Lyons Gate: Nightmare Escape


Lyons Gate Nightmare Escape

A PNR short read by Ophelia Kee

Firic is a Druid king and a dragon trapped in a world in which his dragon magic sleeps and kings no longer live in castles or rule over peasants. Lacking his Valkyrie or an overking to swear fealty, he suffers from the darkness in the Druid magic and the inability to shift and fly. He tried living as just a man. He even had a mistress, but the magic called him to serve the Ghost High King. He followed the summons to Draoithe.
Estelle Realtree almost got away. She fled the seedy underworld, a petty small-time crime-boss, and drug addiction. She sought a new chance with a personal assistant position and hoped to get lost in the Dallas, Texas cityscape. When she made a wrong turn and ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, her only hope was to beg help from the wealthy landowners behind the gate.
Estelle had unknowingly strayed into the Leaindeail, the lace Firic was desperate to return to. Accosted by a couple of shifters seeking to target the immortals who lived at Draoithe, she finds herself in a magical trap after one shifter bit her. She was saved by a gargoyle and flown to safety by a vengeful royal dragon knight. Can she escape her nightmare by making a deal with a Druid dragon in the dream? If she thinks he will turn loose of his newfound treasure, she will have to think again.

This is an expansion scene from the Lyons Gate miniseries.

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Size Chart

18+ HEA! NC! PNR 11,511 words 73 pages approximately one-hour short read