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Ophelia Kee Speaks

Spring Break Writing Life
Spring Break Writing Life(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,Before you think I visited the Pacific Northwest for my vacation, allow me to explain the totem pole. Salvatore LeClerq.Shaking your head? Lost? So was I. I planned on spending my week off fr...
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March Writing Dreams
March Writing Dreams(Listen with AI Audio)It's 9:15 PM on a Friday night in early March as I stare at my screen typing this post. My toasted bagel is half eaten on the plate beneath the desk lamp next to a cup of hot chai tea with cream. It'...
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Golden Handcuffs
Golden Handcuffs(Listen With AI Audio)Dear Reader,This is a look at a seriously hard truth in the behind-the-scenes world of this indie author. I usually joke about things on the blog and look at my author's journey through a comic lens. Not thi...
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The Beginning
The Beginning(Listen with AI Audio)For all readers,Especially anyone who is new to the dream or has only recently stumbled over my craziness. This is my forum for insanity. Here is where I admit all the crazy truths about my author’s walk. Even if th...
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Promotion and Marketing - What's the Difference?
Promotion and Marketing- What's the Difference?(Listen with AI Audio)A Romantic AffairCan you breathe it? The dust flitting on the breeze from the cover being lifted.The ink saturating a yellowing parchment.The glue holds a faint trace of long d...
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The Great Slow Down
The Great Slow Down(Listen With AI Audio)Dear Reader,Happy New Year!Before you ask, no. It's not one of Bushyasta's dreaded slug minions. Don't worry. My keyboard won't melt away beneath acidic slime. I couldn't resist. The f...
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Tiger Blogging
Tiger Blogging(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,I want to dedicate this post to blogs and newsletters. They have become an essential component of the ever-expanding experience that is the Draoithe Saga. As writing and publishing the Draoithe Saga tal...
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A Tiger's Social Media
A Tiger's Social Media(Listen with AI Audio)Social Media. Social media is a great way to promote stories and find an audience. Building a following on social media platforms is a viable promotional tool. Using Social media for paid advertisement...
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Pure Indie Author, What Does It Require?
Pure Indie Author, What Does It Require? (Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,As many of you know, I'm pure Indie. It's a one-woman, err... tiger, show. I write my stories. I build my covers. (That's why they don't look like airbrush...
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Publishing: Wide versus Exclusive
Publishing Wide versus Exclusive(Listen with AI Audio)   I’ve explained how I learned to self-publish. I originally published wide, meaning that my books were on multiple platforms. So I set out to learn it all. (That’s an enormous task.)  I didn’t...
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Reader Influence
Reader Influence(Listen with AI Audio)Before you get to thinking that this is about research into niches or writing to meet audience demands, allow me to inform you it's not about that stuff at all. I understand some people can find the pulse of...
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Deleted Scenes: An Interview
Deleted Scenes, An Interview(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,I recently did an interview with Feed my Reads. (you can view the original here.) You can find Feed my Reads here, or just Google them, but you should seriously check them out. I love what...
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Aug. 12, 2022 Anomalies in the Dream
Anomalies in the Dream(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,If you're seeking information on the reasoning behind how a chaotic pantser writer self-publishes, you have landed in the right spot. If you guessed that the publishing is as chaotic as the...
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August 5, 2022 Organizing Chaos
Organizing Chaos(Listen with AI audio)Dear Reader,Imagine crazy characters pestering you to write their story and dropping bits on you constantly. You have to interpret those bits and hike through previous bits to be sure you have it all right. That&...
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July 29, 2022 Chaotic Character Building
Chaotic Character Building(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,If you've checked out my blog posts in the past, it will come as no surprise to you that I build characters in a rather chaotic manner, much the way I write. Often, the scene involving ...
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July 22, 2022 Self-Publishing Tiger-style
Self-Publishing Tiger-style(Listen with AI audio)Dear Reader,Thank you for visiting This is the home for all of my books, blogs, videos, and serial stories. I encourage you to be nosey and check everything out. Today, I wanted to talk...
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July 15, 2022 An Author's Nightmare
An Author's Nightmare(listen with AI Audio)The horror! Once upon a time, my first manuscript story got locked up in a common word processing software for six hours due to maintenance or something… who knows? At first, I panicked. The muse was ta...
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July 8, 2022 The Passion for Writing
The Passion for Writing(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,You may not have ever thought about it. I know I didn't. If you're like me at all, you probably picked up books, read them from cover to cover, enjoyed the escape for as long as it la...
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July 1, 2022 Milestones
Milestones(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,It's halfway through the year. It feels like the appropriate time to pause and reflect on the year's accomplishments before I pick up my pack, plant my walking stick, and take the next step into t...
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06-17-2022 Beta Readers Wanted!
Beta Readers Wanted!(Listen with AI Audio)A Letter to my ReadersDear Reader, Thank you for visiting This is the home for all of my books, blogs, videos, and serial stories. I encourage you to be nosey and check everything out. Read a ...
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06-11-2022 New Book Promotion Strategy
New Book Promotion StrategyListen with AI AudioI have limited time to spend on Book Promotion. I never had as much time as I wanted and with my new job, I'll have even less time than before. So that means that whatever I do in that realm needs to be ...
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06-04-2022 Divide and Conquer
 Divide and ConquerListen with AI AudioI have been stuck with Jag MacGuire's tale for a long time. The Scimitar Warrior has 8 chapters and is going nowhere. So what to do?My answer was to go back and reread other tales. So I started the Draoithe...
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05-10-2022 Grim Reaper Launch
Listen with AI AudioWelcome to the dream...The Third and Final Volume in the Apocalypse Averted miniseries is now available to read on all platforms. If you were waiting for the conclusion, wait no more. If you never read a series until it's finished...
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04-09-2022 Character Art
Character ArtListen with AI AudioWatch Video BlogI decided to pay for some character art. I wanted simple in a cartoon style. What do you think?I love her, so I asked the artist to craft the tiger, Luke Mendez, and the direwolf for A Pack Forms for m...
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03/19/2022 News from the dream...
News from the dream...(listen with AI audio)(view the video blog)With Spring Break 2022 behind us,I wanted to pop in and let everyone in on what's going on behind the scenes. You can still buy Devil's Sins for $.99 and get 20% off Four Hors...
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Suggested Read Order for the Draoithe Saga by the Author

