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Vampire Knight

Volume 1 in Royal Council

A Draoithe Saga Tale

Vampire Knight follows the story of Andrei Alexandrescu, a vampire desperately seeking help for his vjestice princess after their enclave is destroyed. Andrei turns to Draoithe, a group of powerful shifters, for aid. However, he soon learns Draoithe harbors immortals with powerful magic, which could put a man with his secrets in grave danger. But leaving isn’t an option.

Upon his arrival, Andrei faces a hostile reception from some members, particularly Fox, who holds a personal vendetta against vampires. In order to convince the others to help his cause, Andrei must overcome numerous obstacles and prove that adding two homeless vampires to the pack is worth the gamble.

Just as he's grappling with these challenges, Andrei meets the captivating Nadine Cruz, an eagle shifter who captures his heart. But when Andrei finds himself in a compromising no-win situation, he must decide whether to reveal his true identity as a zduhaci unbound and risk everything for a chance with Nadine.

Vampire Knight is volume one in the Royal Council miniseries in the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia Kee. A tale of danger, romance, and sacrifice is set in a world where magic and creatures of the night coexist. Will Andrei succeed in his mission, win Nadine's heart, and ultimately realize his destiny? Or will the secret magic he wields finally see his destruction? Find out when you read Vampire Knight.

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Urban Fantasy with Steamy Paranormal Romance and Fated Mates 18+ HEA! NC! 

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

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Ophelia Kee Speaks

New Author Interview with Markee Books
(Listen with AI audio)New Author Interview with Markee BooksDear Reader,Markee Books reached out to me recently for an author interview. I agreed, and it was a lot of fun. (Yes, the same Markee Books who did my awesome first miniseries book covers.) ...
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Private Serials - Should Authors Create Their Own?
(Listen with AI audio)Private Serials - Should Authors Create Their Own?Dear Reader,I love all the bonus extra behind-the-scenes stuff surrounding my favorite stories. I may have watched every YouTube video ever made describing every aspect of Tolkie...
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7 Kings of Draoithe
(Listen with AI audio)7 Kings of DraoitheDear Reader,When most of us think of queens and kings, we envision some warped fairytale idea from medieval or post-classical times. Or perhaps we think of the modern day monarchs like the king of England, the...
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Rapid Changes in Self Publishing
Rapid Changes in Self Publishing(Listen with AI audio)Rapid Changes in Self-PublishingDear Reader,As I reviewed a blog post from earlier this year, I realized a few things I posted had changed. That things in old posts no longer work as well as they ...
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The Weaver's Tale Connection
The Weaver's Tale Connection(Listen with AI audio)The Weaver's Tale ConnectionDear Reader,I had an epiphany when I realized the mistaken identity of Synner & Sainte. During edits for that title this week, I realized the epiphany also in...
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Mistaken Identity of Synner & Sainte
Mistaken Identity of Synner and Sainte (Listen with AI audio)Dear Reader,As many of you are aware, I am slowly republishing stories I pulled from the market so I could revise, edit, craft better book descriptions, and get new covers. In the revising ...
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Immortality vs. Mortality in the Dream
(Listen with AI audio)Immortality vs. Mortality in the DreamDear Reader,Why immortals? That was the question.Was the person upset because my characters are immortal? Were they curious why I built Draoithe as an immortal kingdom? Or did they mean some...
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How Magic Works in the Dream
(Listen With AI Audio)How Magic Works in the DreamDear Reader,The day job has been a bit of a madhouse with it being back to school week. I'll manage, and once the new schedule becomes a habit, things will settle. Until then, I'm afraid I h...
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Where did the dream originate?
Where did the dream originate?(Listen with AI audio)Dear Reader,Someone asked me recently if the dream was the world you and I inhabit, or if it was something else. I wasn't sure when I first began writing the Draoithe Saga. As more of the story...
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AI Technologies in the Indie Author World
AI Technologies in the Indie Author WorldOphelia Kee's Position(Listen with AI audio)Dear Reader,I wish I could tell you I had this self publishing business under control, but even after going through the Launchpad course, I think I'm far f...
