The End in Sight

The End in Sight
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As 2021 draws to a close, I know how the story ends. I can see it. I don’t have all the scenes in between quite yet, but they will come. It saddens me that I can’t write full-time or this might already be finished. I doubt I could publish it all that fast, but I can dream.

I’m still publishing, but things are moving slower now that I’m back to being only a part-time author.  I know some of you want the whole thing all at once, but it’s hard to edit that way. And Publishing the backlist to Radish and does take time.

Releasing Jan 1, 2022!

I’ll try to keep up and publish as fast as I can. I hope that might move things along a bit faster. Dragon King Rising is coming on Jan 1! Exclusive Content updates weekly! Radish and update Daily!

My professional career takes up a lot of my time. I apologize in advance if you loved having my stories coming at you fast. The process to go wide has taken its toll, but I think the stories are almost all there. 27 different platforms and counting! Just bear with me.

The Exclusive Content page updates often. Have you visited Lately?

I’m still always writing. I write the story as the scene comes to me. I don’t want to write to the market. I want to tell a good story. I never use a plot guide (?) or a story arc. I don’t know how to story outline and most of the terminology for writing eludes me. I just need to write.

That in turn leads to publishing, everywhere. Just Check out the List for The Thread alone! Now imagine all that like 50+ times for all the books in the Draoithe Saga. It takes days just to get one book on all these sites.

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Publishing and Marketing

Sale Ends Jan !, 2022. Hurry!

Learning how to handle all the publishing and marketing has been a full-time job and has been fun. I think I finally have a handle on promoting, and I think I know how to make it all a success, eventually. Sadly, I lack the funds to make it all happen overnight so I’ll do it as I do everything. One thing at a time.

Maybe when it’s all done and the last page is published, I’ll finally have the money and the time to seriously devote to advertising it properly. To all of you who’ve been following me faithfully since you stumbled into the dream, Thank you. I promise not to quit until it’s quitting time. (But there are other stories in the works!)

It’s Coming, Eventually!

From the reader’s perspective, the story is a long way from the end. From my perspective, it’s nearing completion. If I can, I’ll have it all done and hopefully published by the end of the following year. 2022 is going to be epic. Peter Elliot, Meid Breach, and Bushyasta along with a few other minor shadowy characters are going to get theirs. I promise.

Sneaky Publishing? Maybe…

Now Available!

I debated publishing Darkest Desire in the same manner that I published many of the short-reads, in parts and in reverse so I could publish quickly and continue to expand the size of my bookshelf. I even had two alternate covers, I used the alternate one and published the novella on in parts, but everywhere else it is only the one title. The size of my bookshelf seemed silly once I went wide. My bookshelf had become a whole library.

I still have a large backlist of unpublished manuscripts. So I think I have to put the brakes on how the books are being published until I see the results from going wide. Cross your fingers that everything goes well. But short-read parts might come back as they do sell sometimes.

Sneak Peek at Lyons Gate: Darkest Desire

Only on!

“Lotane found Fury. He demanded I bring the warg and lay waste to his enemies. He was infuriated about atrocities that were being committed against ‘lesser Ceries’?” Luke looked at them. 

Simon hoped Fury was safe. Learning that his friend had been abducted had him itching to join the mission to rescue him. He owed the dragon for saving his ass once.

Simon shook his head. Zephyra looked at him as if he were crazy. So did Brand. They just didn’t understand Leviathan as Simon did. They were lost on what a ‘lesser Cerie’ was.

“Lotane lost his mind to grief when he lost Cerie. Now every woman who gets hurt, he sees as if it were Cerie herself. Wade is the Warg King because the last one accidentally bumped into a Strix in a hallway in the palace. Lotane burned him out of existence and left the marks on the floor as a reminder of how women were to be treated and how real men weren’t allowed to be careless.” 

Simon explained to those who didn’t understand the guilt that Leviathan had over losing Cerie. Luke raised his eyebrows.

“That’s some serious Godfather shit.” Luke whistled.

“The Demon Lords still prefer the old hierarchy and feudal system. In their world, it works. Trust me,” Simon explained further. Luke just nodded.

Boxed Sets are now available!

2021 has been real. Darkest Desire and Devil’s Sins were published along with a couple of short reads in the Lyons Gate miniseries and that is now complete. The new website is up and running and merch is in the Book Shop along with Boxed Sets! Ophelia Kee is active on multiple social media sites, the books are live on over 25 sites, and the News Letters have finally begun.

I have learned a lot about publishing wide and have an idea about paid newsletters and paid ads for the future. Thank you all for being the very best readers and sharing my celebratory year-end rundown. Your support has meant the world to one crazy old tiger. Happy New Year! I need to get busy writing some more stories. When you read, please be kind and leave your reviews. Until next time…

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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  1. You have been super busy writing. The last few books are your best works in my opinion. The website looks great and we hope you can finish the series also by the end of 2022! Looking forward to seeing how it all ends and what you decide to do next.

    • Thank you. I like to think my writing has improved over time. I hope you will enjoy what’s next. I have started on it already. Cross your fingers that I can finish writing the Draoithe saga this year. Publishing it all may take a bit longer, but having the manuscripts finished would be nice. I hope to see your comments in the future. Sincerely, -OK

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