Titles by Ophelia Kee

Draoithe: Tantalu

Draoithe: The Thread

Draoithe: A Pack Forms

Draoithe: Arctic Fox

Draoithe: Big Bad Wolf

Draoithe: Druid Fox

Draoithe: Dragon Man

Draoithe: Dream Walker

Draoithe: Dragons Come

Draoithe: Seventh King

Draoithe: Lord of Dragons

Draoithe: Angel Lover

Draoithe: Soceress's Dragon

Draoithe: The Dark Gift

Draoithe: Elementals

Draoithe: Fire Incarnate

Draoithe: Gryphon Knight

Draoithe: Synner And Sainte

Draoithe: Weaver’s Tale

Draoithe: Gargoyles

Draoithe: Vampire Lynx

Draoithe: Dream Inversion

Draoithe: Still Waters

Draoithe: Snow's Dragon

Draoithe: Blood Demon

Draoithe: Smoke of the Fire 

Titles by Ophelia Kee

Dread Allies: Shadow King

Dread Allies: Rakshasa Prince

Dread Allies: Demon Consort

Dread Allies: Strix Princess

Dread Allies: Ice Demon

Dread Allies: Cheval Mallet

Dread Allies: Lord Orobas

Dread Allies: Succubus Conjurer

Eyrie Iolair: Prodigal Sons

Eyrie Iolair: Risky Rewards

Eyrie Iolair: Dragonesque

Eyrie Iolair: Sky Dreams

Draoithe: Unicorn's Stallion

Draoithe: Wraith

Draoithe: Dragon Masters

Draoithe: Precious Treasures

Draoithe: Ruler of the Mind

Draoithe: War Dogs

Draoithe: Wizards and Grotesques

Draoithe: Past in the Present

Draoithe: The Library

Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai

Draoithe: Midnight Magic

Draoithe: No Negotiations

Draoithe: Fairytale Shadows

Titles by Ophelia Kee

Draoithe: Shadow Master

Lyons Gate: Ghostly Kingdom

Lyons Gate: Nightmare Escape

Lyons Gate: Elysian Fields

Lyons Gate: Druid Dragon 

Lyons Gate: Darkest Desire

Draoithe: Dragon King Rising

Apocalypse Averted: Devil’s Sins

Apocalypse Averted: Four Horsemen

Apocalypse Averted: Grim Reaper

Draoithe: A Conversation with Dragons

Draoithe: Behind the Scenes of the Dream

Draoithe: Steamy Dream Volume 1

Draoithe: Steamy Dream Volume 2

Draoithe: Steamy Dream Volume 3

About the Author

Not who everyone thinks she is.  

The product of someone’s imagination. 

The end result of a lifetime wishing to get out.

Do not buy the lie.

If you live in fear, you give up freedom.

Taking the risk and making the leap.

Too much of anything is a bad thing.

Innuendo floating on the mist that rises above the water.

Walk away and leave it all behind.

Telling the story that haunts a fantasy.

Catching a dream.

She does not exist.