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Where did the dream originate?

Where did the dream originate?

the dream

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Dear Reader,

Someone asked me recently if the dream was the world you and I inhabit, or if it was something else. I wasn't sure when I first began writing the Draoithe Saga. As more of the story reveals itself, I'm convinced that it's eerily similar to our world, appearing as the world you and I would recognize. Yet it contains the living versions of things our world perceives as myths, legends, or fairy tales.

In the dream, these things exist in plain sight, but hide from humans who no longer see their magic as beneficial. Humans far outnumber immortals and are dangerous because of those numbers. The dream is a magically realistic concept of our world, resembling one similar to those envisioned by the Nelson Mandela Affect Ideology, a similar world inhabiting another dimension following an alternate timeline.

The next questions were: How did this world come to exist? Who crafted the dream?

Perhaps an ancient dreamwalker should tell the story, as humans once knew it before they lost their understanding and their belief in the power of magic. Welcome to the dream...

Once Upon a Time…

"Sit. I will tell you the story of how the dream began.

Long ago, before the magic existed, she existed. She was alone. For eons, being alone was good. 

Time passed in the nothingness of space, and a consciousness formed. It was formless yet sentient. A need to know arose. A desire to understand. Self-awareness existed. She was Akiwa.

An exhaustive exploration began. A seeking to understand all there was, infinity and the void. She stretched out to learn. She grew. Light mist, a vapor without form."

white buffalo woman imagery

"In a distant dark mist, something shifted. It appeared to be exploring as well. Her curiosity piqued. 

The light mist desired to know what moved. She sought the dark mist and the movement. Akiwa needed to understand it.

It was another like herself, and it, too, was formless yet sentient. It was also not like herself, much like an opposite match, only somehow larger and possibly less self-aware." 

Great Spirit Bear imagery

"At first, the other, darker mist, withdrew from her. It pulled away and studied her from a distance. He wanted to know what she was as much as she wished to understand him. 

His withdrawal hurt. It left her lonely. Alone was no longer good. She didn’t wish to harm him or cause him distress. She shifted away from him.

He realized her movement away from him created the same loneliness in him. He moved toward her, seeking to understand more. It was an odd dance.

She learned his correct size was far larger than her own, and something akin to fear caused the thought that more distance would be best. She fled away. The chase began."

White Bear and Buffalo Woman

"He was larger and faster. He pursued her, encircling her, to stop her from fleeing away. 

She became still and waited. He whirled around her to impress her and impressed she was.

He was Cymarin. She named him.

The exploration began again. A new dance emerged. This time, the light mist and the dark mist traveled through space together. They shared their knowledge and understanding. They joined forces and balanced one another. Together was better than alone."

Light and Dark Mist

"Compromise, order, and the balance were born. Two like beings shared the multiverse for millennia. They were the balance in the center of what had always been emptiness. Akiwa spoke of the emptiness as loneliness. With Cymarin, she wasn't lonely anymore.

The People say, 'Life is not separate from death. It only looks that way.' They were alive amidst nothingness and yet they were a part of that nothing. Nothing was something.

The queen and her king joined their souls together and together became more powerful than the void and infinity. They carved out a space for themselves to call home. Together, they built the dream..."


The fire was burning brightly as the tribe listened to the dreamwalker speak of the beginning of the dream. He spun the tale of the Queen and King of the dream for his people to know their roots as the stars wheeled overhead in a clear night sky. 

The hunt had been good, and the tents settled. Their canyon home offered safety, water, and plenty of wild game. The time for stories had come to the People.

“Grandfather, the spirits became people. Tell us more.” 

Storytelling around the fire

A young man, gifted with the magic of the dream, begged the older man to continue. He wanted the knowledge his elders possessed, so it would remain forever known. The old dreamwalker continued the tale.

"It wasn’t human that the spirits became, even if they took on a similar form. No, they were ageless. They were immortal.

They weren’t gods. Rather, they were great spirit beings with immense knowledge and understanding of the multiverse. They created the dream between the void and infinity and gave all things a home in nine realms on three planes, for there is a law of three in magic. In the realm they kept for themselves, they designed their home."

The Spirit Real Palace of Cymarin and Akiwa

"They had power, even if they weren’t gods. In some ways, that power was far greater than the short-lived, small minds of humans could understand. It came from within and manifested in ways that would forever alter the dream. It was magic. The dream arose from nothing to become something, and the Great Spirit Bear with his mate, the White Buffalo Woman, walked upon their home and called others to witness it.

They collected friends and reshaped the dream until it exists as the People understand it. Once upon a time, Akiwa and Cymarin wrought magic so powerful it created the dream."

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I hope you enjoyed the flash fiction tale answer for how the dream was created. If you've read the Epilogue Tale Lost One (only available to those who join the newsletter.) Then you'll have met these two figures. If not, and you'd like more information, download the FREE book and check back next week for more on this topic.

I have storytelling stuff to get done. Until we meet again, I leave you with the heartfelt plea to be kind and leave your reviews when you read. Have a great weekend!

Be Careful!

Happy reading,

Ophelia Kee

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