Shorts & Audio

The Draoithe Saga has expanded to include Quick Reads.

The titles listed here are all short reads or less than novel-length stories that are set in the dream.
Sometimes we only have a few minutes to escape into the dream and feel the magic. When that happens, you can still visit the dream and get away on your lunch hour, the commute, or a long wait for whatever reason. Download a quickie escape today! These titles are all either FREE with KU or only $.99 each so your escape into the dream has been made much easier to access.

Draoithe: Arctic Fox (Draoithe: The Council Volume 2)

Draoithe: Weaver’s Tale: Part 1 of 4

Draoithe: Smoke of the Fire: Part 1 of 3

Draoithe: Still Waters: Part 1 of 2

Draoithe: Wizards and Grotesques: Part 1 (Draoithe: War Dogs Volume 14)

Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai (Draoithe: Midnight Magic Volume 17)

Listen for Free!

Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai Chapter 1

Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai Chapter 2

Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai Chapter 3

Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai Chapter 4

Draoithe: Fairytale Shadows: Complete Volume (Draoithe The Saga)

Eyrie Iolair Stories

Eyrie Iolair: Dragonesque (Eyrie Iolair: Sky Dreams)

Eyrie Iolair: Sky Dreams: Complete Volume (Draoithe The Saga) 

Eyrie Iolair: Risky Rewards: Complete Volume (Draoithe The Saga)

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