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Authentic Dream

Authentic Dream

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Stonehenge Sunrise

Dear Reader,

It might come as a surprise to you, but I sometimes struggle with what I want to write in my blog posts. There's always so much going on behind-the-scenes of the dream. I know I miss things. The day job steals my energy, but I circle around and offer at least the occasional glimpse into that world.

Sometimes, I see these lovely templates which suggest evergreen posts or even a script to follow for my newsletters. They promise a year's worth of content or a complete email funnel sequence.

It's tempting because it sounds so easy. But that's the first red flag for me. Nothing I've ever done which was worth doing was easy. What if this simple thing was the one worth the money? Why not take the chance, you ask? 

I suppose having some sort of outline guide to follow might make it possible for me to automate my posts and newsletters, but what do those templates offer to my readers which is authentically from the dream? Do you want to get a newsletter in your in box or read a post which follows a script rather than a genuine Ophelia Kee newsletter or blog post? It feels like pre-packaged, factory-made, run-of-the-mill boring stuff.

For me, writing the blog and crafting the newsletters is part of the shared experience of the dream. I like the idea of pulling back the curtain and sharing a glimpse of what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. This is my journey. So it's not the experience which another will have. But if sharing the crazy details enhances the dream or offers value in some small way to readers, authors, or even the random passerby, then it was worth it to chronicle things.

Even if my posts can't be regular, evergreen, or anything but entertaining, and even if my newsletters go out at the wrong time; (They say you should send them mid-week for the best results. My mid-weekend will never hit that mark.) if, sometimes you check out the post and read about my crazy publishing mistakes one time and next see an in-depth article concerning how I write characters; or you tune in for an excerpt from an unpublished story, followed by a post about my never-ending quest to understand marketing; well, at least they were unique posts or newsletters. I promised the truth, and I intend to honor that.

Ophelia Kee Speaks

Ophelia Kee Speaks doesn't offer canned mass market posts. AI doesn't write them. No ghostwriting happening here. (I freely admit to using AI to add voice and craft the book descriptions.) My posts and my newsletters, along with my stories, are part of my creative adventure. I created the dream, wrote the stories, crafted the videos, and gave voice to how I'm doing it. It's my escape. All of it, and I've made it available for others to mire in, as I often do.

Some authors write with the market in mind. I don't. I write with my characters and the magic in mind. Sharing my crazy ideas, hoping others enjoy my escape, is why I publish. One day, I'll start paid-marketing to afford to share more of the dream with more people. If you stumbled over me before that point, I hope you enjoy basking in the dream while I'm building it, and I hope you'll share it with others if you enjoy it.


So if you were looking for specific writing advice, all I can say is write. If you're interested in why I write, read about that here. If you want to know more about my process for writing, read that here.

Looking for information on how you should publish? I encourage you to do your research. But if you want the hilarious blooper reel from my attempts at self-publishing, read that here

Marketing advice? I'm still scratching my head, grinding my teeth, and mostly enjoying telling my stories. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to say, "Do this, this way, and you'll be set." If you're interested in what I've figured out so far, read that here.

Ophelia Kee

I often share crazy bits on Ophelia Kee Speaks concerning tools that have aided my continued creation of the dream, why and how an introverted author, who doesn't wish to be seen, uses social media, and behind-the-scenes looks at why and how I've written the stories from the dream. 

Occasionally, I mention other authors, their books, people and products I've found helpful. I'm real, even if I don't exist. I'm not a paid spokesperson for any of it. The reviews I've done were for books I read and enjoyed. The products I mention are the ones I choose to use. 

If you were looking for authentic integrity concerning one author's journey, you'll continue to find it here. I hope it will bring you back to my posts and cause you to subscribe to my newsletter, the YouTube channel, or even to Just Let Me Read the Dream. Maybe you'll wonder and buy a book and share it with others who enjoy urban fantasy and paranormal romance tales.

Meet the Characters

Mystic Dark Meet the Cast

The dream has long been a labor of love. My stories are what I want to read. If you like sexy werewolves, vampires, and wizards, if charming demons, witches, and angels attempting to find love and save the magic intrigue you, then allow me to invite you into my world. Please be Welcome to the dream...

I've been hard at work on the Dark Mystic stories. It's a six-tale miniseries set in Chicago centered on the confused, lonely vampire, Leland Shade. I wanted to introduce the gryphons to you. The Grim Dark characters are probably opening the show with a short prologue tale. It's a steamy gryphon love story. What do two gryphons have to do with a vampire story? You'll just have to trust me. I know it's crazy. But then it always is.

Sinclair Gautier Gryphon Knight Detective

Sinclair Gautier was a gryphon knight. Slain defending the gryphon castle, he fought Bushyasta’s evil slug minions on the battlefield to protect his home, and lost.

As the immortal gryphon stood upon the banks of the River Styx with his coins in hand to pay the Ferryman, he mourned the life he left behind, and the mate he’d never met. He refused to die without finding love.

He lived as a gryphon knight, but his story began when he drew his sword to fight the Reaper, beaten and battered, in open rebellion against his fate.

Lyella Grisham

Lyella Grisham was a telepathic woman whose spirit gift was valuable enough for her parents to sell her into slavery.

To save the ones she loved, she willingly sacrificed herself, but finding the mind of a handsome gryphon in the dream saw her wounded in her escape from that bondage.

Her story began in the heart of a gryphon knight with a quest to find love. If she could claim him, the safety to learn to use the ghost magic she was born to command might finally be hers.

Grim Dark book cover

To repay the debts they owe, the gryphon pair accepted orders from the elvish lords at Asylum, learned about a dangerous prophecy to restore the Angel of Death and the King of Devils to the dream, and chased the last Vampire King to aid him in completing a magic spell designed to capture one mad bear. 

If they fail, it means the end. If they succeed, does it mean forever? Welcome to the dream…

Other News

Just Let Me Read

Just Let Me Read the Dream will roll out soon. I'm working on a subscription model on Payhip. It will open with The Thread and A Pack Forms will arrive shortly, followed by Arctic Fox and Druid Fox. As I edit and format the books for the new book covers, I'll post the chapters to the subscription plan. And for future tales coming to the market for sale, I'll post them one chapter at a time, before the book goes live. So my subscribers get the first glimpse.

I can't post all the stories in the dream at once. I'm not that fast. Also, I'm focusing on Kingdom Rising first. I'll try to add the other miniseries one at a time until I get all the tales in the Draoithe Saga added. I know it's a lot considering I keep writing, editing, re-releasing old books, and reworking the Draoithe Saga on other sites as well, but I might as well do what I can while I have time before I get into the paid ads. The dream is only getting bigger. I hope you'll join the fun.

Ways to help an Author poster

I need to get other things done. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse behind-the-scenes of the dream. As always, when you read, please be kind and leave your honest reviews. Until the next post,

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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