Book Seven in the Draoithe Saga!

Book Seven in the Draoithe Saga!

On July 29, 2019,  I’d spent the weekend reviewing the final draft of Draoithe: The Dark Gift. The long-awaited seventh book in the saga had just been posted to Amazon, and I was waiting for notification that I’d done it all correctly. This was the first book with a branded cover, and it spurred the desire to make all the books somehow look the same.

I shall give credit to Danielle Steel here. Her book covers with her name in metallic bands inspired this look.

As I write this post, the book is available both digitally from Kindle and in paperback from Amazon for those who still love the smell of ink on paper and the glue that binds the pages as part of the whole reading experience.  I swear there’s something to be said for dogeared pages in a well-loved manuscript. The news now is that I’m preparing to launch this story as a hardcover along with all the books in the saga.

It went through some revisions, was broken down into short reads, proofread and edited a million times, put back together as a miniseries, and will finally be launched as a hardcover edition. I can’t tell you how real it feels to have hardcover versions of the books. So watch for them to appear on Amazon soon.

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Bad boy dragon with a heart in need of redemption. A sexy broken vampire with no hope. Sizzling hot magical romance. 

Draoithe: The Dark Gift

#PNR 18+ HEA! NC!

When it’s that good, it needs a great Trailer.

Proper Acknowledgements

Many of you know that I’m pure Indie. I write my own stories, no ghostwriting here. I craft my own audiobooks and build my own book trailers. The storyboard tiles? I invented them. The publishing and promoting? That’s all me too.

My sister and my mother are my beta readers/proofreaders. They’re harsh taskmasters indeed. The original website was all me. Only after two years, it became a frustrating nightmare to work with. I had to have help, so I called in the big guns. My brother helped me make this site possible. So without further adieu, allow me to say a heartfelt Thank You! to the people in my life who’ve supported the dream. Without them, this would never have been possible. My lack of money pretty much guaranteed that.

On that subject, Dragon, are you listening? It’s to you that I owe the biggest lightbulb effect moment award. When you told me that the size of your bookshelf matters, I had no idea how very right you were, but I learned! Seriously, that might be the best book advice I ever heard. Thank you!

To the readers, my humblest gratitude. That you would read my stories has been the most uplifting experience. Please, enjoy, and let me know what you think. I love to talk about books. Message me. I like being bothered.

To Keep My Promises!

On August 4, 2019, not long after I first began the blog, I made a promise to always offer a free book once a month. Well, I’m making good on that long-ago promise. I even extended it. Draoithe: The Thread book is permanently free! Be sure to grab your copy before you leave the site.

No time to read it? Check out the Audiobook! It’s Permanently Free as well.

I’ve been where the month was longer than the income and there was no money to buy a book to escape the misery. So I try to offer some free material on my site always.

Still Publishing!

The Draoithe Saga is still publishing titles. The series is almost totally finished on the writing side of things. It’s the edits and reads and covers and formatting that slows down publishing, but I’m hoping to have it all published by the end of 2022. Thank you all for sticking in there with me! I’m still faster than traditional publishing, and I’m focused only on my books and no one else’s. Rest assured that I’m moving full speed ahead even if you can read faster than I can produce those magical entertainment packages. Sigh… Someday maybe I’ll live the dream and write full-time. Until then, I live for the weekends, holidays, and summer vacation.

All right, feels as if I may have allowed this to drag out too long. Please allow me to shamelessly beg that if you be kind and when you read leave a review. They are so incredibly helpful. I’m always in need of people who might want to beta read an upcoming book to leave reviews on Amazon. If that person is you, message me. But before you ask, the only payment is the book. Authors are prohibited from purchasing reviews. So only serious PNR fans 18+ without triggers, please.

Until Next Weekend,

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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