Two Questions Answered

Two Questions Answered
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Deann M Spangler, First off, Welcome to the dream. I wanted to address your question. I’m very pleased that you took the time to ask. Others might also need to know. Where does the reader begin? With my books the answer is simple. They are listed in the order in which they should be read on my webpage, and in every book, there is a page Titles by Ophelia Kee in which all the books are listed in order.

Suggested Read Order for the Draoithe Saga by the Author

Titles by Ophelia Kee

Draoithe: Tantalu *Prequel

Draoithe: The Thread *Prologue Volume 1

Draoithe: A Pack Forms Volume 1

Draoithe: Arctic Fox *Prologue Volume 2

Draoithe: The Council Volume 2

Draoithe: Magic Calls to Magic Volume 3

Draoithe: Dragons Come Volume 4

Draoithe: The Ruiri Complete Volume 5

Draoithe: Light and Dark Magic Volume 6

Draoithe: The Dark Gift Volume 7

Draoithe: Elementals Volume 8

Draoithe: Fire and a Gryphon Volume 9

Draoithe: Synner And Sainte *Forbye

Draoithe: Weaver’s Tale Miniseries *Novela

Draoithe: Dream Therapy Volume 10

Draoithe: Still Waters *Short Read Duet

Draoithe: Filth and Death Volume 11

Draoithe: Smoke of the Fire  *Short Read Trilogy

Dread Allies: Shadow King Miniseries *Spinoff 

Eyrie Iolair: Prodigal Sons Miniseries *Spinoff

Eyrie Iolair: Risky Rewards *Short Read Trilogy

Eyrie Iolair: Dragonesque *Sky Dreams Tangent

Eyrie Iolair: Sky Dreams Miniseries *Spinoff

Draoithe: Dragon Masters Volume 12

Draoithe: Precious Treasures Volume 13

Draoithe: War Dogs Volume 14

Draoithe: Wizards and Grotesques *Short Read Duet

Draoithe: Past in the Present Volume 15

Draoithe: The Library Volume 16

Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai *Excerpt Volume 17 

Draoithe: Midnight Magic Volume 17

Draoithe: No Negotiations Volume 18

Draoithe: Fairytale Shadows *Short Read Duet

Draoithe: Shadow Master Volume 19 

Lyons Gate: Ghostly Kingdom *Spinoff

Lyons Gate: Nightmare Escape *Tangent

Lyons Gate: Elysian Fields *Tangent

Lyons Gate: Druid Dragon *Tangent 

Lyons Gate: Darkest Desire *Spinoff

Apocalypse Averted: Devil’s Sins *Spinoff

Draoithe: A Conversation with Dragons *Tangent

Draoithe: Behind the Scenes of the Dream *Extra

Wow! That is a long list! It’s a good thing, we can just scroll through that.

Where to begin with my blogs is a bit more daunting. I use this blog to chronicle my author’s walk. (It has sometimes seemed like an always uphill climb.) As this blog functions much the same way a journal or diary operates, you might want to begin at the beginning. It tends to address things as I learn them, so that may very well be out of order from what would otherwise be expected. I am still learning as I go, this doesn’t worry me, but likely consternates others.

I promised to tell the truth, share what I learned, and give my readers a real glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of my author’s walk. I work 9 to 5. I teach classes every day, and only have a limited time to devote to my stories. I’ve gotten better at it as time has gone by, but I don’t claim to be any kind of expert. There are, however, many things about writing, publishing, and marketing that I have learned and am totally willing to share. 

If you have questions about my books, my publishing, or my marketing, please feel free to ask. That might be easier than reading all my blog entries and getting you the specific knowledge you require a lot faster is more important. 

If you would prefer a more private conversation, please email me [email protected], and I’ll be happy to help if I am able. The teacher in me enjoys offering knowledge to aid others. Deann M Spangler, I hope I have answered your question sufficiently!

Book Pricing!!!???!!!

For all my longtime followers and any newcomers who want to know more about the behind-the-scenes, pricing has always been complicated and daunting. Dana Perkins asked, “How much is a story worth? A collection of stories? How much of a discount is a good discount?”

Sadly, I’d like to make some money as I’m not independently wealthy. Still, it’s difficult to put a price on an idea. I may never find a way to measure the price for entertainment properly though. I explain in another blog the reasoning behind switching to publishing short-reads. Pricing may be an added good reason to continue to do it.

I chose to charge only $.99 for all of my one-hour short-read stories and the first book in the saga. The complete novel-length miniseries are all at $2.99. (Apparently, one-hour short reads are my thing. That led to breaking many of my longer books into short-read parts for a lot of reasons: see my previous blogs for more on that.)

Realizing that I needed to offer the short reads as complete volumes as well meant that I needed to make the price for buying all of the books at once a good deal. $2.99 is a good deal.

A drop in the bucket!

If you aren’t aware, authors only make a 35% royalty on books priced under $2.99 so for every short-read title, I only make 35 cents. Books priced between $2.99 and $9.99 are eligible for a 70% royalty. That means I can charge half the price of the complete volumes and still earn the same amount of royalties.

For readers, this is a boon. If you want to buy a complete miniseries, just wait. When all the parts have been published, I’ll publish a complete volume for less than half the price of all the short reads.

If you aren’t sure if you like a title, pick up the first part for $.99. Everybody wins, and I have a wider opportunity for readers to find my work as my shelf is continually expanding. (This is only true for the titles on Amazon!) Dana Perkins, I know this isn’t exactly an answer for all that you asked, but it is the best that I can do.

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Writing calls me back to the dream. So until next time, please be kind and leave your review whenever you read. Thanks so much for reading my blog and hearing me speak!

Be Careful!

Happy reading,

Ophelia Kee

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