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Immortality vs. Mortality in the Dream

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Immortality vs. Mortality in the Dream

Dear Reader,

Why immortals? That was the question.

Was the person upset because my characters are immortal? Were they curious why I built Draoithe as an immortal kingdom? Or did they mean something else? Understanding the question is half of getting the answer right, isn't it?

I'm not sure how to answer, but I will try. After all, I promised to speak the truth about my author's journey.

Castle in the clouds

In the realm of fantasy fiction, immortality is one of the most intriguing concepts. The dream began with immortal conscience and the magic weaved its way into the narratives from the beginning. The idea of eternal life has also captivated the human imagination for centuries, sparking countless debates and philosophical inquiries. Unsurprisingly, for my longtime readers, I have researched into the topic. (I'm not an expert; I'm simply knowledgeable enough to be dangerous.)

In fantasy literature, authors have taken this fascination with immortality to new heights. I'm no exception. I've crafted an intricate world where many of my characters transcend the bounds of mortality, some by choice, others by birth, and still others by force.

From immortal vampires haunting the night to ageless elves dwelling in enchanted realms, authors have explored various facets of immortality and its implications for the human experience. In the dream, these things are real rather than flights of fancy, but they remain hidden to most of humanity out of necessity if they wish to survive. They're part of the magic which humans have ceased to believe in and might scientifically investigate if given the opportunity. This has had a profound impact on character development and my storytelling.


Immortal vs Mortal Characters:

Conflict and Dynamic Interactions

Leland Mystic Shade

The portrayal of immortal and mortal characters often leads to fascinating conflicts and dynamic interactions. The contrasting nature of mortality and immortality brings forth philosophical, emotional, and ethical dilemmas. These interactions, riddled with jealousy, envy, admiration, and a constant question of the value of life, provide rich material for character development and exploration of themes. Take Leland Shade for example. He was once a human man, but his seduction by a dying Valkyrie turned him into a rare breed of vampire and created a host of issues for him, both intrinsic and extrinsic.

One of the most prominent conflicts arises from the limited lifespan of humans juxtaposed against the eternal existence of immortals.

Arturista Jonsdottir

Mortal characters have a ticking clock over their heads, which gives weight to their actions and decisions. They are acutely aware their opportunities are finite. This drives them to make choices and pursue goals passionately. In Dragon King Rising, Miles Hansen lives life by his own rules and even questions the validity of immortal life when he informs a dragon she may keep her immortality because he doesn't want to still be alive if all of his friends are gone.

Immortals, on the other hand, often find themselves in a state of complacency due to their endless time. They are burdened by ennui, as the sense of urgency and purpose that mortality imparts is absent. Alexio Asmodai, tasked by the demon Lord of Lust, in the Demon Allies Miniseries, to learn every detail concerning his shadow magic, spends eternity doing exactly that. It doesn't matter how long he takes to accomplish his task. It only matters that he accomplishes it.

This fundamental difference in their outlook on life creates interesting tensions and allows for thought-provoking narrative arcs between immortals, humans, and combinations of both.

Jealousy and respect play a significant role in the conflicts between immortal and mortal characters.

Andrei Alexandrescu

Mortals often envy immortals for their perpetual youth, strength, and wisdom. So long as Valerie believed Leo Carzoli was nothing more than a wealthy businessman, he was just another asshole in a suit in War Dog King. When she learned he was an immortal Druid king and war dog shifter, Valerie re-evaluated the place Leo could have in her life.

Immortals, however, may grow envious of mortals for their ability to truly experience life's fleeting moments. Mortals have the privilege of falling in love, witnessing the beauty of nature, and cherishing each passing day, whereas immortals are condemned to watch generations come and go, without ever truly being a part of their world. In Druid Fox, Duncan O'Sullivan laments how he never gave Artie a choice about becoming a shifter, and his failure to respect her mortality created a nearly five centuries issue between them he still struggles with.

