Ghostly Kingdom

Ghostly Kingdom
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That feeling of utter loss from a betrayal by the one you counted the dearest to you. I’ve been there. That saddest of songs seems to play on the radio of your mind on repeat.

That feeling of utter loss from a betrayal by the one you counted the dearest to you. I’ve been there. That saddest of songs seems to play on the radio of your mind on repeat. In Part six of Lyons Gate Ghostly Kingdom, Lazlo learns some things, but it’s too late. She’s gone and there seems to be nothing he can do about it. In fact, his loneliness and the darkness in his soul sought to end him in a way he never saw coming. Come on Lazlo. It’s not too late to learn the truth, is it? Eli thinks he needs to learn.
If you haven’t started reading this miniseries yet, I hope I am not giving anything away. Lyons Gate: Ghostly Kingdom Part six is publishing as I write this blog. It’s FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited! Or each part is only $.99 to read as an ebook.

Promotion and Marketing

Sorry about the shameless promo, but well, it’s hard when I’m excited about the next book coming out. I’ve been studying marketing this week. As I promised when I began the blog, I’m not keeping secrets about my author’s journey. There’s definitely an ebb and flow to this work that makes it hard to understand all the ins and outs of things.
Like any career, things change all the time. Once upon a time, authors could write, publish to Amazon, shout it out to social media, and boom, instant success. That no longer works as social media has increasingly become a pay-to-play world. 
The same is also true with the Amazon platform. Once, you published and readers read and authors made a profit. The organic traffic which was once a serious thing on Kindle has been severely limited, and if authors want to earn money from their self-published books, they have to pay to play there as well. 
Writing my stories wasn’t easy. I had to learn how I do that. Publishing was a bit of a lengthy step-by-step process that I had to learn and all the parts had to be just so, but one could learn it. Marketing feels like Greek while you thought you signed up for German and neither of them is familiar. I’m sure that I even posted in a blog in 2019; I wasn’t sure I wanted to advertise on Amazon as the traffic to read my stories was already there. 
Now it’s 2021. Even if I finally get the keywords and the blurb right, I still need to advertise just to have a hope that someone will notice my books. I’ve run a few ads on Facebook and Pinterest in the past. I found that I could drive traffic with Pinterest, but I couldn’t convert that into action. I can advertise on Facebook, but it’s hit or miss how much it seems to influence my book sales. Sometimes it works. Other times I think it fails miserably. 
I’m still running low-cost $1 a day advertising on Facebook, but not exactly having great success. (I need to invest more, but not being sales savvy makes ads very difficult for me.) I’m trying a different tactic, and am running several $1 a day ads on Amazon. I shall report back on how well that goes soon. If I hit on something that I’m sure I can scale up, I’ll be sure to post it. No matter what, I want to thank everyone who has chosen to read my stories.

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Also, I need to add the latest video book. Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai Chapter 3 is now available!
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The Great Migration

Parts of the new Website are now finished, but the blog portion is still messed up. I can’t seem to get the footer or the sidebar correct. Back to the drawing board. Thankfully, I still have time to do it.
It’s going to take me a while to get all the books posted up on the new site. When you have a lot of books, moving is a pain in the arse even if they’re all digital. LOL.
Speaking of the new site leads me to Google. I think I want to become a Google Associate. I’m already an Amazon Associate.
I have to get my Google site works stuff up and running so that Google Ads will work on the new site. It’s a lot of work and it’s all behind the scenes kinds of stuff.
No one ever tells about the literal thousands of man-hours they pour into things like building websites, promoting on social media, or even writing blogs which are all things that are outside of the love and passion of telling the story. The business side of this endeavor is no joke.
If anyone ever says, ‘I want to be a writer’, please know that while I do love being a self-published indie author, I in no way will ever say that any of it is easy without also saying, it’s seriously time-consuming too.
The tech is irritating and menial to me. I spend hours deciphering how-to videos on even the simplest tech stuff. I do usually resolve the issues with the tech stuff. (Merchandising gave me such a headache that I’m switching platforms. Sometimes doing it the hard way is the only way.) The marketing is just flat-out ridiculously hard for me. Marketing is a whole other monster, and I’m still trying to crack the code on the solution for how to tame that beast. I could use more help with that!

Cross your fingers for me, tell your friends about my books, take a free copy, read some more on Kindle Unlimited, or buy a few books to read. Readers are the best ever promotion, and I can never thank you enough if you love my stories and want to share them, but know that you have my sincerest appreciation. I need to run away and get some sleep. My spring break is almost over, and the day job whispers evil vile thoughts of work at me from the future. So I know my time of fun with the dream is going back to bits and parts. When you read, please be kind and leave your reviews. 
Be Careful!
Happy reading,
Ophelia Kee ​

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