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Boxed Set Nightmares and Other Publishing Glitches
Boxed Set Nightmares and Other Publishing Glitches(Listen with AI audio)Dear Reader,It's been a long ride trying to get Kingdom Rising finished. I started my summer vacation with a few goals. The goal of publishing the first miniseries in the D...
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Arctic Fox Chapters 1 and 2
Arctic Fox Chapters 1 and 2Dear Reader,Last week I shared the first 2 chapters of Thread, the series opener for Kingdom Rising, which is available for FREE on all platforms now. I’m currently wrapping up the AI audio for the serialized version of the...
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Kingdom Rising
(Listen with AI Audio)Kingdom RisingDear Reader,Just a quick #Update with #news from the dream!Got the new covers all done. Super excited. Thank you, Markee Books!I worked out most of the kinks with BookFunnel. They might be amazing at delivering the...
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Sneak Peek at Grim Dark
Sneak Peek at Grim Dark(Listen with AI audio)Dear Reader,Allow me to offer you a sneak peek at the first chapter of Grim Dark. I'm still toying with the cover files, but this story is heading for edits soon. As always, please keep in mind that this i...
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The Bottomless Pit of Publishing Sorrows
The Bottomless Pit of Publishing Sorrows(Listen with AI audio)Dear Reader,It's dark down in the pit. A nice witch offered me a candle, so I can find the tunnel out from beneath all the debris. It's a long winding tunnel, with many strange b...
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The Vampire Antihero
The rise of the antihero: How do vampire protagonists challenge traditional romantic archetypes?(Listen with AI audio)In recent years, we've seen a rise in the popularity of antihero protagonists in literature and popular culture. These characte...
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Vampire Mythos and World-building in Modern Urban Fantasy
 Vampire Mythos and World-building in Modern Urban Fantasy(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,I'm still writing in the Mystic Dark miniseries. It's a story which is essentially about vampires, but as with all my urban fantasy, the dream popul...
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Vampire Popularity in Paranormal Romance
The allure of the immortal: Why do vampires remain a popular trope in paranormal romance?Dear Reader,It's no secret if you've ever read any of the dream, that I enjoy writing about immortals. Whether they be shifters, mages, vampires, or any other le...
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Learning the Self-Publishing Industry
Learning the Self-Publishing Industry(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,It won't surprise you to learn I follow a lot of indie authors on YouTube and watch their videos or listen to their podcasts or live streams from Facebook or TikTok and whate...
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Authentic Dream
Authentic Dream(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,It might come as a surprise to you, but I sometimes struggle with what I want to write in my blog posts. There's always so much going on behind-the-scenes of the dream. I know I miss things. The d...
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Face Lift for A Pack Forms
Face Lift for A Pack Forms(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,Welcome behind-the-scenes of the dream...I did it. I finally got the new cover, and I'm ecstatic! Since we're doing confessions, please allow me to admit my undying gratitude to Ma...
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Sneak Peek Promoting
Sneak Peek Promoting(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,Do you like sneak peeks? Do you hate them? Are you somewhere sitting on the proverbial fence? I use them frequently as an author. As a reader, I loved them at the end of books as a kid. It meant I...
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Spring Break Writing Life
Spring Break Writing Life(Listen with AI Audio)Dear Reader,Before you think I visited the Pacific Northwest for my vacation, allow me to explain the totem pole. Salvatore LeClerq.Shaking your head? Lost? So was I. I planned on spending my week off fr...
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March Writing Dreams
March Writing Dreams(Listen with AI Audio)It's 9:15 PM on a Friday night in early March as I stare at my screen typing this post. My toasted bagel is half eaten on the plate beneath the desk lamp next to a cup of hot chai tea with cream. It'...
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Golden Handcuffs
Golden Handcuffs(Listen With AI Audio)Dear Reader,This is a look at a seriously hard truth in the behind-the-scenes world of this indie author. I usually joke about things on the blog and look at my author's journey through a comic lens. Not thi...
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OK Videos

