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Drake and Lorelai - Chapter 6

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Drake and Lorelai Chapter 6

Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai Chapter 6

an Excerpt Tale from Midnight Magic

by Ophelia Kee


6 Drake and Lorelai

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Long ago, he picked himself up as the conversation resumed around him. No one was stupid enough to lay hands on him with his adrenaline that high. He’d walked over to the tankard just looking at it as he wiped the blood from his face.


Drake sank onto the bench, leaving a space between them, and hoisted the tankard to her by way of thanks. She smiled and nodded, never speaking a single word to him.


“You didn’t speak to me. I over thought that for days afterward until I nearly lost my mind. I didn’t even know your name to ask after you.” Drake admitted how confused he’d been after that.


“I didn’t figure you wanted to talk with the busted lip you had.” 


Lorelai didn’t judge his actions. She simply accepted the situation as it was. She’d drunk her tankard slowly, watching him and everyone else in the room. When he finally thought to ask her name, she was walking out with Leidolf. 


“You left with Leidolf.” 


He spoke the truth, not realizing how irritated he still was about that until he said it. He hadn’t liked the idea of her leaving with another man, although he had no right to stop her. Lorelai shook her head.


“No. I left alone. Leidolf just happened to be leaving then as well. I never chose any man to take to my bed, except you.” 


No lies. There were never any lies between them. There hadn’t been many words between them, but the few they spoke were always honest.


“Where did you go?” He’d always wondered where she disappeared to. 


Three days had passed before he saw her again. Long enough for him to decide that she’d just appreciated a good brawl and left. He’d fallen hard, instantly, for a woman he didn’t know, who had no name and had never spoken to him. He’d felt like all kinds of a fool for days.


“The forest. I needed space without the presence of others to think. You messed up my world. I’d never met a man that I desired before you. It changed my view of my life. I had to wrap my mind around that.” Lorelai admitted that she too was confused by her feelings. 


It felt strange to know that the attraction had been mutual from the first time they met. He’d always believed that it was only he who felt that.


“Why did you return to fight and raid with Erikson?” 


Had she returned because of him? It shouldn’t matter. Not after so long, but it did matter. Everything with Lorelai always mattered.


“I wanted to learn if you were what I thought. I wanted to know if there was a chance I should act on my feelings. Then I fought next to you because you didn’t talk excessively or ask a lot of ridiculous questions that I didn’t want to answer. I liked your silence.” Lorelai had fought next to him from that point forward. 


She held her own. Lorelai was never a hindrance or a liability. She had skill and courage. She took a share in the pillage, but never any slaves, and never enough to create a problem. Lorelai lived frugally and squirreled her loot away. Lorelai had been a wealthy woman. 


Drake had learned her for over a year. She was beautiful, hard, smart, and capable. The other men respected her. They eyed her openly, and she flirted monstrously with them. 


None ever won space in her life. She talked with Drake, but she only played around and blew off other men. He never imagined that she had any interest in him other than strict friendship.


They’d sat on a different bench drinking after another raid a year later. The friendship between them had grown comfortable. 


“Will you marry Drake?” She asked out of the blue. 


He was old for an unmarried Norseman. Drake cast his eyes on her. He would’ve married her, but Lorelai was a shield maiden. She was a warrior. She wouldn’t agree. That life seemed destined to belong to other men. Drake accepted that. 


So, “No. I doubt it. I never met a woman who’d want what I am,” he’d told her then.


“You asked me once if I would marry. I lied to you. I would’ve married you, but I didn’t think then that you would’ve wanted me. You were a shield maiden, a warrior, the same as me. With you, it was easy, like it had never been with any other woman. Home and hearth didn’t seem to be something you would’ve wanted.” 


Marriage was wasted on immortals, but the sentiment remained the same for him. She was still the only one he wanted. No one else would ever do.


“When you said ‘no’, I decided then that neither would I. The only man I’d ever wanted for my own preferred the warrior life. I was content merely to walk in your shadow and fight next to you. I knew nothing of relationships or marriage. What I was good at was making sure I avoided all the entanglements. I talked to many people. But true friends? I had only one.” Lorelai had chosen solitude because she believed he preferred it.


Oddly, Drake had thought of her the same so long ago. She’d been his only loyal friend. He trusted Lorelai, as he’d never been able to trust another. She was the only person in the world that he’d ever been happy to see. 


Dross Rothstein had brought him back from the grave, resurrected him as a dragon, and later earned that same kind of loyalty, but Lorelai was still the only person in the dream that had ever made him smile.


“You’re a taciturn, closed-mouthed, irritable son of a bitch, Drake, but I love you. I’m still yours. There has never been another in my heart or my bed. It was always only you for me. I flirt. I’ve teased a few men. But they don’t have what I need.” Lorelai smiled mischievously at him.


“Oh, and what is that?” He asked as he reached for her to pull her closer. 


He should have done that many times in the life they once knew. He would make up for it forever if she allowed it. It seemed the conversation was over.


“You, Drake. I need you. Please?” she asked, and he was lost. 


He gave himself to his mate, to his age-old partner, to a woman who could easily put him on his ass. He gave his heart to his love. 


Lorelai Teragon was all that had ever mattered. What she desired of him, he would never deny. 


He kissed her. Doubts plagued him still. Should he have done that first and talked afterward? He’d always been shy.


No thinking. I like for you to talk to me. It turns me on. You don’t talk, so when you do, it matters and makes me crazy for you. But I need you. I want to renew our connection. Please.


He stopped thinking. Lorelai made him forget to think. With her, he was lost in a sea of emotion and feeling that was as strong and primal as his need to fight or raid. 


He wanted with Lorelai what he couldn’t even manage with another. He wanted that connection with her. His hands ripped her clothes away because they were in the way, and he needed them gone. 


Then his mouth was on her everywhere, tasting her, licking her, sucking her skin. She tasted like midnight rain. He would never get enough. 


She moaned and squirmed in his arms, making him entirely too hard. He’d never been sexually interested in any woman before Lorelai. His natural shyness had caused him to avoid the entire issue when they were human. Somehow, becoming a dragon had liberated that part of his mind. 


He still felt nothing for other women, but he wanted to ravage her until she begged him to stop. That night, he was all hers. He loved her over and over until the sun had risen, and they both couldn’t consider it anymore.


“I should have loved you this way for so long. I’m sorry, Lorelai.” 


He apologized to her as she lay in his arms with her head pillowed on his bare chest. Drake only realized the value of what she meant to him as she lay dying. He lost any reason to live when she slipped away. He walked into battle and was granted his desire to follow her.


“No. I don’t think we could’ve, Drake. We were too broken. What we had was too much for me then. We had to die for this. I’d do it again the same. You mattered more than sex. I needed the friend I had in you far more than I needed a lover, a bunch of kids, or a house to look after. I had more with you, fighting next to you, than I could’ve had any other way. It was good.” 


Lorelai was perfect. No woman would ever matter to Drake Lesarde as Lorelai Teragon did. 


“I do like this. Don’t think that I won’t demand more of this. And in case you didn’t know, I don’t share, Drake Lesarde. I don’t care if you are An Chead Dragan. You’re mine. We’re midnight magic together. I feared to find you tainted.” 


He heard the fierceness in her voice, even with the satiated tiredness. Her desire to keep him for herself soothed him in a way he’d never known he needed.


“We are indeed midnight magic. You’re my Ri altoir dragan, Lorelai. Command your dragon. I will obey. You’ll never share me. I work for you alone.” He laughed happily. 


“Sleep with me, my warrior. Sleep with me.” 


Drake held her tightly to his chest and slept with her as she demanded. Finally, he was where he belonged.

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