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The Weaver's Tale Connection

The Weaver's Tale Connection

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The Weaver's Tale Connection

Dear Reader,

I had an epiphany when I realized the mistaken identity of Synner & Sainte. During edits for that title this week, I realized the epiphany also involved another title, which includes three short stories. Weaver's Tale includes Wizard Prince, Spider King, and General of the Horse. These tales are technically bonus content for Apocalypse Denied, but they also offer further connections to other miniseries such as Demon Allies and Eagle Lords.

Of course, that led me to contemplate what to do with that book as well. I'm still working out a lot of the issues surrounding writing and publishing a saga. It took a long time to even understand that was what this epic group of stories was.

Maybe this isn't the way other authors do it. I will not find out. I'm forging ahead and doing it my way, true tiger style. As I edit and revise, I'm releasing former tales which I pulled out of print, but I'm also publishing new content. I definitely knew that miniseries were the way to go as far back as 2020, but it's taken another three years to realize which tales belong in what miniseries.

Y'all, this thing is massive. Even after I put back what I took down, there are more spinoff nearly finished miniseries and several incomplete manuscripts for the last miniseries I've envisioned in the Draoithe Saga which I still must discover.

The Decision


I will offer Weaver's Tale to newsletter recipients as a free tale at the end of Synner & Sainte, and it will also republish for sale after I revise it and add new content to Vale's story. Because who doesn't love spider shifters chasing and destroying tainted wizards in an epic, eight-legged silk spinning fashion? Liquefied meat, anyone?

Never mind that insanity. As always, I intend to add Weaver's Tale as bonus content for those who want to read the serial or subscribe to Just Let me Read. It definitely makes reading the tales serially the best way to enjoy the dream. All the creativity surrounding a miniseries has a home in one place. AI audio, written story, videos, bonus tales, extra content, character art, etc. are all included in the serial miniseries.

I was even thinking about including some ad cards. Someday, those may turn into something else. I tried merchandise before, and honestly I still want to do it. My housing situation and lack of funds still prevent me from pursuing that option, but someday, adult coloring books, cookbooks, candles, playing cards, keychains, mugs, t-shirts, book plates, posters, journals, and greeting cards may all be on the menu.

Character Sneak Peek

So are you curious about these bonus stories which have me imagining an ever expansive dream? Allow me to introduce to the two main characters from Wizard Prince just to tease you.

Meet Calvin Birchard

Calvin is a young wizard seeking knowledge concerning his magic when he finds himself in need of rescue when his magic fails him and he’s beset by highwaymen. He crosses paths with Araack Kniid and falls in with the king’s retinue. 

Upon swearing fealty, he follows orders to learn all the magic he can use. Over the centuries, he forms a brotherly bond with his benefactor, who slyly raises him to the position of crown prince to fund his education. 

Araack takes on a mission from the king of devil’s at Blar Elding, and Calvin hunts the tainted among his own kind. When tragedy strikes the palace, and wizards abduct a princess, Calvin ramps up his efforts only to stumble upon an evil worse than the tainted wizards and a woman who unravels the ribbons of magic in his mind.

Will a wayward young wizard rise to fulfill his destiny as a prince of the Longest Purple? Or will the evil he discovers while seeking a long, lost princess expose the tiny kingdom he calls home to greater enemies in the dream?

Meet Midnight Thanatos

Midnight Thanatos is a mistreated conjurer servant at Talamh na Marv, the lands of the dead. Her master, Kharon Thanatos, takes pity on her strange appearance and grants her a position as the palace chef to stop others from teasing her about her rare sapphire blue eyes. She puts great effort into her work, hoping to please visiting dignitaries. 

She secretly feeds her fantasy to be worthy of love. Her focus? An oddly out-of-place wizard prince whom she watches through the scrying pool. He becomes her inspiration for craft, but seeking the ingredients for new recipes he might enjoy causes her to be caught in an evil she couldn’t imagine, even after Kharon Thanatos warns her to remain vigilant.

The focus of her fantasy accidentally rescues her, and she faces a situation no conjurer ever faced. Will she accept the offer from Calvin to be her champion?

Aren't they surreal? I promise I'll make a video when I've crafted the rest of the character descriptions for Weaver's Tale. But I couldn't help sharing these two with you.

Behind the Scenes Other News

Arctic Fox ad card

Royal Council is currently publishing as a serial. Arctic Fox is complete, and the first 25 chapters of Vampire Knight are available. I still had about 12 chapters which needed AI audio content, but I finished them so it's all up to date.

Mystic Dark is also currently publishing as a serial. It currently has 7 chapters of Grim Dark posted.

Apocalypse Denied just started publishing as a serial. All the content there is currently Free. I'm still working on adding the video content there. Once I get the video stuff added, I'll include it for all who support me through Just Let me Read the Dream.

I'm having a grand time creating the dream. If you want to join those of us who escape into a world populated by immortals wielding unbelievable magic, I wish to invite you to join my newsletter. The newsletter goes out on the weekends. Usually on Saturdays. It always includes a link to the blog post, and I always offer all the bonus stuff to my newsletter reader friends for free.

The Draoithe Saga tales publish at first. So even if you prefer to keep your email inbox at zero incoming, you can always check the website for the latest stuff. I love writing in the dream, and there are a lot of miniseries. I'm always publishing more. When a story finishes in serial, I try to format and publish the complete tale as an ebook on Payhip first.

I wish I could do things faster, but I'm working around the day job. All my books are exclusive to Payhip for the first thirty days while I format for paperback and get set up on Google to create the AI audiobook. I'm running an experiment on Grim Dark with Kindle Vella, so warning: the stories in the Mystic Dark miniseries may not follow this pattern.

dark Heart

I wanted to say thank you again to all who support the stories in the dream. Whether you use a library service, read the serials, or purchase books, I am grateful. Readers who love it only make the dream better. My sincerest appreciation for all of you. I need to get busy because I have a lot of chapters to edit and create the AI audio. I leave you with a fervent plea to please be kind and leave your review when you read. Reviews are incredibly important for authors. We can't pay for them. They need to come from readers who enjoy the escape.

Until we meet again,

Be Careful!

Happy reading,

Ophelia Kee

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