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Character Introduction for Raven's Rescue & Lord of Dragons

Meet Ash and Raven

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Emrick Driscoll

Emrick Driscoll is a six-hundred-twenty-nine-year-old dragon shifter known as Ash. Resurrected to be a Lord of Dragons along with six grey dragons, he and his brothers follow an ancient prophecy and come to Draoithe in search of their mate riders, the Valkyries, hoping they will finally be free dragons when they discover Luke is the foretold Dire Wolf King.

Emrick Driscoll


Smells like: Brandy and sweet tobacco

CFO of Draoithe

Called by Luke

Mate: Raven

White hair

Grey eyes

6‘ 5“ tall

245 lbs

629 years old

Black Dragon-Lord of Dragons-Alpha 

Ash is the diplomat. He is also the Battle Commander for the dragons of the kingdom and the war counsel for his king. What he wants more than life itself is to claim his Lady Raven as his Valkyrie.

Leonora D'Souza

Leonora D’Souza was a girl working in a bar to make ends meet until her abduction. Turned without consent and forced into an evil medical experiment, she’d almost given up hope of surviving her ordeal until the most unbelievable man rescued her. He’s a rich old dragon, and he’s crazy for her. But everything in his world scares her. If she can wrap her mind around his truth, life could be different, but can she do it?

Leonora D’Souza

AKA Raven

Smells like: Lily of the Valley

Bar Manager of The Lost Lenor

Mate: Ash

Auburn hair

Green eyes

5‘ 2“ tall

115 lbs

28 years old

Valkyrie and maned wolf-submissive

Raven struggles to accept she’s no longer human, and neither is her rescuer. She falls for the handsome dragon knight as he promises to help her. With an offer that seems too good to be true, she begins a journey which ends in either her demise or her becoming the Lady of the Lord of Dragons.

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