This envy or respect, stemming from the unattainable traits of the other, fuels the dynamics between the two types of characters, driving them to either compete, cooperate, or plot against one another.

Another intriguing aspect of the immortal-mortal dynamic is the question of the value and meaning of life.

skull in the stars

Mortals, confronted with their inevitable demise, grapple with the concept of mortality and the brevity of existence. They strive to create a legacy, leave a mark, and make the most of their limited time. This quest for significance adds depth to the characters and motivates their actions. In contrast, immortals ponder the purpose of life when faced with the futility of endless existence. They might question the value of their immortality, as they witness the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth of the mortals surrounding them. This existential contemplation can generate a profound exploration of the meaning of existence and the nature of humanity.

In Vampire Panther, Ash gives Luke a hoarded fortune after Luke allows him to swear fealty. Although Luke is also an immortal, he's lived his life in the mortal realm, and is still coming to grips with his magic and his eternal existence. He questions why the dragon would give away such a substantial amount. Ash politely informs him he doesn't need money because he's an immortal dragon. He implied that being fully himself was more important than wealth he could easily get. His life as an immortal mattered more to him.

In Still Waters, Sophia, a recently turned coastal wolf shifter, struggles with the loss of her mortal life in the Domhain caused by the evil of Elliot's schemes. She grapples with how to deal with immortality and questions Leevi, a Fin Knight, about what she should do. Never aging in mortal society is bound to become a problem.

The conflict and dynamic interactions between immortal and mortal characters also raise ethical dilemmas.

Dragon silhouette

Immortals often possess great power and knowledge, leaving them with the responsibility to guide, protect, or punish mortals. The question of how immortals should use their abilities and if they should meddle in mortal affairs becomes a central theme in many narratives. In Lord of the Wardogs, Sruthan agonizes over how to help Keelin. Destroying her mortality becomes the only way to save the one woman he needs more than anything else in the dream, but it is the last resort.

Scarred by the potential consequences of immortal interventions, mortals grapple with questions of free will, the value of struggle, and the danger of becoming dependent on immortal intervention. This ethical quandary adds layers of complexity to the relationship between the two types of characters and forces them to confront their own biases and limitations. In Kindling Desire, Brenda, a human empath healer and pacifist, learns to her horror that Kindling, her dragon rescuer, killed a man who harmed her. He's a dragon knight, and violence for him is merely another tool he uses to get his job accomplished. He doesn't enjoy killing people, but if it's necessary to protect the realm or her, he won't hesitate to bring the sword to his enemies.

Flaming Pentagram

So, why immortals?

The complex answer?

Conflicts and dynamic interactions between immortal and mortal characters provide a rich tapestry for exploration of profound themes and character development. The contrasting nature of mortality and immortality generates tensions of jealousy, respect, and philosophical musings. These interactions not only encourage readers to reflect on the value of life and the meaning of existence, but also raise ethical questions about power, responsibility, and the consequences of meddling in the affairs of others.

The simple answer?

I'm having fun creating immortal characters and building the magic in the dream. They ensure the story never needs to end.

Have you put money in the pool for when Smoke's next execution occurs for interfering in someone else's business? Lightning will be your bookie for that wager. Don't worry. Fox won't leave his soul in the Netherworld. He'll resurrect his favorite dragon, and Angel will ease the anger afterward. You'll see. It's all in Valkyries Ride and the miniseries which will follow. I promise. It's coming soon.

Immortal vs mortal characters continue to captivate audiences with their intricate connections and thought-provoking narratives, so I simply couldn't resist. If I built the world, I went big with the dream, and I certainly had no intentions of going home. (Excuse the teacher inside me from making an appearance. I hope my answer wasn't too much like a lecture.)

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I have to get busy or my weekend will be over before I accomplish the tasks.I leave you as always with the request that you remember to be kind and leave your reviews when you read. Have a great weekend!

Until we chat again,

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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