Rainy Book Days

Rainy Book Days
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Rainy days make me want to curl up in a good comfy spot, wrap up in a warm blanket, sip some hot tea, and step into the pages of a good book. Too bad I usually have to work. Thank God for holidays and summers. The good news is that at least I’m hopefully working on a book instead of at the day job at those times. Considering the rain where I am has me reviewing old blog posts. (Back from before I got better at this.)

In January of 2020, I’d started the final edit process for Draoithe: Filth and Death. It was going to be good, but wow did it run long. I hope you guys are up for a super intense read when you get to that one. I mean I didn’t even want to write it. I argued with the real Frank Grimes and tried to get out of it. But she was right. The slimy contractor had a story to tell and I had to write it.

The thing about that books was that I had to write a whole other book before I could write Draoithe: Filth and Death. I had to do it, because by that point Frank Grime would not stop telling his story in my head.

Dream Therapy

Preview Excerpt from Draoithe: Dream Therapy

“I know you let me win that duel, Andrei,” Blaze said.
​“What makes you think that?” Andrei asked without denying the accusation as he accepted the staff from Blaze. 
The two men walked off into the moonlight to a small clearing in the trees. Andrei winked out then winked back wearing only loose joggers as Blaze was. Teleporting was cool magic.
“Flame says it’s true. We’ve been tight so long that if he told me the sky turned gold, I’d have no reason to think he lied,” Blaze admitted as he began to step through the low-level series of moves he’d long used as a warm-up. Andrei was doing the same.
“I couldn’t beat you,” Andrei said. Blaze raised a brow at that even though neither man stopped their practice.
“I think you chose not to beat me, but you also couldn’t lose,” Blaze answered.
“A wise dragon sees the truth and knows that there was only one path to follow. I won that night even if the record shows otherwise. We both know that. You’re a better man than you were when we met. Having your Valkyrie has tempered your judgment, and you’re slower to anger than you were when you first arrived. We all benefited if you won the duel.” Andrei didn’t admit that he threw the match, but Blaze knew that he had.

Blasts From the Past

(From January 2020) “In other news, the Preview storyboards are coming right along. I posted Magic Calls to Magic and Dragons Come to Pinterest yesterday. I’m going to try to get them on Instagram today! The response has been good so far. I’m glad you guys like them. I’m still working on the Fireside reads. (They might become Oceanside reads if I keep going at this pace because it will be summer before I get one finished.)”

Wow, it was a lot harder to do than I thought. Crafting Book Trailers, setting them up, then sharing them around the internet isn’t easy. But that’s the Indie Writer Life. I think up something cool to do with the books in the series, but then I have to find a way to make it happen (usually with $0.00). Sometimes that becomes a lot more complicated than it seemed whenever I dreamed it up. Maybe it will turn out better because it took me a long time to learn what to do. As soon as I get it crafted I post them to YouTube and share them with everyone. Hopefully, I can get some feedback on whether it was such a good idea or not. So y’all check out the channel, give me some likes and subscriptions and tell me what you think, pretty please.

For all the Kindle Unlimited readers out there, I wanted to remind you to check into the short reads. They are the extras, the tangential stories, and the reworked scenes from the cutting room floor concerning incidents and peripheral characters in the main series. They don’t take too long. Weaver’s Tale is the longest one. If you haven’t found them, check them out and let me know how you feel about them before they leave KU and are published wide. I intend to leave KU behind by the end of the summer.

I always want to hear from my readers. Sometimes the questions you ask arc the spark for more books. So drop me a line, leave a review, offer a comment, ask a question. Contact me! I’m probably writing, but I swear I’ll answer you back. Just give me a bit to get to it. Thanks for reading and sharing Draoithe. Dream Readers are the very best.

When you read, please remember to be kind and leave your reviews. They’re treasured like gold and hard to come by.

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