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How Magic Works in the Dream


How Magic Works in the Dream

Dear Reader,

The day job has been a bit of a madhouse with it being back to school week. I'll manage, and once the new schedule becomes a habit, things will settle. Until then, I'm afraid I have little to report from behind the scenes of the dream. I've kept my word about posting new chapters to the Royal Council Miniseries and the free chapters of Mystic Dark are now all live. Kingdom Rising Miniseries now has AI audio for every chapter. I created a few new videos. I'm not sure how well they will be received, but they're on autopilot for next week.

Someone asked about the magic in the dream. How did I come up with it? The simple answer is, I didn't. The White Buffalo Woman and the Great Spirit Bear created it all. That isn't what the questioner wanted for an answer, I'm sure. No one ever wants the straightforward answer. They want the story behind the story. So allow the old dreamwalker and the People to tell the story and enjoy a bit of a fantasy escape with the answer.

Druid Magic Symbology


“Power to create is what led to the dream, a complex world hanging in the balance between the void and infinity. The Queen and King carved it out of space and crafted a home for themselves.” 

“It was singular and wonderful of all the places in the multiverse. From the dream, one could view the cosmos. It was a center and offered a point of reference that hadn't existed before. It became a magnet for others like themselves. Others who added their power to the dream.”

“More power meant extended magic. It caused the dream to grow and expand in new ways, but always within the framework the Queen and King demanded. All magic existed and could create great wonders, but they came from the thoughts and the intent of the wielder, always following a need. It provided order for the expansion and space for the magic to grow in equal measures for all who joined it.”


The old dreamwalker sat down and allowed the younger ones to take up the tale, building the story in the hearts and minds of the People. Young men and women, gifted and powerful in the dream, knew the next parts well. The People needed more like them. A young man rose to his feet and continued the tale.

“Other beings emerged. Other immortals similar to the Queen and King at first. The original lords of Chaos and Order were friends with the Queen and King. They united with one another and formed partnerships. The Land and Sky. The Sun and Moon. Stars and Night. Sea and Wind.” 

“New first-order immortals born into the dream from within it followed the older immortals. Lesser energies coalesced, creating second and third order immortals, and finally, gifted and non-gifted humans arrived to populate the dreamscape.” 

“Power became magic and dispersed within the dream, drawn to it by the Queen and King and the others who’d once traveled the vastness of space. It took on order and had rules as infinity and the void had rules. It became a grand gift for the beings who lived within the dream.”

The Realms of the Dream

One of the young women rose to her feet and continued the tale as the young man resumed his place at the fire. Her high sweet voice carried on the breeze and told of the time after the making of the dream. 

“The ones who’d come later to the dream recognized the seniority of the two who’d crafted it. They joined them. Taking a form limited them in some ways, but it freed them in other ways. As they added more magic to the dream, levels and divisions within those levels formed.”  

“Those of the dark mist nature migrated to the level known as the Netherworld. Those of the light mist congregated on the level known as the Ainglean. Others made more of dust or stars settle with the Queen and King in the middle, in the Leaindeail.”

“When the dream was new, Akiwa and Cymarin walked among the levels and the divided realms, visiting and enjoying a diverse dreamscape influenced by the power and imagination of others like themselves. Stone Bear and White Fog, Eagle Feather and Rushing Water, along with Thunder Cloud and Sharp Talon diffused their magic into the dream, and they too walked as friends of the Queen and King. They walked among the earliest People and still visit with the far-flung tribes.”


The young woman took her seat and an older mother rose to carry on with the tale. 

“The dark and cold of the Netherworld was offset by the light and heat of the Ainglean. A circle of life existed, constantly flowing through the dream. It created an energy field of souls traveling between levels along the path of birth, life, and death. The original immortals watched over it as an integral part of the balance of magic in the dream.”

“To the newer immortals born of the dream and the early humans, Akiwa appeared as a white buffalo or a radiant woman. Cymarin appeared as a white bear and a warrior man. Akiwa is the White Buffalo Woman. Cymarin is the Great Spirit Bear. They are the Queen and King of the dream.” 

“Their friends appeared as warrior couples, men and women of the spear and the bow, wearing their feathers and war paint. They were always ready to work or fight alongside the People, for great creation and order always balances with grand destruction and chaos.”

“When the People need advice or help, we seek the mist of the Spirit Realm and call out to the Queen of the dream. She comes at the People’s request to aid us if we are respectful of the magic of the dream.” 


The old shaman waved his walking stick, drawing the magic of the fire into the sky to create the images of the immortals so the People would know who they were. He rose to his feet and picked up the end of the tale.

“She watches over the dream, her magnificent creation, and her bear protects her because he loves her and cares for the things she takes an interest in. He is her strength, and she is his love. It is the balance all life seeks to imitate. It is the true magic in the dream.”

“It requires great effort to hold their magic close and keep the form of the dream, but when the People need them most, they come with the fog to aid us.” 

And so the story continued around the campfire being told in parts by the adults of the group. Repeated often and learned carefully, the younger ones also knew it. Eternal Love endured infinitely. It had power far beyond the sensual feeling it engendered in people. The great magic in the dream was born of the love and energy which was created when the White Buffalo Woman chose the Great Spirit Bear to be hers for all time and the two together created the dream as their home.

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I hope you enjoyed the answer to how I came up with the magic. (I told you I didn't invent it, but you refused to believe me.) Some writing stuff requires my attention or some of my readers will be upset with me. I leave you with the grand request that when you read; you remember to be kind and leave your reviews. It matters more than you know. Have a great weekend!

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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