Hard Cover Anyone?

Hard Cover Anyone?
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So I got a chance to publish Draoithe: A Pack Forms in a hardcover format. It’s now live and available from Amazon. I should have a copy in my hands shortly. That leads me into a whole new place in self-publishing. I love my original cover imagery. Sadly, it’s possible that I may have to part ways with it. Images on the covers need to be HD picture quality. When I first began my author’s walk, I wrote a manuscript and tried to publish it. Only to learn that I needed a book cover. I worked on the image above and finally produced what I felt like was the book cover. (the branding came later)
To celebrate, I’ve also been toying with my commercial-making abilities. (I know they’re called book trailers, but commercials feel more like what they are to me.) Check this out on Youtube, and if you haven’t subscribed to the Youtube channel, please do. More cool stuff is coming! 
​Trying to publish the book as a hardcover has led me to wonder if I even want a cover image. It’s also left me thinking about the covers for all my books. I wonder about silver on black velvet silhouette images. So if you think that there’s a possible cover replacement coming when I finally get them all published, well you’d likely be right. I want something strikingly different. Creating Hard Cover editions of the books is a slow painstaking process at the moment. Not quite as slow as building more audiobooks, but almost. 

Speaking of Audiobooks, Draoithe: The Thread is now an audiobook. It’s live as a video book on Youtube. It’s totally free as I always wanted it to be. It will be on the new website as well. I’m super stoked about the changes that are coming. Things are rolling along, and I’m happy to note that my amateur audiobooks will be for sale from my website when I switch to the new platform. They won’t be expensive. So maybe that will aid more readers in a new innovative way. As I slowly add more audio content, I want to explore animated shorts as well. I know. I know, I’m crazy, but the creative outlet is always good. 
My mother told me when I was a child, “You have a brain. Use it!” So I do. My Father always said, “If you have a problem, go to work!” He was right. I’ve lived my life by those two principles. No matter what happens in my life, until I leave for the next life, I’ll continue to use my mind and get to work. I may never be super successful, but there’ll be no chance that anyone could ever argue that I gave up or didn’t give it a serious effort.

It’s Live! The final part of Lyons Gate: Ghostly Kingdom is now available for purchase or to read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Find out what happens to Lazlo and Soraya and how the two of them transition into the immortal realm. When you finish the miniseries, let me know what you think. I love to hear what readers think about the stories. Sometimes, I get a completely new understanding of my characters and the realm that they inhabit. So comments and suggestions are always welcome.

I know this one is short, but the day job has sucked the life out of me this last week. What I want to do is get back to writing. I’m unapologetically a tiger, but at half-past midnight, it’s been a long day. I still haven’t managed to get to the thing I love the most, and the scene I want to write is in my mind desiring to appear on the screen. So I’ll run away and slip into the dream…
If you read, please be kind and leave your reviews. There’s no better way to thank an author for a good read. There’s no higher praise than that a reader enjoyed one of my books. It’s truly humbling and uplifting all at the same time. Until next time, 
Be Careful!
Happy reading,
​Ophelia Kee

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