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The Vampire Antihero

Explanation for origins of vampires

The rise of the antihero: How do vampire protagonists challenge traditional romantic archetypes?

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In recent years, we've seen a rise in the popularity of antihero protagonists in literature and popular culture. These characters, who are often morally ambiguous or even outright villainous, have breached the boundaries of traditional heroism and become the central figures of their own narratives.

They aren't the good guy or the white knight. They are grey or even outright the black hatted characters, such as Frank Grimes in Blood Demon or Alexio Asmodai in Shadow King, yet the readers and the authors root for them. In one popular meme circulating the internet, a hero will sacrifice his love to save the world, while the villain will sacrifice the world to save his love. Lucifer Leiriu, the king of the devils in the Dorcha, as seen in the Gods of the Dream miniseries, demands those who enter the Heart Grove to prove themselves worthy by answering a series of questions designed to teach the hero that he must become the antihero.

One particularly interesting subgroup of antihero protagonists is vampires. These characters, historically portrayed as monsters or antagonists in literature and film, are being reimagined as complex, sympathetic figures who challenge traditional romantic archetypes. In the Mystic Dark miniseries, the main character is the vampire Leland Shade. He sees himself as a monster and strives to be a better man, even though he's not one.

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The portrayal of vampires as flawed, complex individuals either challenges or exemplifies the traditional romanticized image of vampires as seductive, aristocratic beings. To learn how world building and traditional vampire lore accomplish this portrayal, please see my post Vampire Mythos and World-building in Modern Urban Fantasy.

Internal conflicts between the vampire nature and human conscience make vampires compelling and memorable protagonists. In the opening scenes of several of the Mystic Dark tales, Leland Shade is involved in some heinous crimes. He murders a dragon, drinks a woman dry, and dispatches several other immortals for various reasons. Antihero vampire protagonists like him challenge traditional romantic archetypes by subverting the idea that a hero must be morally righteous, selfless, and always fighting for good. Instead, these characters are often motivated by their own self-interest, even if that means going against societal norms or committing heinous acts, depending on how dark the fantasy is.

This trend toward antihero protagonists reflects a growing disillusionment with traditional hero figures and a desire for more complex, nuanced representations of humanity. The general audience wants a flawed, damaged, possibly corrupt, and/or varied kind of protagonist. It's why Batman, for example, is arguably the better comic book character, even if Superman is more powerful. Instead of twisting the plot, why not twist the hero?

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By portraying vampires as antiheroes rather than purely evil monsters, modern urban fantasy taps into the readers' desire for the unexpected, allowing the audience to explore deeper themes of morality, identity, and the human experience along with the author.

The rise of antihero vampire protagonists in literature and popular culture challenges traditional romantic archetypes by offering complex, morally ambiguous characters who defy simple definitions of heroism. These characters create thoughtful and interesting narratives which explore the darker aspects of humanity and reflect a growing desire for more complex and nuanced representations of the human experience. After all, don't you really love to hate the villain? Or is it we secretly hate to love the villain? I'll let you decide the next time you read a good vampire tale.


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I know you're wondering what happened to all the stories. They're still there, simply invisible. The Great Takedown is finally complete. The stories are pretty much all down everywhere. But they're coming back.

Why would I do that? I need to edit, get new covers, and rewrite the book descriptions. When I finish, I'll put the stories back up one at a time, but I think I finally have a working miniseries list with all the components. I also may have a way to get professional covers cheaper and faster. So the stories will return better than ever.

I'm also finally finishing the Great Divide and that means new titles. That led to revamping the website. Check it out. I'm getting better at this. Also, I realized I have a lot of writing still left to do. So the only worries are the old ones, time and money. I never have enough of either.

The Substack is finally up and rolling along. I don't know what I'm doing with it exactly, but I'm posting once a week there as well. I may publish a story or two and see what happens at the end of summer.

I definitely like the feel of it better than Medium. YouTube still posts directly to Blogger so I'll keep using those sites to extend the reach. I just have to be careful not to overextend myself.

On the Personal Front

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It's finally summer. I'm on a six-week break from the day job. I know I should be relaxing, recharging the batteries if you will, but all I want to do is write. It feels as if my real life always gets put on hold while I work. So while I've been sleeping in, I've also been staying up late. I'm writing as much as I can while I can.

I also bought a webinar concerning book marketing, and I'll be implementing some new strategies with my books as I learn more about what I may have been missing. I'm beefing up the book descriptions, front and back matter, and I'm pursuing professional covers (as money permits).

No vacation for me this summer. I'll be writing and pursuing my self-publishing adventure, taking Sancho on walks, and cruising my bicycle around the neighborhood. You might find me on social media a bit more often than usual. Let the writing staycation commence.

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Enough of this silliness. I gotta write, and you probably want to escape into a great book. As always, I will leave you with a request to please be kind and leave your honest reviews. Until we chat again,

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