What Are Druids?
Druid: Celtic Derivation.Literal Translation: knower of the oak tree.Druids were members of the learned class among the ancient Celts.They acted as priests' performing sacrifices, teachers, educating young men and women, and judges, adjudicating lega...
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Phoenix Explained
The Phoenix is an immortal bird associated with Greek mythology.It cyclically regenerates, or returns to life after death.Associated with the sun, the phoenix gains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor.Some legends say it dies in a sh...
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Draoithe Hierarchy of Kings
The Hierarchy of Draoithe.Ri ruirech is an Irish Gaelic worm which translates as the high king of the realm, warlord, or overlord.He ruled over the Ruiri, powerful near equal lesser kings.These kings commanded the ridire, knightly men at arms.Their q...
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Dream Inversion
Dream Inversion is also known as the stillness. It's a form of magic used by dream inverters to unravel spells and view solutions.The stillness is also known as the 'Path'.It utilizes the magic of death to cause all possible outcomes of an action, or...
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What does Draoithe Mean?
Curious about why I named my epic saga Draoithe? This brief clip explains what it means. Check back for more information on the kinds of characters you might encounter at Draoithe.Want More?Join my newsletter: https://opheliakeeparanormalromance...
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Apocalypse Denied Miniseries Trailer
Apocalypse Denied Miniseries TrailerApocalypse DeniedA Draoithe Saga MiniseriesDeath and a dead hedgewitch conspire to circumvent a devil’s grief-inspired blood vengeance.After Lucifer wrote the Unlikely Kings prophecy in his own blood, the Queen of ...
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Synner & Sainte Story Description
Synner & Sainte Story DescriptionSynner & Sainte Apocalypse Denied OpenerA Draoithe Saga MiniseriesThe Plans of a Dead HedgewitchSynner & Sainte is an evocative tale, delving into the captivating exploits of Markus Sainte, a devil whose l...
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Synner & Sainte Meet the Cast
Synner & Sainte Meet the CastCharacter IntroductionAmelia SainteAmelia Sainte in 1525. She's an Irish hedgewitch living in a remote area of Northern Europe with her son, Markus Sainte. The baby daddy? He skipped town, but she has plans for D...
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Legends of the Woodsmen Tales Excerpts
Legends of the Woodsmen Tales ExcerptsNeed a new story to get lost in? Urban Fantasy with paranormal romance. Legends of the Woodsmen are exclusive tales, available only for those who join the newsletter. FREE! Thanks for joining and supporting an In...
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Royal Council Miniseries Trailer
Royal Council Miniseries TrailerVampires arrive at Draoithe! Welcome to the dream...Want More?Join my newsletter: Get updates on release dates for new books in the dream:https...
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Vampire Knight Character Introduction
Andrei AlexandrescuAndrei Alexandrescu is a vampire knight with a secret. He is creati, an unbound dragon man with the magic of vampire royalty. Since the breaking, creati men have been outlawed and hunted into extinction. He serves his princess as h...
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Vampire Knight Book Description
Vampire KnightVolume 1 in Royal CouncilA Draoithe Saga TaleVampire Knight follows the story of Andrei Alexadrescu, a vampire desperately seeking help for his Vjestice princess after their enclave is destroyed. Andrei turns to Draoithe, a group of pow...
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Introduction to Arctic Fox: Royal Council Opener
Arctic Fox  Royal Council OpenerA Draoithe Saga TaleDuncan O'Sullivan, the former Druid king turned fox shifter, was on a quest to find his true mate, the one woman he was destined to be with. His journey took him to Scotland, where he foun...
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Grim Dark Character Introduction
Grim Dark Character IntroductionLyella Grisham was a telepathic woman whose spirit gift was valuable enough for her parents to sell her into slavery.To save the ones she loved, she willingly sacrificed herself, but finding the mind of a handsome gryp...
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Grim Dark Book Description
Grim Dark Book DescriptionGrim DarkMystic Dark OpenerSold into bondage to save the rest of the family, Lyella accepted her fate until her ghost magic found a handsome gryphon knight in the dream. Planning her escape wasn’t the problem. It was finding...
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Thread by Ophelia Kee - Story Introduction
Thread by Ophelia Kee - Story IntroductionThreadKingdom Rising - OpenerA Draoithe Saga TaleA thousand years ago, chaos escaped into the dream. By 2016, shadowy evil forces using madness are wreaking havoc on the balance of magic, and erasing necessar...
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Introduction to Big Bad Wolf by Ophelia Kee
Introduction to Big Bad Wolf by Ophelia KeeBig Bad Wolf Kingdom Rising Volume 3A Draoithe Saga TaleBig Bad Wolf is a twisted fairytale retelling from the perspective of the wolf, and it recounts the story of Javier MacGuire, a recently transformed di...
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Introduction to Druid Fox by Ophelia Kee
Introduction to Druid Fox by Ophelia KeeDruid Fox Kingdom Rising Volume 2A Draoithe Saga TaleFox, also known as Duncan O'Sullivan, is a cunning ancient Druid king, who has lived for four hundred years alongside his loyal mate, Arturista Jonsdott...
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Introduction to A Pack Forms by Ophelia Kee
Introduction to A Pack Forms by Ophelia KeeA Pack FormsKingdom Rising Volume 1 A Draoithe Saga TaleWith nothing except disability discharge papers in hand, Luke limped away from the military to reinvent himself. After months of searching for a place ...
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Introduction to the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia Kee
Introduction to the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia KeeEver wonder what Draoithe Means? What it's all about? I got you covered! Want More?Sign up for my newsletter: Get updates on re...
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Kingdom Rising Miniseries Trailer
Kingdom Rising Miniseries TrailerIt's more than a Story.The Draoithe Saga is an epic urban fantasy with steamy paranormal romance by Ophelia Kee. The first four tales in the Kingdom Rising miniseries are currently publishing, with many more yet ...
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Wendigo Research Video
Wendigo(Listen with AI Audio)This video results from research into the Wendigo legend involved in the writing of the Kings Wilde miniseries (Coming Soon!) by Ophelia Kee. Writing Urban Fantasy is harder than it looks. Blending elements of actual lege...
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Shape Shifting Legends of the Western World
Shapeshifting LegendsA Glimpse into Ancient Stories(Listen with AI Audio)In Western mythology, folklore, and speculative fiction, shapeshifting is the ability to physically transform oneself through an inherently superhuman ability, divine intervent...
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Valkyrie Research by Ophelia Kee
Valkyrie Research by Ophelia Kee(click for video)Often the research into the strange and wonderful myths and legends from past cultures plays a significant role in the writings set in the dream. This short video explains the basic Norse mythology con...
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Little Red Riding Hood Researched by Ophelia Kee
Little Red Riding Hood Researched by Ophelia Kee(click for video)Research into the original Little Red Riding Hood stories for a novel project in the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia Kee produced interesting results and the summary sparked the creation of a ...
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Too much of anything is a bad thing.

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She does not exist.