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Rapid Changes in Self Publishing

Rapid Changes in Self Publishing

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Rapid Changes in Self-Publishing

Dear Reader,

As I reviewed a blog post from earlier this year, I realized a few things I posted had changed. That things in old posts no longer work as well as they did in the past wasn't surprising. What struck me was the post was only a few months old.

Things change quickly in the self-publishing world. The level of instant gratification for both readers and authors is unbelievable. Readers think authors still can't write fast enough, but writing and publishing a story has never been faster or easier once it's written. For authors, that's a blessing and a curse. The curse of writing fast enough is always there, but we can get the story into the market while it's still fresh in a myriad of ways, which simply didn't exist twenty years ago.

The issue appears when we produce things, only to realize rather quickly the way we published was ineffective, then change gears. I used to publish stories chapter by chapter as a blog known as Wanna Read. It was marginally successful for Ruler of the mind to gain some organic interest, but flopped with other tales.

It was also unwieldy. On my end, the chapters mixed with video and Ophelia Kee Speaks posts, making it confusing for me to find and remember where I stopped and where I should start. It was impossible for me to share it properly, as no one wants to read a story by starting in the middle. So while it helped spark interest, it probably also caused many readers to be annoyed.

Apocalypse Denied Miniseries cover

When I learned about courses, I knew I was onto something great. I could post the stories serially, add in all the bells and whistles, give away parts for free as teasers, organize the stories into different miniseries, and have one link to share, which allowed all readers to start with the beginning. It was also a way to monetize the story as a work in progress. (Yes, I know about Vella and Radish. I use them, but I wanted a way to share direct.)

Better yet, it offered me a way to pull the stories from the market and quickly edit and revise. It hasn't hurt that I stumbled over AI art with Night Cafe and had a way to create better cover art easier, as well. So Wanna Read died a silent instant death, and Just Let Me Read was born all while the Great Takedown happened.

Just Let Me Read!

With Just Let Me Read, I can give binge readers the serialized content as fast as I can post it. Some weekends it's only a few chapters, other weekends, it's much more. Over the Labor Day weekend, I posted over 10 chapters of revised, edited, and AI audio narrated content. That happened Friday evening and Saturday. Check it out if you want to see what happened Sunday and Monday!

I have also republished 8 wide titles, 2 newsletter exclusive stories this year, and am on my way to putting the catalog back on the market. I'm writing fresh stories, creating videos, and crafting AI audio. The dream is blooming into a story experience far beyond the pages of a book. Allow me to share the latest triumph.

Shameless Self Promotion

I originally published vampire Knight as part of Magic Calls to Magic. I later separated the two tales in that volume and Dragon Man lived, but it just wasn't right. After pulling all earlier versions from the market, revising, and editing, may I present Volume One of the Royal Council miniseries? Welcome to the dream...

Vampire Knight book Cover

Vampire Knight

Volume 1 in Royal Council

A Draoithe Saga Tale

Vampire Knight follows the story of Andrei Alexandrescu, a vampire desperately seeking help for his vjestice princess after their enclave is destroyed. Andrei turns to Draoithe, a group of powerful shifters, for aid. However, he soon learns Draoithe harbors immortals with powerful magic, which could put a man with his secrets in grave danger. But leaving isn’t an option.

Upon his arrival, Andrei faces a hostile reception from some members, particularly Fox, who holds a personal vendetta against vampires. In order to convince the others to help his cause, Andrei must overcome numerous obstacles and prove that adding two homeless vampires to the pack is worth the gamble.

Just as he's grappling with these challenges, Andrei meets the captivating Nadine Cruz, an eagle shifter who captures his heart. But when Andrei finds himself in a compromising no-win situation, he must decide whether to reveal his true identity as a zduhaci unbound and risk everything for a chance with Nadine.

Vampire Knight is volume one in the Royal Council miniseries in the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia Kee. A tale of danger, romance, and sacrifice is set in a world where magic and creatures of the night coexist. Will Andrei succeed in his mission, win Nadine's heart, and ultimately realize his destiny? Or will the secret magic he wields finally see his destruction? Find out when you read Vampire Knight.

Welcome to the dream…

Urban Fantasy with Steamy Paranormal Romance and Fated Mates 18+ HEA! NC! 

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

I finished posting Vampire Knight to the Royal Council Miniseries and have collected the chapters, formatted the story, and published the ebook at It will publish widely over the course of the next month. It will go up on Google Books first and become an AI audiobook. Then it will begin publishing on all the other platforms. I'm formatting and cover designing for a paperback and hard-cover edition, as well. Updates on that front coming soon.

Leave Reviews poster

I leave you with the undying request for your honest reviews. Please be kind when you read and post a brief review. They matter more than you know. Until we chat again,

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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