base art

Inamorata Succubus Excerpt

Firelight echoed around her from within. Whether a gift or a curse, it played the game of eternal life versus the abyss of the void. She became a living lure, her magic trained to trap a single destructive force.

Her dark hair shifted on the light breeze in the forest's twilight. Nothing moved except the air and the glow. The night crept over silent trees, hushed in anticipation of the ritual to be played out in the glade.

She stepped toward him in slow motion, as if in a dream, while her robe fell away, drifting to settle on the grass in the zephyr. Her desire outweighed all fear, even though a small part of her mind watched while the alarm bells rang, and she reached for a beautiful monster.

He wasn’t human, but he was a most gorgeous male specimen. She understood how so many fell victim to the incubus demon.

Tall with hard muscles, an angular face with bright hazel eyes, his slightly pointed ears gave him an exotic appearance.

Her knowledge of his need altered nothing about her behavior because the danger in him held the keys to a lasting peace. 

Continue Reading Inamorata Succubus.

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I always think I have nothing to say and these will be short posts. Like my one story I was writing, which is at over 18 published tales and counting, I obviously have an issue. It's been lovely connecting again. I hope you have an amazing weekend. When you read, please remember to leave your kind reviews. Until next week, know you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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