Arctic Fox A Prologue for The Council, Volume 2 in the Draoithe Saga Audio Book


Duncan O’Sullivan was once a Druid king, but when he shifted as a fox, he knew his life had to change. Eventually, his need for a mate pushed him to leave his home and surrender his crown in search of the one woman who was crafted by the magic to be his everything.

When he found her bathing in a loch in Scotland, he knew her immediately and set out to claim her. Her king killed her after an accident without a thought or care then simply gave her to him. Duncan had to find a way to rescue her from death and turn her into a fox.

Turning her was only the beginning, winning her was the true adventure. Keeping her for himself when a vampire stricken with bloodlust craved her made him question everything he thought he understood.

Steamy PNR 18+ HEA! NC! This is an AI Audiobook!


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