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7 Kings of Draoithe

Dream King

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7 Kings of Draoithe

Dear Reader,

When most of us think of queens and kings, we envision some warped fairytale idea from medieval or post-classical times. Or perhaps we think of the modern day monarchs like the king of England, the Sheiks of the Arab world, or the Pope, usually seen in the regalia of office. In the Draoithe Saga, I wanted to combine the fairytale vision with the modern vision and reveal the mechanisms, both magical and mundane, for building an over kingdom and the underkingdoms which must exist to support it.

After far too many trips down the rabbit hole of research, I borrowed heavily from the ancient Irish Gaelic hierarchy to construct a new kingdom in the Leaindeail in modern times. Now, before some historian complains, I deliberately warped the actual timelines and brought things from a more distant past into a more medieval and modern time. I deliberately ignored most of the industrial revolution, as well as invented a Druid history and magic system which never existed. The magic system in the Draoithe Saga is counter to parts of what we know about how Druids actually functioned. This is fiction, and with a lot of the actual history mired in conjecture, it seemed like a perfect place to borrow a twisted base for a saga.

Draoithe Hierarchy of Kings

Draoithe Hierarchy of Kings

True to my chaotic pantser style of writing, this didn't exist until after I'd written over thirty volumes in the saga. Sergio Luce and Hazel Leviathai are the last of the under royalty whose story I haven't finished, but the rest of the characters listed here have their tales written. As you can see from the chart, the overlord is the Ri ruirech, loosely translated as the king of the kings. In the Draoithe Saga, he rules the realm of Draoithe with six companion kings who make up the ruling council or the Ruiri. Each of the Ruiri has two main under kings who add to the force of magic.

Their queens wield immense power and are also part of the council. The men give the orders the women deem necessary to carry out. For example, Luke Mendez orders the mission to rescue Cerie Fiancha from the Wizard's Circle only because Eli Miller is upset to learn about a woman being held in captivity. He knows there will be a backlash from the other immortal kingdoms when he sends the mission, but he also believes Eli Miller's wishes in the matter outweigh whatever political problems he will deal with in the aftermath. They all operate on the premise: "What is right is always right".

Finding the Kings in the Stories

Kingdom Rising

The first three Ruiri tales make up the Inner Circle and Inner Triangle. These tales outline the nucleus of leadership for Draoithe in the Kingdom Rising Miniseries. The last four Ruiri tales include the stories behind how the rest of the kings and queens join the Royal Council Miniseries. They also open the door for beings with magic from distinct orders to join forces with the shifters when the vampires arrive. All of this is an effort of the dream to correct the imbalance in the magic which only exists because of the Unlikely Kings Prophecy. (Join the Newsletter and read/listen/watch for free. You must have known the devil was involved in the chaos.)

Serial Publishing First

Royal Council image

The Royal Council Miniseries is currently publishing. Arctic Fox and Vampire Knight are complete and now in print and audio. Dream Walker is publishing one chapter at a time on the weekends as a serial. The serial format is the best, as it offers the reader the greatest experience. It includes music and video links, audio reads, and also includes all the art, graphs, charts, lexicon, etc. These are things which aren't possible to include in a paperback and are difficult to include in an ebook due to file size restrictions on many retail platforms.

The only drawbacks to reading in the serial format: 1) it's still technically a work in progress. So I have to warn you to read at your own risk. As a WIP, the reader should beware it isn't complete and may change. Even the ones which have all the stories published as books and boxed sets are often being added to as I invent the things plotters likely create all before they write. Before someone asks, I still haven't created the timeline. I'm working on it. 2) an internet connection is required. So, unlike an ebook or audiobook, you can't download the story and read on a plane or at the beach, and because it's publishing one chapter at a time, you may have to wait if you want to binge read it.

Character Sneak Peek

Logan Synner

I couldn't resist. I love sneak peeks at stories, and as many of you know, the stories in the dream are heavily character driven. So I wanted to introduce another character from Synner & Sainte, the opener tale for the Apocalypse Denied Miniseries, which is currently publishing.

Meet Logan Synner, Cheval Mallet Harem Master

Logan was a sommelier, on his way to handle a new contract with a distant monastery. He was a debauched man, guilty of horrific crimes, and he had no hope of absolution, not any business in a house for the penitent. But when his death came, he wasn’t ready to answer for his sins. Instead, he prayed for his life and then for his soul.

In a strange twist of fate, Vale Orobai came to his rescue, and either took pity on him or cursed him. Logan would never be the same. He took shelter in a monastery and learned to be a cicerone, but his quiet life couldn’t last forever. The next time he needed a miracle, it was a devil who answered his prayers. 

Logan Synner took on a new name and became a monster from legend. Would he take a chance, partner with a devil, and follow the plans of a dead hedgewitch, or succumb to the blood lust he suffered after consuming the humans who threatened the monastery?

Reviews Poster

I have to get busy writing, editing, and publishing. Before I go, I wanted to remind you to be kind and leave your reviews when you read. Independent authors rely on reviews to aid them in sharing their creative vision with others. Thank all of you who choose to support independent authors by buying direct. Until we chat next weekend,

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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