HEA, NC, and Piracy!

HEA, NC, and Piracy!
Listen to HEA, NC, and Piracy

Happily Ever After

Happily ever after is the name of the game in romance. It kind of has to be, right? If there’s no happily ever after then you kind of feel as if the story didn’t end or it ended wrong. That always leaves me and every other reader upset. So yeah I’m a HEA kind of girl. I love a good romance and paranormal is definitely the most fun to write.

In fantasy, things are different. There’s usually some serious evil that needs to be destroyed before it can destroy the world and there’s magic involved. (Science fiction too but more science and less magic.) With Draoithe, I blended the two.

Each couple winds up with their happily ever after, but the adventure continues from one novel into the next as they join forces to fight against the shadowy evil of Peter Elliot. I tend to label the work as paranormal romance, but  Amazon is right in also categorizing Draoithe as urban fantasy as most of the backstory is a battle for the balance of magic in the dream.

No Cheating

The No Cheating must be addressed. It simply doesn’t work in this storyline. Cheating is the physical manifestation of the lie of love. If two people were truly soul mates, then cheating would never happen. Nothing would ever be more interesting than the one crafted for them by the powers that be. This is the supreme law in the dream.

We all love the idea of being in love and having a forever partner to share life with, but there’s a sad reality in our world. If you’re in a relationship, chances are good that one or the other parties have, is, or will cheat. Many times both do it. The crushing demoralizing after-effects of cheating create serious trust issues that may never be overcome.

So at Draoithe, because Eli (Female MC in the first story) suffered from that issue, the magic refuses to allow it. Whether it’s because Luke (Male MC in the first story) wishes to protect her or because she herself wishes to protect everyone is never really clear. Does Draoithe exist for Luke’s benefit or Eli’s? That argument continues to be debated throughout the series. But Griz may have the right of it above the other opinions. 

Shameless Self Promotion

I wanted to let everyone know that the Inspiration Video for Tantalu is now available for viewing. I have uploaded it to PinterestYouTube, and Instagram and as always it is accessible from OpheliKee.com.

I’ve been diligently working to get caught up on that front. I like the videos even if I’m not too sure if they help me sell my books. They’re fun though and a new way to look at books that I’d once never even thought of. Crafting the videos has made me think about creating short reads that could be crafted into storyboard videos as complete stories. I might try that next. Video Books here I come!


Piracy! I have to address it even if it seems unbelievable. I’ve seen in my Facebook feed several posts discussing pirate book sites. Sadly, I’ve also found one of my books stolen and listed on a disreputable site. (It was ripped from Amazon’s platform as it has only ever been published there. It still has my name on it, but they’re giving it away free.)

It’s a short read that was listed at $.99. That meant I’d make only $.35 if it sold. It’s sad that they would intentionally try to steal that pitiful amount from me, but to stop it is an expense that most small-time authors simply can’t afford.

Draoithe Merchandise is now for sale in the Bookshop!

Independent Authors in general rarely make $10,000 a year in royalties from book sales. Oh, there are some who earn more, but they’re the exception to the rule. The side hustle for Independent Authors is very real. How these pirate sites even managed to obtain the manuscript is beyond me. Yet it was there and I was saddened.

If you click on a book priced well below the general market value for that genre, in my case free, and that link doesn’t take you to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Amazon, Google Books, or some other reputable platform like Payhip or Gumroad, I wouldn’t give out my credit or debit card information. If they will steal from the starving artists of the literary community, they’ll steal from you too. They are thieves after all and there is no honor among them. For a listing of sites where Draoithe Stories are sold visit https://opheliakee.com/the-world-of-the-dream/.

Play it safe. Collect your freebies from reputable sites and pick up books when an author runs a sale. Smashwords is having an awesome end-of-the-year sale beginning Dec 17 running through New Year. You can load up your e-reader, phone, or tablet and read for free or significantly reduced prices (25%-75% off). That way no one gets hurt. You can binge-read over the holidays without breaking the bank and also starving Indie Authors might eat.

I have to run away. The nut milk ice cream will not make itself. Neither will the bread, nor the jelly. Believe it or not, I’m also writing a novel or two. So just remember, if you read, please be kind and leave your review. They always help. One word or even an emoji will make an author’s day. As we enter the twelve days, Merry Christmas!
Be Careful!
Happy reading,
​Ophelia Kee

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