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Yeah! I did it. I published another book. It’s spring break and I had a bit of time to kill. The backlog of work to be published is serious, so if I sneak one in every now and again, it won’t hurt anything. I mean I am the author and the publisher. No need to consult anyone about it. So here is a ‘hint at what’s to come’- style read. It will also add detail to the scene with Simon, but if you’re reading you’ll see. 

Firic is a Druid king and a dragon trapped in a world in which his dragon sleeps and kings no longer live in castles or rule over peasants. Lacking his Valkyrie or an overking to swear fealty, he suffers from the darkness of Druid magic. He tried living as a man. He even had a mistress, but the magic called him to serve the Ghost High King. He followed the summons to Draoithe. 
Estelle Realtree almost got away. She fled the seedy underworld, a petty small-time crime-boss, and drug addiction. She sought a new chance with a personal assistant position and hoped to get lost in the Dallas, Texas cityscape. When she made a wrong turn and ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, her only hope was to beg help from the wealthy land-owners behind the gate. 
Estelle had unknowingly strayed into the Leaindeail, the place Firic was desperate to return to. Accosted by a couple of shifters seeking to target the immortals who lived at Draoithe, she finds herself in a magical trap after one shifter bit her. She was saved by a gargoyle and flown to safety by a vengeful royal dragon knight. Can she escape her nightmare by making a deal with a Druid dragon in the dream? If she thinks he’ll turn loose of his newfound treasure, she’ll have to think again. Lyons Gate: Nightmare Escape by Ophelia Kee. Only $.99!

Behind the Scenes

I couldn’t wait until the weekend. I wanted to share the news about the new website. I will be getting Merch! It will be powered by Printful. Finally! I have waited forever. I have to shout out to my brother, EPB. Thank you soooo much for helping me get everything shifted to a better platform. Ophelia Kee will be on Word Press by July 15, 2021. Some other things coming… I am going to try to make more audio/video books available on the site. I don’t think all of them will be free, but quite a few will be. Of course audio books on ACX are professionally read and recorded, but I will do my best to offer a good audio format from an amateur level that is worth hearing. Also, I believe that I am going to try to offer signed author copies of the books direct from the website. I’m still working out the logistics of that one. My current setup is a bit tight on space. Having a book warehouse might not workout, so there could be a serious lag time on the shipping side of things. (Like two weeks.) Also, I want to turn the blogs into podcasts. I am thinking about Allears, but I’m a bit leery of my ability to do it considering the background noise factor. Cross your fingers. I may yet get the bugs worked out. 

Shameless Plug

I am not a spokesperson and Twinings doesn’t pay me. But I love their teas. I buy the Irish Breakfast and the Earl Grey tea all the time. A reader asked on social media the other day about what it takes for a writer to write. My immediate answer was tea. Lots and lots of tea. I detest coffee. Sorry to all the readers who love it, but I never acquired the taste. Tea on the other hand I have been in love with my whole life. I am sure that it’s 4 o’clock somewhere. Tea is the elixir of my life. So I thought to share some of it with you. I hope you will enjoy a cup of whichever great drink you prefer as you read your next book. If you need a pointer in the right direction about a next book, allow me to help and View my Library.

I can’t let this get too long as it’s Wednesday and you weren’t even expecting a message from me. I need to get back to my books. Enjoy the rest of your week. I am going to enjoy my spring break. If you read, please remember to be kind and leave your review. 
Be Careful!
Happy reading,
Ophelia Kee

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