The Thread Audio Book


Enjoy the heart-pounding, jaw-dropping book by Ophelia Kee, “The Thread” in audio.

The Thread is the Prologue to the full-length novel Draoithe: A Pack Forms, the novel book that started it all. In this backstory, Luke learns of Eli and watches her before approaching her is revealed. The text explores an alpha male’s fears of rejection and worthiness for a mate. Eli’s past life between the time she ends her relationship with Javier and finds Luke is also explored offering an in-depth look at her need for freedom that Luke so seriously protects for her in the series that has become the romantic saga that is Draoithe.

I would like you to have this book for FREE. Take the dream for a test drive on the author. If you enjoy it, the link to your next great read is included at the end, or return here and choose another title. Thanks.

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