Video Books?

Video Books?

Listen to Video Books?

I did it. I recorded The Thread. Unless it needs any revision, then the podcast-style version of the audiobook has been recorded. It’s available on the YouTube channel. In order to upload it there, I had to add some imagery to it to craft it as a video book. So if that’s a new thing, okay. I’m doing it. Video Books are real, they exist, and I created one.

Who knows, they might seriously catch on and everyone will be doing it. Maybe they already are, and I just never heard about it before. I’m a bit old, and new tech takes me a while to master. I’m not giving up. If this works, I might try recording more! As it worked well, I have been crafting podcast-style vlogs with the blogs as well. Let’s see if this one makes it onto Youtube!

I’m seriously considering trying to figure out how to turn the stories into comic/anime-style stories. I don’t know how well that would work, but why not? I’m having tons of fun with it and as a purely independent author, I’m allowed to dream as much as I want and can afford. (Don’t hold your breath though. I can’t afford most of what I dream up! But I did purchase Doodly…)

It’s kind of too bad that I’m not independently wealthy. That might mean I had even crazier ideas that I was willing to try with my stories. I have to craft more preview videos this weekend. Several new volumes are slated to begin launching soon. I’d like to be prepared rather than always being behind. That means Pinterest should be getting new material soon as well. Look for it!

Time to Write?

It’s the struggle to write that makes authors crazy. Unless you’re lucky enough to be able to write full-time, finding time to write can be difficult. Something I’ve found that what helps me is the fact that I’m pure indie. I have total control over all aspects of my publishing business. Many times when I can’t immerse myself deep enough in the dream to be able to see the scene and write it, I can still step into the dream and work on already published stories and polish them.

​For all who purchased and read the stories in the early days, relax. I haven’t made any serious changes. I have cleaned up some of the grammar and a few spelling mistakes here and there. All parts and the complete volumes have been thoroughly reviewed and edited using Grammarly. The little details have been added such as page numbers and footers for the paperbacks and hardcovers. They have a far more professional look.

They’re also now all set up to become AI audio stories. All the chapters on Fictionate me are already available in AI audio on that platform. For all who like the idea of listening to the stories, I hope to have several posted on and Payhip. Look for The Thread as it is the first book that I have turned into an audio text and a video book. As I get better at recording them, I might get faster. Cross your fingers.

A Big Question

When will the series be finished? Maybe that wasn’t what you were thinking the big question was. It’s a big question for me. There are seven miniseries books left to finish writing/editing. I say finish because they’re all in some stage of unfinished writing. ( I write in disorganized scenes that I then have to determine how they fit the larger story. Probably not terribly efficient, but it’s working so far.)

The stories have yet to be completed. So that means that they’re nowhere near ready to be formatted, much less published. Sigh… The good news is that I think I know how many stories are left needing to be told in the saga. Also, that number means that it’s possible for me to complete the writing within the next year even with the day job. It won’t be easy, but that’s the goal.

​So I began writing the Draoithe Series saga in September of 2016 and I’d like to wrap it up by the end of 2022. Five years of writing with over 30 novel-length complete volumes have been serious work. Hey, the one book I was writing is almost done though…

Epic Failures that turned into Success Stories

So let’s be honest. I mess things up. Sometimes I take steps forward only to fall off in potholes. The thing that has been hard was figuring out the way to create the audiobooks in a format that was more meaningful and that I could manage myself. I think I got that finally. So that is moving out of the realm of the impossible over to just a slow and difficult work in progress.

​The bigger stumbling block was merchandising the brand. Here is where I sigh big time again. No further real progress has been made on this front by yours truly. I had to call in the big guns and get help for this area. Send good vibes, pray, meditate, practice some voodoo, or witchcraft for me. I’m not that tech-savvy. Let’s just all hope that my brother is better at that kind of stuff than I am and y’all check out the merch by Printful in The Book Shop.

I need to get back to what I am better at, the books. When you read please don’t forget to leave behind those kind, sweet reviews. Until next time…

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee


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