Kindle Series Management!

Kindle Series Management!

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I can’t tell you how excited I was that KDP had added the Manage Series feature for independent authors to be able to group their works together. I took advantage of it and began grouping several miniseries together.  Check these first five titles out! The rest are coming as I revise and publish!
Draoithe: Tantalu *Prequel
Draoithe: A Pack Forms Volume 1
Draoithe: The Council Volume 2
Draoithe: Magic Calls to Magic Volume 3
Draoithe: Dragons Come Volume 4
Draoithe: The Ruiri Complete and other miniseries will be grouped together soon! 

6×9 Paperbacks

As you all know, I made a mistake when I first began publishing the books and uploaded my manuscripts as 8.5×11 books as I was learning. I continued it because that size is much less expensive to produce, but have caved to the belief that the 6×9 size is the accepted standard book size. So if you collect the paperbacks and want the standard version, look for Draoithe: The Ruiri Complete Volume 5 edition 2 along with it being added to the Draoithe Series Saga on Amazon.

This is exactly the same story only it’s in a different-sized book. All of the parts were already 6×9, so it made sense to offer both especially when the 6×9 allows for expanded distribution and the 8.5×11 doesn’t. So no worries if you see both editions.

As a matter of fact, after I discovered how to format the books as 6×9 I was also invited to publish the books as hardcovers. Many of the novel-length stories such as Dread Allies: Shadow King are available from Amazon as hardcovers.

My Author’s Walk 

I want to try something. I make money from Kindle and the Amazon platform. It isn’t more than gas money and sometimes not even that much. (Full disclosure, I’ve never earned more than $75 in a single month. At this point, I’m a hobby indie author who’d love to be a full-time author, but the day job is a must. At my age, it will likely be that way until I retire if I ever can.)

I’ve never enrolled The Thread in the exclusive program. I mean I give that title away as a pdf from my website so… I publish it wide as a short-read e-book. It’s the prologue to A Pack Forms. I’m just curious about the level of response I might get on say Google Play as they’ve recently made quite a few changes to their platform. I’m still not willing to run Google ads. If I’m going to publish it there, I might as well post it to Kobo and Barnes and Noble. Let’s see what happens. I figured out how to make it perma-free so it is going to ebooklingo, Draft 2 Digital, and a few other sites.

I’m still working on video books, audiobooks, podcasts, and vlogs. I’ll definitely make some noise whenever I get more new stuff released. If I only had more time, money, and less of the day job. Sigh…

So, considering that, Darkest Desire is currently publishing one chapter at a time to If you haven’t checked out that platform, you might want to. They are more reasonably priced than some serial fiction sites with the added bonus of offering AI audio reads for every book. Before you ask, No affiliation. I just note them because I honestly like the platform.

Gotta run. The housework still must be done on the weekends and this one is essential as I must sell one house and move to another! All work and no play unless you count the books and then I am always having fun with publishing and writing my stories. If you read, please be kind and leave your reviews.

Be Careful!
Happy reading,
​Ophelia Kee

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